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The Crown Pet Dog Den Doghouse - Everything You Need to Know

Crown Pet Products Dog House Wood

Crown doggie doghouse

When it comes to giving your dog a pleasant and comfortable place to relax and chill out, the first thing people tend to think of is a pet crate. This is because a pet crate can be conditioned to be a place of pleasure for a dog with the right training and conditioning. Although this might be the case, pet crates are not the only places that can be associated with pleasure in dogs and there are other items that allow a dog to relax and chill.

Although pet crate a discussed a lot in these blogs, doghouses are also another product that we sell that can act as a comfortable substitute for your dog when they need a place to and have a nap. Sometimes, they may want some more privacy and if you have a wired pet crate it might be hard to achieve. Of course, you could always buy a crate cover but these can ruin its look and style. Therefore, when it comes to creating the perfect den environment, doghouses might be the best option.

In this article, we will be looking at doghouses and what they have to offer. Specifically, we will be looking at Crown Pet Product’s Dog Den Doghouse, identifying its features and why you should invest in this doghouse. If you’re interested to know more about this doghouse and why you need it for your pet, continue to read this article.  

Features of the Dog Den Doghouse

Just like a pet crate, the Crown Pet Products' Dog Den Doghouse has a ton of features that make it stand out as a unique, easy-to-use doghouse. It will allow you to give your dog (or cat) their own little place to go and chill out and you sometimes don’t need to condition them to it. Sometimes, they learn by themselves to enjoy the doghouse and will become comfortable by themselves. Here are a few features of the dog doghouse that may interest you.

Stylish and Blends In

This thing I want to discuss is how stylish this doghouse looks. Unlike a pet crate, this doghouse will blend into the environment no matter where you stick it and it won't tend to stick out like a sore thumb. When you invest in a metal or wire crate, they will sometimes make the room look a little weird, as they’re quite noticeable objects. With the dog doghouse, however, you can have it next to existing furniture without the risk of it looking a little odd. The doghouse a several finishes you can get to match your furniture and can even be used as a side table because of its flat top. If you’re looking for a doghouse that is suitable for inside use, this is the one for you.


On first impressions, the doghouse looks like it cannot be accessed by a person as it only has one, small pet-access hole on the side. Although this may be the case, the doghouse actually has an open-top lid that allows you to have direct access into the house. This is perfect if you need to get your pet either for a walk or short trip. It is also handy if your pet has misbehaved and requires punishment before he escapes to his bed.

It can also be helpful if you have some accessories in the home, like a bed or some toys. Your pet may have a tendency to wander off into their home with their belongings, making them difficult to find. With the top lid, you can open it up and find them easily.

Cleanable Interior

Although the actual interior of the doghouse is carpet, it is very cleanable and management. As I have already stated, the doghouse can be accessed from the top of the house, making maintenance easier. The fact that the carpet is removable makes manual cleaning a breeze and the MDF flooring of the house is waterproof/absorption-proof. This means that if your pet has a little accident in the doghouse, you can clean it up without the risk of it soaking the wood.

Can be used in Various Locations

The doghouse may initially seem limited by the fact it only has the door on one side of the crate. However, when you are putting this together, it can actually be installed on the other side, allowing for more diversity when you need to place it. Some individuals might want to move the crate around the home as well and through a little rebuilding, the doghouse can be moved to another wall/location without a lot of hassle.

Getting a Doghouse over a Crate

Many of you may be asking why you should pick a doghouse over a pet crate. The simple answer that you shouldn’t but actually, getting both of them can be a huge advantage. This is because doghouses can provide pets with more of a den-like feel than crates can. Crates are a little more open and can sometimes be too open plan. If your pet prefers to be in a tight, cozy space, doghouses are the best for you. Here are a few other reasons why.

More Homely

As already stated, having a doghouse can introduce a more homely environment as it is going to be darker and more secure. Although some pets might like their crates and the open environment some pets enjoy their privacy and peace and quiet. This can be provided with an enclosed doghouse.

Place to Chill Out

Even if your pet has a crate they can still be pestered by children or adults. There is not that much security when it comes to crates, especially when you consider privacy. A doghouse allows the pet to get away from the noise and curl up in their little home without any disturbances.

Looks Better

In my opinion, an indoor doghouse looks better than a dog crate and can be used as a piece of furniture. They tend to blend in with the home more than a large pet crate does and can be combined to make a unique coffee table or end table.

Summing it up

Although pet crates are talked a lot on this blog, doghouses are also an important subject, especially considering there are indoor versions in our store. They are a unique way to give your pet some more privacy and can also be used as extra furniture. They allow your pet to relax and chill in a den-like environment, away from the noise of the humans outside. If you value your pet’s privacy and security, investing in a doghouse is also a great idea.

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