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The Pet Crate Table: The Crate That Blends in

Pet Crate Wood

Pet Crate Table

Getting a pet crate is a fantastic idea and will provide you and your pet with a range of benefits. They are great for house training, for providing your pet with a safe place and help when it comes to traveling. One of the main issues with pet crates, however, is that they tend to not be the best looking items. They may have their benefits but they don’t always suit the home and can stick out like a saw thumb. This is why, when looking for a pet crate, you should always identify where the crate will be placed.

Although plastic, wired and metal crates might not look very nice in the living room or kitchen, there are a few companies and crate materials you can get that look stylish and will still provide you with similar benefits. The type of crates I am referring too are wooden crates and they are excellent when it comes to blending in and looking snazzy. They may be a little more expensive but if you are very particular about the style of your home, this material might be your best option.

In today’s post, I will be looking at the Pet Crate Table by Crown Pet Products and why it is one of the best options when it comes to wooden pet crates. It is stylish, suits the home and can be used as a coffee or bedside table. If you’re still interested to find out more about this innovative little pet crate, continue to read this article.

Features of the Pet Crate Table

Just like any standard pet crate, this one has a lot of features. Not only is it an effective pet crate though, as it can be used as a piece of furniture as well. This crate has been specifically designed to have many uses. Here are a few of its unique features.

Stylish Finish

Crown is well-known for their immaculate finished when it comes to their wooden pet crates. With this crate, there is no exception. The Pet Crate Table has been polished and sanded to give its unique and stylish image. The crate is made from a durable and solid hardwood with an MDF flooring which is easy to clean. Just like any standard coffee table, the crate has been stained and lacquered. When it comes to the pet crate table, there is no crate that is as stylish and practical.  

Blends in with the Environment

This has already been mentioned briefly in the beginning but will be elaborated in on here. The Pet Crate Table is not only practical and stylish but blends in with its surrounding environment. There is no disagreement when we say that pet crates are not the best looking items on the market. They tend to stick out like a sore thumb in an average room and are the first thing you notice when walking in. This is not great if you’re someone who enjoys keeping their home looking lavish. With the Pet Crate Table, this issues is removed as this can blend in with just about any standard wooden furniture. You can use this like a bedside table, a coffee table or even have it in the corner with a light shade on top. When it comes to decoration, this crate excels.

Chew Proof

One of the biggest problems when it comes to getting a wooden crate for puppies is chewing. There is no doubt about it: puppies will chew (or at least try and chew) through just about anything. This includes shoes, drywall, and wood. If you have a wooden pet crate and are using it with puppies, there is a chance they might chew through. Not with the Pet Crate Table though. This table is actually completely chew-proof. This is because the crate comes with a clear panel that is placed in front of the bars. This prevents the pup from getting their teeth around the bars, preventing an escape. The panel can, of course, be removed when the dog gets to a suitable age.


As you will be using this crate as a table, you may want to make sure that it can take a few spillages. With the Crate Table, the wood has been designed to be waterproof, preventing the absorption of any liquids. This is the same for the MDF flooring when the dog will sit. This is waterproof and prevents any “mess” from being absorbed into the flooring. This also makes it very easy when it comes to cleaning.

360 Degree View

Another complaint with wooden pet crates is that they can be quite closed off. If you want your dog to be comfortable in the crate you will want them to have a decent view. With the majority of wooden crates, they are pretty closed off but with the Pet Crate Table, your dog gets a 360-degree view. There are vents on all sides of the crate which provide your pet with a complete view of their surrounds. This is incredibly helpful if you are trying to crate train the dog for the first time and will prevent them from being anxious. The less anxious they are initially, the easier it will be to condition them.

Get Yours Today

The Pet Crate Table is one of the better options when it comes to wooden pet crates. Not only is it practical but it is also stylish enough to fit in with just about every household. This is perfect as pet crates are not seen as decorative pieces and they tend to look very obvious when you walk into a room. This is truer is the crate is made from an ugly metal.

With the Pet Crate Table by Crown, you can be guaranteed a decorative crate that can be easily disguised as a coffee table or cabinet. This crate also has a range of benefits and can still be used in a standard way. If you are looking for a crate that will fit in with your home and environment, we heavily suggest you head over to our store and invest in the Pet Crate Table today.

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