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9 Hidden Litter Box Ideas for Cat Owners to Know

Hidden Litter Box Ideas

Cat owners, let's face it - a litter box is a necessary but not-so-chic addition to our homes. But fear not, for in the world of interior design, there are clever and creative solutions to keep your cat's bathroom habits discreetly tucked away.

Say goodbye to unsightly litter boxes and hello to stylish, space-saving solutions that blend seamlessly with your home decor!

Read on to learn about our top hidden litter box ideas.

1. Buy Litter Box Furniture

Litter box furniture is a popular and stylish solution for hiding your cat's litter box. These pieces of furniture not only conceal the litter box but also blend seamlessly into your home decor.

Litter box cabinets are designed to look like regular pieces of furniture, such as cabinets or side tables. They often have a hinged or removable top for easy cleaning and access to the litter box.

It may take some encouragement for your cat to use their new litter box. You can encourage them with catnip or with some great new cat toys.

2. Outdoor Litter Boxes

If you have outdoor space, consider building a secure outdoor litter box enclosure, which allows your cat to have an "outdoor" experience while using the litter box.

However, make sure the area is properly secured, especially if you have an indoor cat. Cats can be slippery, and you don't want to end up desperately running around your neighborhood searching for your lost cat.

3. Use a Closet

Using a closet to hide your cat's litter box is a practical and space-efficient solution.

Designate a closet specifically for your cat's litter box. This closet should be well-ventilated and have enough space for the litter box and your cat to move comfortably.

Install shelves or cubbies in the closet to keep litter supplies, such as scoops, litter bags, and cleaning products, organized and out of sight.

Always make sure your cat can access their litter box. You don't want to end up struggling to get cat pee out of a mattress.

4. Under the Sink

Using the space under a sink as a hidden litter box area is a clever way to keep your cat's needs concealed while maximizing space efficiency.

If you have a bathroom sink with a vanity cabinet, consider using the cabinet's interior to house the litter box. You can install a cat-sized entrance on the side or front of the cabinet.

In some kitchens, the cabinet under the sink can be used to hide the litter box. Just ensure that the area remains accessible to your cat while preventing access to cleaning supplies. You'll also want to be particularly careful about hygiene to avoid any contamination issues

Place a litter mat just outside the cabinet to capture any litter that your cat may track out, making cleanup easier.

5. Cat Doors

Using a closet to hide your cat's litter box is a practical and space-efficient solution. If the closet lacks natural light, add a battery-operated LED light or a motion-activated light inside to make it easier for your cat to see.

Replace the closet door with a sliding barn-style door. This not only provides a trendy and functional entrance for your cat but also allows for easy access to the closet.

6. Wall Niche

Using a wall niche in combination with cat doors can create a discreet and functional hidden litter box area for your feline friend.

Find a suitable wall niche in your home, preferably in a quiet and low-traffic area. You can use custom pet furniture to hide the litterbox within the niche.

If you want to further conceal the litter box area, you can use a decorative curtain or fabric panel that matches your decor to cover the niche entrance.

7. Tree Stump

Using a tree stump as a hidden litter box is a creative and natural way to blend your cat's litter area into your home decor.

Select a large and sturdy tree stump. Ensure that it is big enough to accommodate the litter box and offers a flat or hollowed surface for your cat's entry.

If the tree stump is not naturally hollowed out, you'll need to hollow it to create space for the litter box. You can do this by carving out a cavity in the top surface of the stump.

Make sure that the hollowed space is deep enough to comfortably fit the litter box.

Decorate the top of the tree stump to make it blend seamlessly with your home decor. You can use a piece of fabric, a small rug, or a decorative covering.

8. Staircase

You can also tuck your cat's litterbox under the staircase.

If your staircase has a closet beneath it, you can convert the closet into a hidden litter box area. Install a cat door at the closet entrance for your cat's access.

Some staircases have cubby spaces under the steps. You can use one of these cubbies to house the DIY litter box, creating a discreet area for your cat's needs.

If you have some extra money, design a custom-built cabinet that fits perfectly under the staircase. Include a cat-sized entrance and enough room for the litter box. You can add shelves for storage as well.

9. Make Their Own Washroom

You could even make your kitty their own teeny-tiny personal bathroom. You can have it within your own bathroom by using the bathroom's existing fixtures or custom-built shelving. Use a litter box cover to keep the bathroom experience nice and private for each of you.

Put a little cat sign on the top of the litterbox, to show who the bathroom belongs to. You can even add novelty bathroom-themed decor.

Try These Hidden Litter Box Ideas Today

There are so many hidden litter box ideas you and your furry friend might enjoy. Weigh your options, and figure out what works best for your home and design preferences.

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