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Dog Training: The Commands Your Pup Needs to Learn

Dog Training: Commands your Pup needs to know

Have you just welcomed a new pup into your home, or will you soon? If so, we've got a list of the most important commands you need to teach them right away.

Dog training is essential to all breeds to teach them good behaviors and boundaries. It also helps to keep them safe and ensure that they're respectful whilst in the dog community.

When dogs go without training, it can lead to poor behaviors, putting them and people at risk. Plus, it can affect the relationship you have with your pup.

This means that instead of a calm and cuddly dog, you have one that people don't want to be around.

But don't panic just yet.

In this article, we'll share the most important commands you should teach your pup as soon as possible. We'll also outline how to do it and why they're so important.

Read on for more information.


Learning to sit on command is one of the most useful things you can teach to dogs. It's helpful in a variety of situations and will come in handy on a daily basis.

It's also one of the easiest commands you can teach your dog, and they can learn it after just a few minutes. So, how do you do it?

First, get some treats and take your pup into a space with minimal distractions.

Next, whilst they're in a standing position, hold a treat in front of their nose. Then slowly bring the treat up and behind their head.

As they follow the treat, start to say 'sit' in a clear voice. When they finally sit down, give them the treat as a reward. You can then repeat this several times until they master what to do.

Over time, they should start associating the word sit with the command. You can then take away the treats and make a fuss of them each time they sit down.


This is a command that is very important for dog obedience training. Just like the sit command, it will come in handy daily.

Plus, it's vital that they learn it at an early age.

This command is taught with three principles in mind. They are:

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Distraction

To start off, grab a bag of dog training treats and take your pup into a large closed-off space with minimal distractions. Then, place them in a sit position and stand close.

Next, put your hand out and say 'stay.' If they don't move for several seconds, then reward them with a treat. Keep repeating this until you feel confident that they understand what is required of them.

As training goes on, you can start to increase the distance between you both. You can also increase the amount of time they have to stay before receiving the treat.

Finally, start adding distractions into the space, such as toys or other people. They may struggle at first, but you should encourage them to focus on you for the duration.

Through consistency and patience, they'll eventually master this command.


This is very similar to stay but is generally used when people come inside the house.

Dogs tend to get excited when somebody knocks on the door but, it can be overwhelming to have a pup jump all over you when you arrive.

To teach this command, you'll need assistance from somebody else.

Start off by getting the person to stand outside the house whilst you wait inside. When they open the door, as soon as your dog moves towards them, say 'wait.'

Then bring your dog back away from the door and repeat.

When the person can finally come inside without your dog approaching them, give them a treat. But still, carry on with the training until you're confident they have mastered it.

Drop It

This command is handy, especially when you have a young puppy.

Puppies love to explore and often decide household items are their new toys. Not only does could this cost you money but, it's potentially dangerous depending on what they chew. So, teaching a dog to drop whatever is in their mouth on command could essentially be lifesaving.

To teach this, you'll need two identical toys.

Start by giving them one of the toys and letting them play with it. Then call them over and show them the other one. Say 'drop it' and when they do, hand them the other toy to play with.

Repeat this several times until they clearly understand the command.

You should know that this can also be taught with a toy and a treat. Simply give them the treat once they have dropped the toy and keep repeating.


This command is great for helping to keep your pup out of trouble.

To start off with, put a treat on the floor in a separate room from your dog. Then go and put a leash on them and walk back into the room.

Slowly move towards the treat and when they go for it, say 'no' and slightly pull on the leash. As soon as they stop, then reward them with a treat from your hand.

Repeat this several times and even try it without a leash when they become more trained.

The Best Commands to Teach When Dog Training

As you can see, there are several key commands you need to teach your pup early on. By doing this, it will keep them safe and teach them important boundaries.

Remember that some dogs are faster learners than others, but the secret is to be patient and persistent. It's also wise to teach them in short periods as young dogs will become tired and distracted.

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