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Your Dog's Food


Your Dog's Food

How to Choose

What you feed your dog is one of the most important factors in taking care of them. It is important that your dog gets the best dog food that will give them a balanced diet. Feeding your dog properly will go a long way in reducing the cost of vet care and increasing their life expectancy.

Because dog food is so important in taking care of a dog, you can't afford to take for granted what you feed your dog. You should make the extra effort and buy the best dog food you can find.

If you are really serious about raising a healthy dog, cheap commercial dog food will not do it. They hardly ever constitute a balanced diet and have shown to lower your dogs life expectancy.

Raw Food Diet

It has been discovered that your dog needs meat- especially raw beef in their diet. They also need bones to keep their teeth healthy and to help balance the magnesium and phosphorus levels.

That's the nature of wild animals, they eat their prey raw and get enough nutrients from the raw meat and bones. No wonder they are usually stronger and even healthier than domestic animals who are pampered and fed junk. Certain things present in fruits and vegetables have also been found to be good for dogs.

Well-Balanced Meals

You are not supposed to turn your dog into a wild animal. But if you are serious about feeding your dog with the best dog food, you can't afford to keep feeding them junk. I know it's kind of convenient for you to feed them cheap dog food, but if you really love your animal you will take time out to feed them the best dog food you can afford that will give them a well-balanced diet.

One thing you need to note is this, the nutrient requirements of dogs differ from one to another, dogs that work hard usually need more protein and fat in their diet to increase their stamina and maintain their bodies.

Going the extra mile and seeking the best dog food for your dog will benefit you in the long run because a well-fed dog is a healthy dog, it will mean less money on medical bills for your dog, and your dog will live longer.

So why don't you make that extra effort? There are so many resources online that you can employ to come up with the best kind of dog food for your best friend.

Dry Dog Food 

When it comes to owning your own dog, there are a variety of people out there who will try to tell you how you should raise it. They will come to you with their own tips and tricks that they use to keep their dogs healthy, bathing ideas to make its coat glisten and even special diet plans that are supposed to keep your dog’s stamina up. Unfortunately, most of this advice is pure and utter rubbish.

Dogs will be dogs, and dogs enjoy eating just about whatever you want to throw in their bowl. My grandparent’s dog will eat cream of wheat and mine will scarf down a tortilla if I give him one. However, human food should only be reserved for your dog every once in awhile, so instead if you want to make sure that your dog’s health is up to snuff, then you should consider feeding him dry dog food.

Now, why should you feed your dog dry dog food instead of wet or canned dog food? The simple answer to this question has to do with basic economics – dry dog food is much less expensive than wet dog food. This means that you can purchase more dry dog food for your dog than wet dog food for the same price. Sure, your dog may enjoy the taste of wet dog food more than dry dog food – but remember, as we established earlier, your dog is a dog and he will eat practically anything that you give him. Furthermore, if you are the type of person who has more than one dog around the house of a dog that is a finicky eater, you should always purchase dry dog food instead of wet dog food. Why? Because with multiple dogs, you can feed them all better with dry dog food and if your dog does not eat very much each day, you will find that dry dog food is much easier to preserve.

Wet Dog Food

The dog is widely considered to be man’s best friend, and if you want to reciprocate your dog’s unconditional love towards you, then you will want to treat him like the best companion that a man could ever have. This involves giving your dog a nice, warm place to sleep at night, a big yard to play around in, a daily walk around the neighborhood, and of course a daily helping of great tasting food. While you may love your dog enough to give him a nice juicy steak each and every day, chances are that you do not have near enough money to blow on that kind of meal for your dog, so instead you should consider purchasing a type of dog food that has consistently rated as second best amongst dogs of all types – wet dog food.

Final Thoughts

Unlike dry dog food, wet dog food is much better tasting to the dog’s palate, making it a much more desirable treat for your dog than boring old dry dog food. If you want your dog to be as happy as he or she possibly can be, then you should be sure to feed it wet dog food. Now, as with all things in life, you cannot get something for nothing, so you should know before you go out to your favorite pet supply store that wet dog food costs much more than dry dog food does pound for pound. Therefore, if you have a large dog such as a Great Dane, then you may want to consider sticking to dry dog food over wet dog food unless you are a multimillionaire. However, if you do not have the financial ability to invest in wet dog food for your dog but you still want to give him that great taste, you can always use some leftover human food and a blender to make your own mixture of wet dog food.

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