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Are Cat Trees Worth It? What You Should Know

Cat trees

Are you looking for new ways to keep your cat entertained?

Cats are fickle little beasts. One day, they love the toy that you spent thirty dollars on last week. The next, they couldn't care less about it, and they roam your home crying for attention because they're bored.

Every cat owner knows that there comes a time when you get tired of spending money on your fickle furry friend. Why bother if they're just going to tire of everything that you buy them? 

An exception to this problem is the cat tree. Cat trees are appealing to cats of all sizes, and you can almost guarantee that you're going to get your money's worth, no matter how picky your feline friend is. 

But is a cat tree worth it? Let's talk about it. Read on to learn more. 

What Is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a structure for cats to lounge and play upon. Sometimes, these trees resemble "literal" trees, but most of the time they're soft "buildings" made of fabric and wood. 

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some are only two to three feet tall, while others tower close to the ceiling. You can get a cat tree for large cats or a cat tree for kittens. 

Some cat trees have toys and ropes. Most have scratching posts. All of them are a great addition to an enriching environment for your feline friend. 

You can get cat trees at almost any store that you can buy other pet products. You will often have to assemble them on your own, but it's not difficult to do so. 

Are Cat Trees Expensive?

Many people look at the cost of a cat tree and get sticker shock. 

Small cat trees that have only a single hiding area or perch can be very affordable. That said, the nicer cat trees that have plenty of room for your kitties are going to be more expensive. Cat trees can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars.

You can find a cat tree that suits your budget and your cats. Keep in mind that most cats will enjoy almost all cat trees for sale, so don't overdo it if you're working with limited funds. 

Why Are Cat Trees Worth It? 

Yes, cat trees can be expensive, but they are worthwhile. There are plenty of benefits of having a cat tree, and any cat owner will tell you that their cat tree might be the most-used cat object in their home. 

Again, cats are fickle. It is possible that your cat won't love one particular cat tree. That said, here are a few reasons that most cats love cat trees.

Cats Like Having "Territory"

Cats are territorial. This means that they want to have and protect their own specific space. While your entire home is their territory, it makes them feel better if they have something that they know is all their own.

Cats seem to know that cat trees are theirs as soon as you're done assembling them. You may find that your cat approaches the "tree" right away and finds a place to perch. 

Cat trees make great territories because they allow the cat to see things from a new perspective. Cats enjoy being high up and hiding in holes. The average house isn't conducive to this until you add a cat tree. 

If you have multiple cats, make sure that you introduce them to the tree at the same time so they don't each think that the tree is theirs alone. 

Great Scratching and Playing Areas

Does your cat get the zoomies? When cats are ready to play, they run around and chase invisible creatures to get some of that energy out, even if there's no one around to play with. 

Some cats use this time to get destructive. It's not uncommon for cats to claw their way up the furniture or into curtains and Christmas trees. 

A cat tree provides a perfect place to scratch, climb, and play. Cats can run up and down cat trees with ease. They can also play hide and seek with each other.

Cats need enrichment to stay healthy and sharp. A cat tree is a great way to provide hands-free enrichment to a bored cat.

Good for Multiple Cats

As long as you introduce your cats to the cat tree at the same time, the cat tree is a perfect "toy" for multiple cats.

Get a cat tree with multiple perches so your cats can coexist. Sometimes bonded cats will even share perches. Cat trees provide a place for cats to bond without the need for multiple objects. They're space savers! 

Cat Tree Tips 

So a cat tree sounds great, right? Before you pick up your cat's new favorite gift, here are a few tips for maintaining your tree and getting your cats to love it, even if they're shy.

When you build your cat tree, it's helpful to use catnip spray to attract your feline friends. You can also place their favorite blankets or toys on the tree so they know that the tree belongs to them. 

Make sure that you attempt to keep your cat tree clean (especially if your cat has fur that contrasts with the color of the tree). Your cat will spend a lot of time with the cat tree, and that fur builds up!

Pick a cat tree that suits your home. Cat trees come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Having it blend into your decor will make you more willing to include it in your living space.

If possible, make sure that at least one perch faces a window. Cats love looking out of the window, so this will provide extra enrichment. Bonus: put a bird feeder outside of the window so your cat has something to watch. 

Cat Trees Are Totally Worth It

If you've been on the fence, it's time to get off of it. Cat trees make a perfect addition to any feline-friendly home. The best cat trees will provide enrichment, privacy, and a great bonding area for your cats!

Give your cat a gift by picking up a cat tree today.

Are you looking for the perfect cat tree, but you're not sure where to start? Check out some of our cat tree reviews to start your search today!

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