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What is the Purpose of a Dog Crate Cover?

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Getting a dog crate is a very good idea as they come with a lot of benefits for you and your pet. They allow your pet to have a safe place to chill and rest while you’re busy doing something else and make them feel a lot more relaxed.

Dog crates are also fantastic for toilet training and transport but many people will get one so they can give their pet their own, private bed. However, there are many different types of crates to choose from and some are more useful than others when it comes to creating a den-like feel for your pet.

In particular, one of the worse crates to do this are wire crates. Heavy duty wired crates, like those from Midwest Homes for Pets or Precision Pet, are very open and it can be difficult to produce a cozy, secure environment for your pet when they are on display to the entire world. Not only does Midwest have high-quality wire crates like the Life Stages model, but they also have pet crate covers and other pet products.

This is the reason many individuals will opt-in for a plastic or wooden crate, as they can provide that secluded secure feeling. However, you can get around the openness of wire dog kennels if you have the proper pet product accessories. One accessory, in particular, is very useful at blocking the environment and it is known as a dog crate cover.

These are specifically designed to lay over the crate in order to block out the environment. They are usually only used for wired crates because of their design and they can be useful for a range of reasons.

They come in a variety of colors including grey, black, cotton canvas, brown, and white. Each brand carries their own color offerings and it is suggested that you browse a number of products to find your favorite.

This article will be going over why you should use a dog crate cover with your pet and what use they have. If you’re interested to learn more, continue to read this article.

Reasons to Get a Dog Crate Cover

If you value your pet’s privacy when they’re in the crate, it might be a great idea to get a dog crate cover.

Also known as kennel covers, these provide a number of benefits and will make sure that your pet does not react to the environment around them, allowing them to rest and relax.

Although there are outdoor crate cover options, these are generally not recommended for winter use.

They are a small investment that is very worthwhile. Here are a few benefits to getting a dog crate cover.

Better for Reactive Dogs

This one has already been mentioned above but it will be elaborated on in this paragraph. One of the main reasons owners will get their dog a crate cover is because they react badly to the environment around them.

This is very true when you have just bought a new dog and they’re not used to the new home. They can become disturbed quickly by small changes, resulting in barking fits that can get very annoying.

In addition, pups can start yapping whenever someone walks past and the best way to stop this from happening is with a dog crate cover.

If your dog is very reactive to the environment, try and place a pet crate cover over the crate so it blocks the dog’s view. This will stop them from seeing strange things that might cause them anxiety, resulting in yapping and barking.

Through the application of a crate cover, the dog can learn to relax and calm down. After a long period of time, you may be able to lift the crate cover, or roll up the door flap and see how they react. You may find that they’re less reactive as they feel safer and more secure in their den. Your best friend will love it!

Reduces Anxiety

This too has been briefly touched on above. Dogs like to think of their crates as person areas or dens. This normally happens through continuous conditioning and training.

If you have trained your dog correctly, they will associate the dog cage as their safe place. However, crate training can be made difficult when they can see a lot of the outside.

This can make them insecure and won’t help when it comes to providing them with comfort inside the crate. This, of course, can be rectified using a dog crate cover.

If you are having trouble conditioning your dog to like the crate because it is too open, a crate cover will help to suppress those feelings of anxiety. It will make the crate for more den-like, allowing the dog to relax and chill.

The dark, comfy space will make training a treat and will speed up the process rapidly. A crate pad, often water-resistant, is an excellent addition to consider in making the environment more comfortable for your pet. If they are not water-resistant, they are typically machine washable.

Midwest Homes for Pets, Pet Dreams, and Petmate (formerly Precision Pet) have a good selection of crate pads for your needs. Other best sellers of pads and crate covers include the Midwest Quiet Time series and those from Pet Dreams. To help you in your search, other terms for crate pads are: "crate mats", "dog beds", and "pet beds".

Warning Signs

Although getting a pet crate cover is a genius idea for the reason stated above, there may be some pet dogs that don’t like their crate covers. This is, of course, a possibility as dogs tend to have their own little personalities. Some dogs might like their crate covers, whereas, others might not so much.

An easy way to identify whether they do not like their crate cover is to see if they howl when you place the cover over it. This is a sign that they're scared and don’t feel comfortable with their new accessory.

In some cases, they may try and grab the cover and pull it through the crate which can become a choking hazard. If they do not like their new cover, we suggest you ditch it and go for a suggested alternative.

Alternative to a Dog Crate Cover

If your pet dog is not taking well to the crate cover as we have just discussed, you may need to search for an alternative. One of the best alternatives you can get is another crate.

We know that this may be a large investment but if your dog is not acting well in their current crate, getting a more sealed off crate style might be your best bet. Here are some of the crating options you have.

Plastic Dog Kennels

Plastic dog Kennels are an excellent alternative if your dog is not taking well to having an open crate. Plastic crates are lightweight, breathable and have large ventilation holes that provide views without being too open. We have a range of plastic crates on the store with the Sky Kennel being our absolute favorite.

Wooden Dog Kennels

Wooden crates are also a great option if you’re looking for a dog kennel that has a 360-degree view and also has an authentic feel. Wooden dog kennels can also act as unique pieces of furniture and fit in with the home environment nicely. We have a range of wooden crates on our store and they are perfect for reactive dogs that don’t like covers.


Dog crate covers make an excellent accessory if you have a reactive or anxious dog who doesn’t like having too much exposure to the environment. This is very true when you use heavy duty wire crates as they are very open and provide larger views.

This anxiety can cause dogs to not adapt well to their crates, causing persistent barking and yapping. This can be remedied using a crate cover, which pairs especially well with crate pads. However, if your dog rejects a cover you may need to invest in a different style of crate, which may cost you a pretty penny.

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