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Why You Should Crate Train Your Pet

Posted by Joseph Isaac on

There are many wonderful benefits of crate training your pet. Pet Crates Direct offers many different crate options for this. The challenge is to make the crate comfortable for your pet. Many people don’t like the idea of cooping your pet up in a small crate for long periods of time, but you just have to make sure your crate is properly sized for your pet. Dogs are instinctively wired to create dens, or cozy, safe spaces for themselves, so while you may feel bad putting your dog in a crate at first, they will actually come to get used to it, since it is part of their nature.

If you travel with your pet, having them crate trained will make a huge difference. Many hotels and apartments will be much more open to letting you have a dog if you keep them in their crate when you are not around. It keeps them from making a mess when you aren’t around, and gives the dog a safe, familiar space to be in that will help them to feel less lonely when they are by themselves. It is also much safer for dogs to be in crates when they are riding in the car. It can reduce the chances of them from getting hurt if you are in an accident, if you have to stop suddenly or make a sharp turn.

Being in a crate also helps dogs to learn appropriate indoor behavior. It can really enforce bladder control training, because if they soil the inside of their crate, they cannot get away from it. This helps puppies learn how to stay calm when they are inside as well, and give them a safe and comfortable space that is their own, and is always there, even when you are traveling. Also, if you are having a lot of people over, or you have young children in the house, it sometimes may be helpful to crate your dog, for the sake of both your pet and your guests. It will keep them both from getting overwhelmed. For this reason you should also make sure that your dog does not associate the crate with punishment or negative feelings at all - it should be your animal’s personal special, safe place.

Crating is also good if you have a steady nine to five job and need to leave your dog alone for part of your day. Having your dog crate trained will keep them from making a mess of the house, and it will help them get used to having a schedule. They will come to learn that certain parts of their day will be spent in the crate, and the rest will be spent interacting with you. When the dog is on a schedule, this will make them less likely to get upset when you leave the house.

Using a crate is generally a very good option for helping to train your dog and introduce good behavioral habits. Just make sure that your crate is comfortable, safe, and well sized for your dog. Overall, when done properly, crate training your pet can be a tremendously positive experience for all.


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