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Why Should You Crate Your Pet in a Moving Car?

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Crating your dog for car travel

When it comes to traveling with your pet, you need to make sure they are safe and secure. The last thing you is an accident that could not only put your life in danger but also your pet’s. That is why when you’re traveling, especially in a car, you need to have a pet crate that will keep your pet safe. There are a variety of pet crates you can choose that will protect your pet during travel and many of them have other more practical uses.

When you’re choosing a pet crate for car travel, finding the most secure one is a must. Practicality should also be on your list but ensuring the safety of your pet in the event of an accident should be your main priority. On a quick note, when looking for a crate, look for metal material as this will provide adequate shielding if an accident were to happen.

As well as crashes, there are a variety of reasons why you should crate your pet during a moving car. This article will go ahead and list off many reasons why crating your dog during car travel is incredibly important. If you interested in learning more, continue to read.

Reduces Travel Anxiety

One of the key things that crates provide is a homely vibe. If you have properly trained your pet to enjoy the crate and have conditioned them to see it as their den, then traveling in one will be greatly preferred. With all the proper training and preparations, car journeys can be made enjoyable if you crate your animal for the road.

Traveling can be a stressful time for a pet, especially a dog, as they will not know where they’re going and may feel a little afraid. This is true if your pet particularly hates car travel and refuses to cooperate when you’re packing. Of course, your pet’s traveling anxiety will depend on their car conditioning and how well they adapt to the car environment.

In order to make sure your pet is feeling happy about the travel, you need to take them on a few short journeys, to begin with. A few trips down to the park will do the job. Make sure they are crated up and used to the feeling of movement. This is very important if you’re about to go ahead with a long car journey with your pet crate, as the pet may feel a little shaken up. Overall, the feeling of their homely crate will comfort your pet during a car journey, but make sure they are well trained beforehand.

Prevents Injury

One of the main reasons you should crate your dog during car journeys is because of the safety they provide. In the event of a car accident, you will want you and your dog to be as safe as possible and that can be achieved with a pet crate. If you do not have one, there is a chance that your pet can severely damage themselves and can even be killed.

When it comes to choosing a pet crate for safety purposes, you will want to choose one that is strong and durable. Choosing a flimsy, soft-sided crate will not do the job, so invest in a more secure material. Zinger and MIM do some fantastic metal crates and MIM, in particular, specialize in car safety.

MIM has a solid steel dog crate that is the only crate in the world to be crash tested. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a pet crate that can sustain a car crash then MIM might be the brand for you. They are fairly pricey but are well worth the investment. After all, you are investing in your pet’s security, which is priceless.

Can Hold a Supply of Food and Water

If you have gone with an airline approved dog crate, you may have done yourself a huge favor when it comes to long-distance car travel. Airline approved pet crates will have sections where water and food bowls can be placed, allowing your pet to enjoy food and water if they’re traveling for a long time. This is essential if you’re car traveling as you won’t want to stop constantly and feed your pet. However, a few stops won’t go amiss.

Your pet will need to have a supply of food and water on a long trip and investing in a pet crate is an excellent choice in this respect. If you’re tired of getting out the car to feed your pet, get yourself a pet crate that has an additional airline approval package. These will include water and food bowls. These are worth having any way in case you decide on traveling internationally by plane.

Can Prevent Any Mud in the Car

If you have a bounding and excitable dog, you will need a dog crate for your car. This is even truer when you like to take your dog down to the local park, especially when it’s muddy. If they are excitable and like to run around, the chances are they’ll end up rolling in something they shouldn’t. This can be a huge issue if you’ve just cleaned your car as you’ll be getting fresh mud everywhere.

If you have a pet crate you can spare the muddy mess and keep everything contained in a smaller area. If you have a fancier car this can be a lifesaver and will cost you a lot less time cleaning and scrubbing. If you invest in a plastic or metal crate, the mud and mess will slide right off making cleaning even easier. Wired and soft-sided crates also work but they can stain and let material through, making them less practical.


Having a pet crate during travel is very important and will make sure your pet is safe and secure during their travels. Pet crates provide a lot of benefits for car travel and will help you out a lot if you like long family weekends away or short trips down to the park. They can be used whenever you need them and many can be collapsed and folded away, making them great for storage also.

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