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25 Most Useful Dog Pet Products

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25 Most Useful Dog Pet Products

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From doggie strollers and pup wardrobes to canine water fountains and yummy gourmet treats, dog products are all the rage for proud pet parents and their pooches these days. Some are tail-waggers and some, tail-spinners.  Find out which are flops and which are not. 

With the pet industry topping out at close to 70 billion dollars in revenue last year in America alone, it is clear that it’s a profitable business to be in.  And why not sell pet products? 

Everyone loves pets and making and selling the product that keeps them safe, healthy, and happy is enough to give anyone the warm fuzzies. Pet products for dogs give our fur-babies all the amenities they need and want and we, as pet parents, are delighted to give them. 

Along with the wonderful necessities and niceties and all the innovative inventions, however, come not-so-great products too though.  Here’s a candid look at the 25 most useful dog pet products on the market today and a look at some we have a bone to pick with as well.

Our TOP 25 Most Useful Dog Pet Product Picks

  1. Doggie Stroller

Get your rear in gear and push your pet right along with you with this innovative Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller* for Cats/Dog.  All pet parents like to take their pups on a nice, long stroll. 

Sometimes it’s not practical for our four-legged fur friends to walk alongside us though.  Whether it is due to our dog’s inability to keep us such as with dog’s who are getting on up in years, or the stroll is taking place in an area where your dog needs to be contained, a stroller is a perfect solution.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to push your pooch around and see babies in strollers giggle and point.

This stroller is a favorite.  With a convenient zipper-less entry and easy fold, removable liner, this top-quality product also has a storage basket for water, treats, and other dog and pet parent items plus a cup holder.  The stroller sets up with ease.  No tools are required. 

There is a panoramic view window so your dog won’t miss a thing.  Mesh ventilation will keep him comfortable and the three position canopy will make sure he can look out but can be guarded against the weather or bright sunshine as well. 

The liner is removable so it is easy to keep clean.  Constructed of durable 600 Denier water-resistant material, the device has front shock absorbers as well as back wheel brakes. 

The handle is 40” and the interior is suited for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds.  The next time you are taking your dog out for a stroll, why not do it in style with this fine doggie stroller?

This stroller made our list because it offers a creative way to get your dog around, even if he is handicapped, elderly, or just because his little legs can’t keep up. 

It also allows him to be included in the outing when it’s not a good idea for him to be on his leash like in a big crowd where he might get stepped or could get in a tangle with other pets.  The durable construction and extra features caught our eye and we think it will yours too.

  1. Super Nice Handcrafted Furniture/Pet Crate

This Dynamic Accents Amish Handcrafted Fortress End Table Pet Crate is the perfect addition to any pet parent’s home.  Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean your house has to look like a doggie disaster. 

This Dynamic Accents Amish Handcrafted Fortress End Table Pet Crate is where pup parent function meets the ultimate in home decorating.  The Amish handcrafted crate is absolutely breathtaking and will make any dog a proud place to call home. 

This fine piece of furniture is made from poplar hardwood straight from Ohio by the Amish who are known for their excellent craftsmanship.  With tenon joinery and high-quality construction, this masterpiece is eco-friendly, with water-based wood finishes that are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry your pup is being exposed to poisons. 

The flooring is waterproof and there is a safety latch.  Furthermore, it has a floor protector and has enough space for an 18 by 24-inch crate pad.   Your dog will have plenty of space to relax in with sizes medium and large available.  The finish options include Black, Mahogany, and Artisan Bronze.

As pet parents ourselves, we know how quickly a house can go from looking like a nice home to looking like a pet tornado.  This elegant piece of furniture is one any pet parent would love in their home because it’s handcrafted by Amish, the ultimate woodworkers. 

It is an aesthetically pleasing space saving comfortable and convenient creative dog crate which are the prime reasons it made our list. 

  1. Portable Dog Bowl

Water is life and even more so for dogs who can dehydrate much quicker than humans.  The result of a dog being without water too long can be death.  Since pet parents aren’t always near a water source, it’s important to take water with you.

The reason we are so crazy over this Portable Pet Water Boy Travel Bowl for Pets is that it has it all.  It is a convenient take-along device that holds up to 3 quarts of fresh water.  It has a built-in water bowl and won’t leak.  It’s easy to carry along with you and has a handle to hold on to.  It looks great too.

Even when you think you are just going out with your dog for a short time, it’s important to take water along.  You never know when you might twist your ankle while on a walk or have a flat tire on the way to the Post Office.  Be prepared at all times because your dog cannot afford for you to make a mistake when it comes to his hydration.

Whether you are taking your dog for a walk, a ride in the car, or are hiking with him up a mountain, we highly recommend you take this Portable Pet Water Boy Travel Bowl* with you.

  1. Hands-Free Backpack Carrier

Sometimes you need your pet and your hands.  Now, you can have both.  This Comfy Go Backpack Carrier* fits conveniently on you back so you can do what you need to do with your hands. 

Your dog will be carried away with comfort and will also have mesh windows to peer out of and plenty of ventilation too.  He can even pop his head out to really get in the action.

The Comfy Go backpack earned our seal of approval because it is so well made.  It is also simple to assemble and to break down.  It comes with a full one-year limited warranty which we love.  There’s also a storage bag that’s included in the mix.

This particular model measures 15”x11.5”x14”, so it is perfect for small sized dogs.  Other similar dog backpack carriers can be found for larger fur-friends.

  1. Doggie Camera Automatic Treat Tosser

You’re not going to believe this one!  The Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Tosser is a high tech gadget that not only live stream videos your dog with a wide-angle view (round the clock, day and night), it will also toss him treats. 

This amazing device features a 2-way chat and barking alert sensor.  Notifications are sent right to your smartphone. And...that’s not all!  This HD camera has night vision and a high definition camera making it top notch quality for the fabulous fur-ball in your life.

We love the idea of a Furbo for Fido and the thought of battling his boredom by fetching treats too.  The truth is, our dogs miss us when we are away.  Now, you can make the ruff times smoother by video chats and treats tossing games.  The Internet is required.

  1. Doggie Water Fountain

Imagine your dog having fresh water at his paw-tips and you not having to deal with constantly filling up his water bowl.  That dream is now a reality. 

The Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain keeps a fresh continual flow of water coming for your dog.  It’s ideal for multi-pet households.  It’s made by Petmate which is a trusted name in pet products.

One reason we give this product two paws up review is that we know the importance of keeping your furry one hydrated.  This product goes above and beyond that to give him oxygenated, filtered water, a huge plus since many resident water supplies are not fit for you or your dog to drink.

Available in white or black, the Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain has a patented slope design and a no splash feature.  Simply plug it in and rest assured your dog will have continuous fresh water flowing. 

There are even replacement parts for years down the road so you know this product is an investment, not just a fly by night fling thing.

  1. Pet Seat Cover With Harness

Some people laugh at doggie seat belts.  It is funny to think about how much they are like our human babies. 

All joking aside, we have followed too many tragic stories where dogs have been crushed in accidents or, even more likely, have flown out the window and either perished or took off running, scared for their lives and were never found. 

This fine product* is a safety solution and keeps our furry friends from getting left behind because of the mess they leave behind in the car.

The seat cover is waterproof and actually traps liquid for an extended period of time.  It is made of a heavy-duty material that actually looks nice in your car. 

There are four seatbelt slots, two harnesses, and two seatbelts so you can be sure your pup is safe.  The cover is completely machine washable.

Another big feature on this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.  If everything did, the world would be a better place. 

  1. Canine Nail Clippers

Even worse than paying to have your dog’s nails clipped is doing them yourself and flubbing.  Many pups are unforgiving.  Once you cut into their quick and they feel the sharp pain, they are “all done”. 

Good luck in getting them to sit through another grooming session.  That’s why doggie nail clippers are on our top 25 list.

The Boshel Pet Nail Clipper* is ergonomically designed so you can get a good comfortable grip on it...then, you can snip. 

The clippers are constructed out of super high-quality stainless steel and sport very sharp blades so you get the nail cut right the first time.

Recommended by professionals (and by us), these clippers also have a safety feature so they won’t let you miss the mark.  Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed is important to his health and hygiene and these clippers sure get the job done right.

  1. Log Cabin Dog House

Even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a log cabin, why not provide your dog with one?  This Outback Extreme Log Cabin Dog House will have your neighbor’s green with envy when it sits in your backyard.  Your pooch will be a lucky dog indeed.

For dogs who live outdoors or spend time out there, this house is fit for a King, or Prince, or Queenie.  It is solid wood construction, has a raised floor so your dog stays dry in snow and rain, has a slanted roof, and has a water-resistant sealer and cedar colored stain on solid fir wood.

We just love this log dog’s the ultimate home sweet home for man’s best friend.

  1. No Bend Bin and Rake Pooper Scooper

It can be a pain to pick up after your pet.  But...all good pet parents do it.  Now, you can be responsible and sanitary without straining your back muscles to do so.

The Petmate Arm and Hammer Bin and Rake are one of the sturdiest, best priced, rake and bin in its class.  You simply rake the poop into the bin and...boom.  All done! 

It has a swivel design which is very convenient and can handle waste from even the largest pooch poopers.  The design has an extended reach up to 32” and is lightweight.  It also has Arm and Hammer odor-controlled waste bags to make the job as pleasant as possible.

Other than the fact this bin and rake poop scoop is convenient for all, we love that it accommodates pet parents who have back or knee issues or who are aging and have trouble stooping.  Everyone should be able to parent a pet and kudos to the products that make it possible for all of us to do so.

  1. Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Pet parents seem to like this dog toy as much as their pooches do because the expressions on their dog’s furry face are absolutely priceless.

The Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is hours of endless entertainment for dogs of all sizes and ages.  Internal tubes inside it produce giggle noises when it’s shaken or rolled, making it a barrel of fun for all. 

It features six pockets fur-balls can easily clutch their teeth onto to pick it up and tote it around.  This toy is NOT for aggressive chewers or for unsupervised play.

What we like about this toy is that it can be used interactively or for solo play and it will have pet parents rolling with laughter.  Dogs enjoy trying to figure out where the giggles are coming from which is quite comical in itself.

  1. Giant Tennis Ball Dog Toy

If you’ve got a dog who’s been an especially good boy (or girl), why not surprise him with this novelty gigantic tennis ball?  For pooches that love balls, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Measuring 9.5 in circumference, the Banfeng Giant Outdoor Ball* is a doggie’s delight.  It is constructed of rubber and covered in a bright, attention-grabbing cheerful and durable felt material. 

It’s non-toxic and non-abrasive so it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth and gums.  It’s the perfect reward for your pup and is fun for interactive or solo play.  Herding type breeds will love nudging this huge ball.  It can also be used in training time.

This ball made our pitch because it is a unique take on an everyday tennis ball.  It makes a great dog gift at Christmas, Valentines, or Easter too.  What? 

You don’t give your pup gifts on holidays?  Well...maybe you should.  This wonder ball would be the perfect gift to start him out with.

  1. Slow Eating Dog Bowl

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is a fresh new concept in dog bowl technology that will help you encourage your pooch to eat slower. 

You’ll be a-MAZED at how this puzzle shaped dog food feeder slows down your dog’s eating - up to ten times slower, in fact.

If your dog likes to pig out and ends up throwing it all up or if he has digestive or obesity issues, this bowl is a lifesaver.  It promotes fun eating and improves digestion. 

Many vets recommend slow eating bowls for pooches that have problems with food like over-eating and gulping which can lead to bloating, tummy aches, and vomiting.

While there are other similar bowls on the market, we chose this bowl for a myriad of reasons.  It is non-slip on the bottom, dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, well-designed, durable, and fun. 

The bowl works with both wet and dry dog food.  There are various sizes and colors to choose from.

  1. Large Doggie Door

Let the dog in.  Let the dog out.  If your life is filled with dog door duty, day in and day out, dog in and dog out, you’ll love this dog product as much as we do.  Now, you can have your life back and your pooch can come and go as he pleases.

The Ideal Pet Products Designer Series Ruff-Weather Pet Door gives easy access to dogs up to 120 pounds which is a feature we really appreciate since many are just for small to medium-sized hounds. 

This product is energy efficient and durable and has an all-weather construction and an inner telescoping frame.  The structure consists of foam molded plastic for the frame and not just one, but two, flaps so your home won’t get the outdoor weather elements like drafts, rain, snow, or heat inside it.

This doggie door is the perfect solution for pet parents who have other things they’d rather do that stand door duty.  And, it gives your dog the freedom to come and go as he pleases. 

Some doors can be a step backward because you end up with high energy bills but not so with this energy efficient one.  We love it!

  1. Dog Rain Coat

If raindrops keep falling on your dog’s head, he’s not going to be very happy.

The Petmate Wouapy Army Coat offers a water-proof solution so your dog won’t melt.  It’s super cute (and warm) too.

There are various sizes and styles to choose from in this French fashion for Fido design line.  As all pet parents know, a wet dog is not a happy dog but no dog should be cooped up just because it’s raining. 

We chose this fine raincoat because we know it is important for dogs to get their exercise, even when the weather doesn’t agree.  If you live in a rainy location, you’ll really appreciate this product.

Say goodbye to rainy days and get this coat on.  It’s available in multiple sizes.  Be sure to get the camera out because this fashion-forward design is a real show stopper.

  1. Doggie Pee Detector

So you think your dog MIGHT have peed on the carpet, it sure smells like it.  But, you’ve been gone all day and there’s no wet spot.  That’s alright...if you have a pet urine detector, that is.

The Vansky UV Flashlight Black Light makes urine detection easy (and...kind of fun)!  Simply shine it on the carpet, sofa, dog bed, or wherever you suspect your pooch might have peed.  Any urine will illuminate.

We chose this product in our top 25 because, well, we are pet parents too.  Pee happens and when it does, it’s nice to have help finding it so it can be cleaned up.  This detector is our favorite because it shines on a wider area and is very well made.

Save yourself the time and expense of having to steam clean the entire room when you shine a light on the specific spot with this UV light.  Each UV light lasts up to 12 years and it emits a whopping 295 wavelength.

  1. Fur Be Gone Gloves

One of the few drawbacks to having a fun-baby is...the fur.  It gets everywhere!  You have fur on the sofa, fur on the floor, fur on the car seat, and lots and lots of fur on your dog.  Get a handle on pet fur shedding with the innovative and very effective Asenku Grooming Glove.*

This great glove is made of very durable, super stretch 3D cloth on the back and 180 silicone tips on the palm so you can pet your pet’s fur off while he lays back and enjoys his royal treatment.  You can even get two gloves and double the results.

With the five-finger design, dog hair will come right off onto the glove rather than on your floor, furniture, etc.  Two blue gloves are included and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

This is one of our picks because it is healthy for dogs to be groomed and it puts an end to obnoxious and unsightly hair everywhere.

  1. Dog Breath Spray

Everyone is crazy about puppy breath.  But, really?  Even if it stinks?  If your dog or puppy has morning breath all day every day, you’ll appreciate this product as much as we do. 

Not only does it do away with doggie-do bad breath, it does so naturally which is a huge perk in our opinion.

Premium Pet Dental Spray* instantly eliminates stinky dog breath.  It contains absolutely no toxic chemicals, alcohol, grain, or pesticides.  And, pets love the flavor. 

We found this product works better than dog bones or mint chews and that because dogs love it, they are eager to willingly cooperate.

The product actually removes tartar build-up and reduces the risk of oral diseases.  It is all natural too.  Dog dentists recommend this dog breath spray and so do we!

  1. Dog Treat Game

It’s really important to keep your dog mentally stimulated.  It cuts down on puppy mischief, keeps growing dogs mentally active, and can help prevent premature brain aging in older dogs.  This game engages dogs because it uses treats so it’s a win-win for sure.

Brought to you by Trixie Pet Products, these fun and innovative games* actually come in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced (sold separately). 

The better your pooch gets at it, the more you can challenge him.  When he has mastered one level, you can purchase the next level and let him master it.  Then...bump his challenge up yet again.

The game works by flipping lids using special knobs and sliding disks to the side to deliver treats.  A unique design prevents cones from being knocked over so there’s no mess for pet parents to pick up. 

Simple insert treats and the fun begins.  The number of treats you use and their placement can vary the level of difficulty.

Keep your dog alert and mentally active with this interactive toy that easily made our most useful dog pet products list.

  1. Aggressive Chew Dog Toy Collection

We think no dog should be left behind when it comes to chew toys.  Sadly, many are because they are aggressive chewers. 

Enthusiastic chewers need toys too though...probably even more so than regular chewers.  But, they have to be made safe and thankfully, this one is.

The Pacific Pups line of toys* provides safe and durable toys for even the strongest chompers.  There is no plastic used in the making of these toys. 

The combination includes a giraffe flosser rope toy with assorted extremely durable dog balls, and chew toys.

Aggressive chewers often chomp due to anxiety so these toys will help detour them from your slippers, sofa, and rungs.  These toys are also good for their teeth and promote good dental health and better mental health too (both yours and theirs!). 

Remember, when aggressive chewers get their teeth on toys that tear up, they can choke on them or swallow the pieces and have severe internal issues as a result.

Just wait until your aggressive chewer sinks his teeth into these fun toys!  We love this line for the quality and also because part of the proceeds go to help prevent dogs from meeting their demise in high kill shelters. 

You can certainly feel good about buying this great group of toys.

  1. Escape Artist Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

As pet parents, we don’t like to crate our dogs but when we do, it’s because we need to, for their safety or for the well-being of other animals or humans.  When the need arises, it’s good to know there’s a product available that fits the bill.

The Zinger Winger Aluminum Professional Escape Artist Dog Crate keeps your dog safely contained.  The entire crate is super secure with features even Houdini dogs can’t get out of.

The doorway is dog’s favorite place to attempt their great escape but it’s not happening with this crate.  The door has a double lock and is reinforced with added bars, bracing and welds. 

There is even a secondary layer of security with the locking plate on the frame of the door.  Heavy-duty handles and a deadbolt keep the door locked tight.

This crate is excellent for travel too.  It has handles for easy moving and air travel rails too.  A “Live Animal” label, food and water bowls, and a pet ID tag are all included. 

The Escape Artist crate comes in various sizes.  Foam mats are available for some. When you crate your dog, there’s a reason to do so.  Make sure to keep him safely contained and as comfy as possible with this fine, secure, crate.

  1. Play Yard for Pups

If you don’t have a fenced yard or take your pup with you somewhere without a secure place to contain him, this Petmate Play Yard is ideal for keeping him happy and safe.  This innovative product that helps ensure our dogs don’t have to be left out of the fun earns a "pawsitive" review from us.

We love Petmate products, especially this one.  It is heavy duty so your dog won’t tear it up and is waterproof too.  The top is removable and there’s plenty of ventilation and visibility so your pooch can feel he is part of the fun, not being punished. 

The construction is soft indoor-outdoor material and it’s easy to access and a cinch to set up and to disassemble too.  One of the best features on this gem is the water container holder built into the inside area. 

It’s very durable too so your dog won’t paw or dig his way out of it.  You can easily take it to the front or backyard, to the lake or beach, or take it along when you travel.  There’s even a convenient carrying case that’s included.

Don’t leave out your dog just because there’s no fence.  Keep him in the action with this Play Yard for Pups. 

  1. Doggie Wireless Door Bell

Since your dog can’t talk to tell you when he needs to “go”, it’s nice to have a doorbell he can ring.  Save on accidents and frustrations and make potty training a breeze with this doggie doorbell that will be music to your ears.

The Pebble Smart brand of doggie doorbells* had a lot to offer so they rang in loud and clear in our top twenty-five most useful dog product list.  They are built to last and have a nice style that fits with most home decorating schemes. 

They are also waterproof and there are many chimes sounds to choose from.  Simply download the app for even more information. 

You can even sample the sounds online.  The operating range is over 500 feet which is a big plus and it is wireless with no batteries required.

Here’s what you get - one plugin receiver unit, one remote transmitter button (sleek white), a double-sided sticker so for your convenience, anchors, screws, and a battery for the remote control.  The volume can be adjusted in four ranges.

Talk about doing double duty, this doorbell can be used in the classroom for teachers who wish to quieten down the class and for the elderly or disabled as well.

This Doggie Door Bell is so good, it’s been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.  Now, it’s featured with us too because it has all the bells and whistles.  It’s easy to assemble and install then simply plugs into an outlet.

  1. Pet Steps

Does your dog need a lift?  Perfect for small dogs with short legs or aging dogs with problematic legs, this set of Dog Stairs helps pooches get up on the bed where they belong.  And, at times you don’t want him up, you can easily remove them.

The CertiPUR-US steps are one of our favorite pet steps because they are super stable and sturdy.  The product is available in 3, 4, or 5 step US certified foam, making them very safe. 

They contain no mercury, lead, or ozone depleters that can be harmful to your dog’s health.  The small dog steps come with a removable cover that can be machine washed.

Get on your good foot and know that your dog can conveniently and safely access high places with this set of stairs.

  1. Automatic Doggie Ball Launcher

More times than not, we give out before our dogs do.  When your dog is raring to go for a good game of fetch but you are tired out or simply not up for it, the game can go on with the help of this handy gadget.  The IDogMATE Doggie Ball Launcher gets the job done with flying colors.

This dog ball thrower is one we’d like to toss your way because it is durable and is also available in multiple options to accommodate different sizes of dogs.  It is attractive, in a white and green color combination and comes with three custom balls. 

The unit works well, pitching the balls out and cannot be easily overturned.  The large funnel in the top allows you to put balls into the machine and then step back to enjoy the chase. 

The range for the balls can be set for 10, 20, 26, or 35 feet by using the handy remote controller or by simply clicking the button on the machine directly. 

A battery is required for this product but it includes a rechargeable one so you won’t be spending a fortune to keep it going.  The launcher is capable of 500 launches per battery life session. 

There’s even an innovative feature that involves arced wheels that keeps slobbery balls from getting stuck.  How cool is that? 

This fun toy comes with a hassle-free warranty which is yet another thing we dig on this great product.  You don’t have to worry about your arm giving out when you get your hands on this ball launcher.

* Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page.

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