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Zinger Dog Crates - What do they have to offer?

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Zinger dog crates

When you’re looking for a quality dog crate, you’re going to want to find one that is sturdy and strong. Unfortunately, you’re not going to find one of these from a non-branded retailer and you may need to look to more quality brands for your crate. This is where issues arise, however, because there are so many brands available to use and it can be confusing to decide which one is best for you. The type of crate you need will be determined by your needs, but in most cases, a Zinger dog crate will do just the trick.

Zinger is one of the top crate brands we have in our store and produces very high-quality aluminum crates for your dog. They have a range of crates and accessories that you can use to make sure you’re dog has a safe and secure home. Their crates range of $500-$900 and have a variety of sizes that are perfect for any sized dog. If you’re still interested in what Zinger have to bring to the table, continue to read this article.

Who Are Zinger?

Zinger has been producing dog-related equipment since 1996 and has tended to specialize in training equipment. This is no surprise considering they produce high-quality, heavy-duty crates that are loved all over North America.

They are trusted by hundreds (if not thousands) of breeders and owners because of their products and customer service. We sell a range of Zinger goods for this very reason. They always satisfy customers and are an excellent choice if you are looking for a metal dog crate.

Features of a Zinger Dog Crate

As you may have guessed by now, the Zinger brand produced some high-quality dog crates. They have a range of appealing features that make them a great choice for any owner. As well as dog crates, they also have detachable wheels and grooming tops which are worth noting. Here are a few features of Zinger dog crates.


One of the main features of their metal dog crates is that they’re surprisingly light. When you first think of a metal dog crate, you expect it to be very heavy and difficult to move. Not with Zinger’s dog crates. These are made from aluminum and, as a result, can be moved around and lifted with no problems. This is useful if you plan to take the crate with you when you’re traveling from place to place.

Strong and Durable

This has already been briefly mentioned, but because the crates are made from aluminum, they are incredibly strong. This is beneficial for when you’re traveling with the crate sliding around the back. If any sort of crate collision would occur, your dog will be safe and sound as the aluminum will protect them.

This makes the crates great for traveling and is a reason why you need a Zinger crates for long-distance journeys. Aluminum is also a lot more flexible than other metals and plastic, and it won’t crack if any weight or damage is sustained.


Ventilation is a key aspect of any crate and if you want your dog to have a pleasant experience inside, they need to have a good amount of fresh air. Zinger designs their dog crates so they have excellent ventilation which allows them to breathe and remain calm.

This also, again, makes them great for travel, as lack of air can agitate your dog making them more anxious during the ride. Zinger crates usually have inlet holes on all sides of a crate and have spaced out bars at the front for maximum airflow.


Security is another key aspect of a crate that needs to be perfect. If you happen to be crating a larger dog, you could have a great escape on your hands if the door isn’t sealed very well. Many lower-quality brands will have badly made security locks on the doors of their crates, which can be a nightmare if the dog happens to be traveling.

Zinger secures their crates with metal locks and welds the doors to make them extra strong. Not to mention that the door itself is made from metal. This way, not even the strongest, biggest dogs can chew through. Zinger even has a crate called the escape artist, which features heavy duty door construction.

Some of Their Best Dog Crates

Zinger has a range of dog crates and they’re all fantastic. On our store specifically, we sell some of their best. They also have some cool accessories which go with their crates nicely. These include airline travel kits and drain-thru crate mats. Here are a few of their unique crates.

The Zinger Collapsible Dog Crate

This crate is exactly what it says it is: a dog crate that can be collapsed. This is the perfect crate for anyone who lacks the storage space for a tradition Zinger dog crate. This aluminum crate can be easily squashed without the need of tools and can fit into very tight spaces. It has a ton of ventilation and still retains all its strength. This crate is therefore perfect for light traveling.

The Zinger Escape Artist Crate

The escape artist series of the Zinger crates is incredibly similar to the deluxe version. The only difference lies in the name – the crate has a reinforced door. If your dog is very persistent when it comes to escaping through the door, this is the perfect crate for you. This Zinger crate has extra bars, bracing and welding to effective security.  

The Zinger Deluxe Crate

The Zinger Deluxe crate has a lot of features. The build is strong but light and can be easily used in both the home, car, and business. This crate can also be used with hammer-tone coatings to protect your dog’s coat and multiple crates can be combined to make a multi-crate design. The perfect crate for owners and trainers.


The Zinger brand is well-known across North America for their high-quality dog crates and accessories. Their dog crates are made from aluminum and are incredibly strong, yet very light.

They can also be made to travel via airline. Zinger offers an airline approval kit that can apply to all the crates, enabling you to take your dog with your to various States and countries.

If you need a strong, metal crate that is corrosion resistance and lightweight, invest in Zinger and you won’t regret it.

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