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The Zinger Airline Travel Kit: Why You Need One When You're Traveling

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Zinger airline approval kit

One of the main reasons individuals invest in a pet crate for its traveling benefits. Unfortunately, as many of you may know, when it comes to taking a dog or cat abroad or on a plane, companies can be very strict. This is because pets can be a nonsense onboard the plane and this can cause discomfort to the passengers. Of course, they could always just put the dog in the cargo but if they are not secure they could escape and hurt themselves in the process. This is why, when flying, you need to have a crate that is suitable for airline use. This, of course, requires a number of approved factors.

Airlines are very strict and you must have a number of accessories when you’re trying to fly with your pet. In most cases, having the crate is not enough and you will need other things, like live animal stickers and food/water bowls. You can get all these yourself but it is much easier if you keep it simple and get an approval kit when you buy the crate. These have everything you need to fly with your pet and remove a lot of hassle.

Brands like Zinger sell approval kits separate to their crates and they have everything you need if you want to have your crate approved for airline use. Every airline is different when it comes to approval but, in general, you should be approved with the accessories present in these kits. Today, we will be looking at the Zinger Airline Travel kits and why you need to invest in one if you have just purchased a Zinger dog crate. If you want to know more about this travel kit, continue to read the article.

Airline Approval and Zinger’s Airline Kit

When it comes to getting approved by the airline you will need to meet a number of requirements. To start with, the crate has to be solid enough to go in the cargo. This means that you cannot get airline approval if you have a soft-sided crate. For airline travel, you need to have plastic, metal or wooden. With Zinger, everything is metal, so this aspect will be fine.

You also need to make sure it is leak-proof and secured. The airline won’t want your dog’s mess leaking all over their floor. In terms of security, you need to make sure that the crate is locked shut. Zinger’s escape artist crate is fantastic when it comes to security. You also need to make sure that the dog can move around and has food and water bowls present for the journey. Spring-loaded handles and removable caster wheels are also required.

As you can see, it can be a pain to follow everything that the IATA requires when it comes to airline approved dog crates. Therefore, to save yourself the time of getting everything together you should purchase an airline kit along with your crate.

Has Everything You Need

With the Zinger Airline Kit, you can easily get all the necessary accessories in one purchase. The Zinger Airline Approval Kit is designed to make any Zinger crate airworthy and works with a number of Zinger’s most popular dog crates. The Zinger Airline Kit contains “Live Animal” labels, carrying handles, water and food bowls, ID Tag plus lock and deadbolt covers, which is great for added security. When you add all these features to your Zinger dog crate, it immediately becomes IATA compliant, allowing you to take your dog on the plane with you.

What Makes Zinger a Great Brand?

We have already spoken about Zinger quite a lot on these blogs because they are an excellent brand. They provide some of the best dog crates on the market and allow you to safely travel around the world, knowing that your dog is safe in the cargo. They have a number of amazing features which we will go over in the next few paragraphs.

Durable and Strong

The first thing you will notice with Zinger dog crates is they are incredibly strong and durable. This is because they are inherently made from tough aluminum. This means that you will have no problem when it comes to putting big dogs in the cage, even if they are a little aggressive. Airlines specifically like to use crates that are breakout-proof and when you use Zinger crates you immediately fulfill this requirement. They have superior locking systems and work great when it comes to keeping your dog inside the crate at all times.


Even though the crates are made from strong aluminum, they are actually surprisingly light. This is because aluminum is a very light metal that doesn’t require a lot of muscle to move around. This is useful when it comes to lifting the crate into the back of the car or transporting it to the airport. Some of their crates are collapsible, so if you don’t feel like having a permanent full-size crate, you can collapse it down and store/carry it a whole lot easier.  


Although these crates are large and bulky, they are still great when it comes to ventilation. There are air holes surrounding their crates which provides your dog with a sufficient amount of air during travel. Airline regulation requires that you ventilation anyway and Zinger provides this adequately.

Can Be Stacked and Combined

If you do not plan on using the Zinger crate for airline travel, you may want to use it to contain a number of dogs for storage and breeding purposes. Even then, Zinger is excellent as they allow their crates to be stacked and combined which is perfect for owners with a large number of dogs. If you are a breeder, having this kind of efficiency is important as it saves you time.


Having a Zinger airline kit is very important will make your Zinger crate airline approved immediately. This is very important if you plan on traveling with your dog across the country as you have to follow a number of rules and regulations laid out by the IATA. Zinger is a fantastic brand to use when it comes to flying as they are strong, reliable and can offer superior security than most other brands. If you’re looking for your next dog crate for travel, we suggest you look at Zinger.

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