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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Cat Scratch Board

Cat scratch board

Did you know scratching is a natural behavior for cats?

But, a common reason why people don't like cats is because of their scratching. Yet, there are several advantages of scratching for cats. So, they should be allowed to scratch.

That's why you need to buy a cat scratch board for them. Keep reading this article to learn about the benefits of buying a scratch post.

1. Cat Health

A cat scratch post is excellent for maintaining overall good health. It's great for their claws by keeping them in shape. In addition, scratching helps file away the outer layer of the nail, which may be dead or damaged.

Scratching also helps cats reduce stress. If you have more than one cat, each cat should have its own scratching post. This will release tense and allow each cat to scratch in peace.

2. Socialization

In addition, the posts will become a place for your cats to play and interact with each other. Since all cats love to scratch, it's easy to create a common space for them to come and play when they are in the mood.

The posts in a multi-cat home will stimulate socialization.

3. Great Exercise

When cats scratch and engage in play using a scratch board or post, they extend their front legs, pull backward, and fully stretch their bodies. This kind of exercise releases endorphins and makes cats happy. They also like to scratch sitting bunched up with their front paws underneath them.

Cats use scratching to mark their territory. They leave visual markings and their unique scent on the post. The glands in between the feline's paw pads release the scent. 

For indoor cats, exercise is crucial since they don't run and chase prey outside.

4. Release Energy

Young kittens have a lot of built-up energy. A cat scratch board gives robust activity for them. They also get something to attach themselves to in your home. The scratch board helps make any future adjustments easier. 

It can also help to correct cat behavior issues in a new environment.

For the most enjoyment, you can buy a scratch post with hanging items. They particularly like to play with these items because it encourages them to use their hunting instincts. 

5. Saves Your Furniture

If you don't have any cat scratching boards, your cat will still want to scratch. That means they will find something else to scratch on. They usually choose furniture, but they may also scratch carpets or rugs. 

Using a scratching post will help attract the cat to the post rather than the furniture. However, you will need to lure the cat to the post in the beginning. You can put catnip or a treat at the top or around the base. 

The catnip or treat will help attract the cat to the post rather than the furniture. If the cat is still scratching other items, you will need to make those objects unavailable or less desirable temporarily. 

You can place a tight sheet around furniture or use double-sided sticky tape. You want to make the surface sticky, smooth, or slick, so they avoid it. 

How to Choose a Scratching Post

Now you know why you need a scratch board. But, how do you proceed to choose the right one? With so many different varieties, it can be overwhelming. So, here are some things to look for.


As you shop for a cat scratch board, you will see vertical and horizontal types. Cats seem to prefer vertical posts more. For young and active cats, they like to climb up and play as much as they want to scratch. 

Buying one that is three feet or higher is perfect. The higher posts usually have multiple levels for extra play. In addition, the stories create different angles for cats to scratch at. 

They may also have perches and condos for cats to relax. These mimic how cats perch in trees in the wild.

But, horizontal cat scratch boards also come in handy. Kittens will like the horizontal variety because they may be too small to climb up a large post. Senior cats with joint pain, less mobility, or reduced energy will also prefer a horizontal scratch board.

Horizontal scratch boards can be flat or angled. 


There are several different materials you will see on cat scratch posts. They include carpet, rope (sisal), cardboard, and wood. Cats love rope. 

Sisal makes for the best scratching surface than other materials because it's coarse and harsh. The rope feels the same for cats as scratching on a tree trunk. Yet, you will see many cat posts and towers that use both sisal and carpet material together. You will also see sisal fabric. 

Cardboard is quite popular too. You will see most horizontal scratch posts use cardboard. Cats like the feeling of cardboard.

Getting a post that has different materials is most desirable. 


If the post you buy wobbles, the cats will avoid it. In the wild, trees are very sturdy. They don't move at all when cats scratch them. Thus, the scratching post needs to be sturdy.

Additionally, a wobbly post can tip over and be unsafe. If you choose a taller post, you must ensure its sturdiness. Hollow cardboard tubes make for the best scratching posts.

It's Time to Buy a Cat Scratch Board

It's no doubt that your cat will love using a cat scratch board at home. The only thing left for you to do is start looking for the perfect one. 

To browse pet supplies and toys, contact us at Pet Crates Direct. We offer a wide variety of cat essentials. 

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