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Dynamic Accents Handcrafted End Table Pet Crate - Everything You Need to Know

Dynamic Accents Wood

Amish end table pet crate

When it comes to pet crates, first-time (or veteran) buyers tend to think of the classic metal, plastic and wired crates you see in every house with a dog. To be honest, these crates are more common because of their practicalities but in terms of looks and style, they do tend to fall short. Although common crate materials have their uses there is another material that can be bought which will provide your home with a little more décor. The material I am referring to is wood and it can turn a crate into a piece of furniture.

This is definitely true when you consider the handcrafted designs that some brands make for their customers. These wooden crates are fantastic, proving many of the benefits that crates provide with the added bonus of combining with a coffee table or end table. We have looked at wooden crates before on this blog and enjoy to look at the ways in which they can be used as furniture, allowing them to blend in with the environment without sticking out poorly.

In today’s article, we will be looking at one such handcrafted crate by Dynamic Accents. This is known as the End Table Pet Crate and for a good reason as well. This pet crate is an excellent example of how a crate can be used as furniture also. If you want to learn more about this stylish crate, we suggest you continue to read the article.

Features of the Dynamic Accents End Table Pet Crate

Just like any pet crate, this Amish End Table Crate has a ton of features that will make you want to buy it. It has all the practicalities of a normal pet crate with a few extras that make more desirable. It is more of a luxury item than most also crates because of the materials that are used and because of its ability to add to the décor of a room. Here are a few features of this unique pet crate.

Looks Great

First and foremost, this crate does look very nice and is bound to impress people who visit your home, as well as your dog. This wooden pet crates has been built and designed to blend in with the home with its stylish finish and quality structure. The crate is made from Ohio high-quality hardwood and can be used in any home without it sticking out. The wood has been finished in an eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based method that makes it clean and ready to use. The crate also lives up to its name as it can be used as an end table effectively thanks to its flat top.

Made in the US

When you invest in the Dynamic Accents Amish End Table, you are not going to get a poorly made crate. These crates are made and manufactured in the US meaning they have met all of the proper pet crates standards. This equals a high-quality crate that will not only look great but will actually function properly and not break. Pet crates need to be able to keep the pet inside and if it cannot do this it is a waste of money.

Easy to Assemble

Although this is a completely wooden crate it is very easy to unbox and put together. The crate doesn’t require any special knowledge and can be put together using basic tools and an instruction book. With some patience, you’ll have this wooden pet crate up in no time at all.

Range of Finishes

Because this crate is wooden, there is a range of finishes you can get to match your preferred design. In most cases, wooden crate brands will only give you a limited range of crate finishes but with Amish, you can a grand total of 3. This is actually more than a standard wooden pet crate and the choices include black, Mahogany and Artisan Bronze. This allows you to match the crate to your room and current furniture.


As with all crates, there is always the fear that your pet is going to make a mess in the crate and you’re going to have to clean it up. With a wooden crate, there is also the fear that the mess will be absorbed by the material. Not with this crate though. The wooden floor is waterproof and therefore does not absorb any liquid that is placed on it. Useful if your pet has a little accident.

Why Choose Wood?

There are many reasons why you would choose wood as your preferred pet crate material. Firstly, the material itself doesn’t limit the crates practicalities and you can still accomplish all your crating goals with a wooden pet crate. They are perfect if you need to toilet train your pup and it is still easy to condition the crate as a place of pleasure.

Getting a wooden pet crate is a decent way to get a crate that blends in with your furniture. They are finished professionally and the Amish crate discussed in this article is made in the US, meaning you are guaranteed high-quality. With the right wooden pet crate, you can even use them as an extra piece of furniture for your coffee or flowers.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Wood?

Obviously as well as benefits, there are going to be some limitations to wooden pet crates. When you get a wooden pet crate you are more likely to get them for their authentic look. As a result, you tend to sacrifice the ability to travel with your pet as wooden pet crates are not the more practical when it comes to traveling.

They can meet airline regulations but they are heavy and could be damaged on the way. The same goes for car journeys, as lifting a wooden pet crate is a taxing task. Finally, wooden pet crates are a little more expensive than standard pet crates (plastic, wired, etc.) so you may have to pay a bit more for the luxury.

Wrapping it up

The Dynamic Accents Amish Handcrafted end table crate is a fantastic pet crate that will blend into your home. The wooden crate is finished to perfection and can even be used as an additional piece of furniture. There is a range of benefits to using this crate and it will effectively act a means to store your pet. The crate is easy to assemble and comes in three marvelous finished. If you’re interested in getting a wooden pet crate for your home, we suggest you check out this one.

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