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6 Best Cat Toys To Deter Boredom

6 Best Cat Toys to Deter Boredom

Cats might be cute and cuddly pets that keep you company, but there's so much more to your average house cat than meets the eye. Not only are they highly intelligent creatures, but they're exceptionally curious and playful, too. 

But if you're a serious cat lover, you probably already know this. Like any intelligent creature, cats might struggle with bouts of boredom, and as a cat owner, this could spell disaster for your furniture and curtains. 

You want to invest in a few different means of keeping your furry friend entertained. Here are some of the best cat toys to consider. 

Why Keep Your Cat Entertained? 

By nature, cats are very curious, mischievous, and adventurous animals. This is because of their exceptional intelligence and their honed senses. Much like humans, they get bored easily and will go looking for trouble as a way to entertain themselves. 

Cats have a few strong instincts that govern their behavior. They're inclined to chase, stalk, and scratch at objects that intrigue them.

And this is where cat toys can provide hours of stimulation while saving your furniture, curtains, and unwanted ''gifts'' that might include small birds, rodents, and lizards. Not only can certain cat toys serve as stimulation, but many of them allow your cat to get in their daily exercise and encourage movement.  

The Best Cat Toys For Feline Stimulation

If you're interested in keeping your furry feline friend entertained, stimulated, and away from your curtains, here are some of the best cat toys for bored cats: 

1. Cat Grass

It's no secret that cuts love to snack on grass -- it's completely normal and instinctive behavior to them. But if you're wary to let your cat outdoors during the day while you're not home, a planter of cat grass is your next best option. 

You can find a large range of cat grass on the market today, comprised of a mixture of rye, barley, oat, or wheat grasses. This means that it's 100 percent safe and healthy for them to ingest. 

You can even purchase your own gat grass growing set which is the best way to keep your supply of cat grass alive and thriving. It might not be a very fancy toy, but it's one that will keep your cat busy as they sniff, nibble, and scratch away. 

2. A Cat Gym/Tree

This may sound odd, but a cat gym is just an umbrella term for cat-specific furniture that encourages cat climbing and exercise. This is probably the best way to keep your cat from using your furniture and cupboards as their personal climbing space (although it's not 100 percent foolproof!). 

Basically, a cat tree comprises ready-made platforms, stacked at different levels, often fitted with scratching pads, too. Some cat gyms or trees might even include small boxes that your cat will love climbing in and out of. 

This type of cat toy is on the larger side, so you'll need to designate some space for it in your home. But it's a great way to encourage your cat to climb, jump, and scratch, feeding into their natural feline instincts. 

You may even find that your cat will enjoy a spot of bird watching out the window thanks to the higher vantage point of the cat gym. 

3. A Treat Puzzle or Toy 

While it's the norm for most cat parents to deliver meals in neat and clean food bowls, it might be a good idea to switch things up and serve your cat treats in an interactive toy, instead.

This is a great way to keep your cat stimulated and entertained for a good amount of time. While it also helps to encourage their natural instincts to hunt, stalk, and work for their food. 

Today, you can find a plethora of treat toys and puzzles on the market. Some of the most popular include treat mazes made from cardboard boxes -- heck, you can even make your own! 

4. A Two-Sided Cat Scratching Pad 

Naturally, cats love to scratch at objects when they're looking for some form of stimulation or a means of expressing emotion. It's also a good way for them to get a good stretch in, remove dead parts of their nails, and mark objects with their scent. All of which is natural cat behavior. 

This is why you can never go wrong with a cat scratching pad -- the ultimate, interactive toy for any feline. But because cats can scratch their way through a standard scratch pole in as little as a few weeks, you want to invest in something more robust. 

And this includes a double-sided scratchpad by PetFusion which can withstand months of scratching time. When the one side becomes worn down, simply flip it over!  

5. A Cat Catcher Teaser 

This is yet another simple toy that can provide tons of entertainment for your furry friend. But it does require some interaction from your end, too. It's a simple toy that includes a pole, fitted with a piece of cable, and a toy mouse fitted to the end of the cable. 

This is a great means of stimulation for your cat as it encourages movement, as well as their natural instincts to stalk and chase. 

6. A Crinkle Kicker Toy

Babies are not the only ones fascinated by the sound and feel of crinkly, crunchy materials. Cats are also fascinated by the sound of plush toys, filled with crinkly material.

These crispy, crinkly, and crunchy sounds will provide hours of entertainment for your cat as they're encouraged to pounce, chew, and paw away at these crinkle kicker toys. 

Transport Your Feline Friend Safely and Comfortably

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