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7 Reasons Why Your Kitty Needs a Cat Tree

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7 Reasons Why Your Kitty Needs a Cat Tree

Over 58,000 cats are living as household pets in the US. While they are still beaten in popularity by their canine companions, many people prefer cats as they are often easier to care for. But do you know the best way to keep a kitty active and healthy?

That is with a cat-based climbing frame. Read on as we discuss 7 reasons your feline needs a cat tree. 

Benefits of a Cat Tree

Even the most sedate of cats will benefit from a cat tree. These stimulating, homely places cater to all your pet's needs. This is particularly important if they are indoor cats and do not get to roam. 

1. Exercise

Yes, even cats need exercise. Though they may not run around the yard and take walks like a dog, they still need to keep themselves mobile and limber. When they exercise they can maintain a healthy weight to clamber around and stay mobile. 

You can do this by playing with your cat. However, when you are not at home or around for a period of time they need something to replace you. The cat tree does this, giving them an environment to jump and explore. 

2. Provides Space

Many people believe that cats are not as sociable as dogs. This is not true. They are just as likely to come and find you for affection or curl up on your lap. 

Cats do however value alone time and privacy. They need a place to relax on their own where they will not be bothered and this is one of the main benefits of a cat tree. If you have children or other pets in the house, then it is an essential item to give them this space. 

3. It Keeps Them Entertained

When cats are in a playful mood, then they will let you know about it. You may find them jumping from tables to bookshelves, knocking off items as they go. Just like humans, cats need some form of entertainment. 

Finding the best cat tree is a perfect way to give them this. The higher they are and the more platforms they have, the more interesting it is for your cat. You can even get them with toys attached, or you can try hiding their favorite treats on the highest branches. 

4. For Scratching

Cats scratch to keep themselves groomed. It cuts down their long claws which can become extremely sharp. You may have seen the results of this on your furniture. 

Smaller posts are fine, but they will soon become tattered and torn from your cat's claws. Instead, a bigger cat tree gives them more options. With a wider variety of scratching posts, you will find you go through less of the smaller posts making it more friendly on your budget. 

5. Reduces Anxiety

Cats can easily become prone to anxiety. They may jump at the slightest noise or hide away when other animals or guests visit the house. They may have developed it if you have introduced a newborn to the home. 

In this instance, the cats need a safe space that can be provided by the cat tree. Add catnip to the highest perches of the item. They can climb up, away from all the worries, and have a well-earned rest while reducing their anxiety.

6. Tower of Power

All cats love to climb high and look down at what is going on. It gives them a sense of power. You may have seen them do it on top of the refrigerator or on high bookshelves. 

By purchasing the best cat tree, you give your feline friend its own place to do this. Make sure the top of the tree is close to somewhere warm. Your cat can use it as its own personal ivory tower. 

7. Territory

When your pet lives in the flat alone, this may not be a problem. However, with more than one animal you may see them fighting for space and territory. By having trees with multiple levels or even different trees, each cat can have its own area. 

How to Choose a Cat Tree

Before buying the biggest cat tree you can find, you should take into account some important factors. Like any item of furniture, cat trees come in various shapes and sizes for different needs.

The first consideration to make is how much space you have. Many cat trees actually do not take up much floor space, but you must also consider their vertical alignment. Even if you have high ceilings, you don't want a cat tree that dwarfs and dominates a small room. 

When looking at how tall it is, you also need to consider if the cat actually likes heights. Not all of them do, and you may be able to get a much shorter tree that is less imposing. 

After this, consider how many cats you have. If it is more than one, you may need extra branches and platforms for them to share. Find trees that have shelter and boxes, then less social cats can also get some alone time. 

Finally, take into consideration how active and athletic your cat is. In their older years, cats will not want to be jumping large distances up and across. They will want trees that have ramps and small gaps between platforms. 

In contrast, younger cats and kittens need to explore. They want challenges, so large chasms between platforms and challenging pathways are a good call. 

Making a Purchase

Now you know the type of cat tree you need, you just have to find the right one. Look online for product reviews and shop around for a bargain. 

Your first stop should be Pet Crates Direct. We have reviews on all pet products, from birds to dogs. Click here to see our selection of cat-based reviews. 

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