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7 Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Pet Parent

7 Gift Ideas for your favorite pet parent

Does your friend have their pet's name or face tattooed on their body? Do they love their pet as much as they would love their first-born child (maybe even more)? Maybe you are the same?

If that's the case, then you need to read this list we've prepared for the best gifts for the pet parent in your life (or yourself). This way you will never go wrong when purchasing pet gifts. 

1. Automatic Dog and Cat Feeders

Let's face it - no matter how much pet parents love their pets, they can't be around them 24/7. Even if they work from home, they will still have to leave home at some point to go to events, and family gatherings and some of these places won't allow their beloved pets to tag along.

That's why every pet parent needs to have one of these automatic pet feeders. It does the job day in and day out, no matter what the pet parent is up to.

If the pet wakes up in the middle of the night hungry for a snack, it doesn't have to wake anyone up. It can feed itself! That's what's called smart pet parenting.

2. Fashion Items for Your Pets - Socks, Bandannas, and More

What pet parent doesn't love dressing up their beloved pet in a fashion that's current and trendy? Some pet parents even have matching outfits for their pets and themselves. Wow!

But if you want to start small, you can start with the little things, like dog socks, or bandannas (how adorable are dogs in these). You can also check out weighted vests if you have a pet that's anxious and needs additional comforting.

3. Smart Dog Collar

If you have a pet parent with a rambunctious, curious, and impulsive pet, then you need to get them a smart dog collar asap. No need for them to spend hours and hours worrying about where their pet has disappeared to, hoping and wishing that they come back safe and sound.

With a smart dog collar, your pet parent can keep track of their pets via fast and accurate GPS using a smartphone app. That's pet parenting for the 21st century. 

It can also store data about walks and activities, give temperature alerts, and include veterinarian record storage. How convenient is that!

4. Pet Crates

Maybe your pet parent has a pet that's the size of a teacup and fits easily into a purse or satchel. But it's more likely that your pet parent has an enormous pet that would never fit into a purse, and would have to be carried either in a pet crate or left at home.

A lot of these pet crates (for dogs, cats, and birds) are also airline-approved, which means that your pet parents can go on a jaunt around the world with their beloved pets, no problem at all! 

5. 2-In-1 Pet Glove

Yes, your pet parent loves their pets to pieces. BUT they probably don't love their pet's dander, fur, and hair clinging to every piece of clothing, furniture, and item in the house. It's probably the only thing that annoys them about their pets (maybe also their dirty paws when coming in from a long walk). 

That's why it's a great idea to gift your pet parents some pet gloves! These 2-in-1 pet gloves have two sides to them. One side can be used to groom the pet's fur and remove any unwanted hair from the pet's body. The second side can be used to remove unwanted already-shedded hair and fur from the furniture.

This way the pet parent can keep loving their pets despite their tendency to spew fur in all the weird places.

6. Pet Cameras

Do you as a pet parent sometimes wish you could put a permanent camera on your pet so you could watch their antics all day long, even when you are busy at work? That's where pet cameras come in.

If you wish to purchase a gift that can allow your pet parent (or yourself) to film your pet all day long and take pictures of their cute little faces, then put a pet camera on a desk or a drawer. It has a crispy wide-angle lens with night vision and zooms in for live streams. It also comes with two-way speakers, so you can listen to your pet's voice while telling him or her that they are being a good boy or girl. 

You can also use their smartphone app to dispense treats to your beloved pet if they are being especially cute or good or for no reason at all. 

7. Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you as pet parents curse the pet gods every time you have to scoop out kitty litter, then it's time for you to get an upgrade. Get your pet parent friends (and yourself) a self-cleaning litter box, so you don't have to think about removing waste.

Automatic litter boxes clean themselves out so that you only have to worry about emptying them once every few weeks. When it's full, all you need to do is take the tray, dump it out, and put it back. Nice and easy!

It protects against unwanted leaks because cat pee doesn't smell too good. And it also has a health sensor, so it can tell you if your beloved pet is going not often enough or too often. 

It’s Easy To Give Gifts to a Pet Parent Nowadays

With the myriad options available to a pet parent, it's easy to come up with gift ideas. There's no need to ponder or squirm as you try to find a gift that's practical, yet fun. 

Check out the pet crates collection at Pet Crates Direct to find affordable, yet high-quality pet crates for the pet parent in your life. They also have other accessories for pets that you can browse through.

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