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Cat Playhouses: What Are the Best Ones to Purchase?

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Getting a pet crate for your cat is a very useful thing to do. They have a range of benefits for you and your cat and can be used in a range of situations. In fact, you will need a cat crate or carrier at some point because you’re going to need to take the cat to the vet. Unlike dogs, you can’t put them in the boot or on the seat as they’ll climb all over the place. So investing in a cat crate early is very important.

As well as cat crates, you need to think about things that will keep your cat stimulated and social. After all, a crate can be very solitary if they are kept in it all day every day. One of the best ways to let your cat have a social life and to learn skills in the process is through a playhouse. Cat playhouses are fantastic and provide a number of ways for your new (or existing) cat to learn valuable skills, both social and physical.

In this article today, we will be looking at playhouses for cats and will be discussing the best ones you can purchase on Pet Crates Direct. We have some of the best playhouses available and we urge you to take a look. We will also talk about the benefits of playhouses to stress their importance. If you’re eager to learn more, continue to read on.

The Best Playhouses on Pet Crates Direct

We have a range of playhouses on our store and they’re all great when it comes to providing your cats with a fun, social way to interact with one another. They can be fairly expensive but once you’ve read the benefits they provide below, you're understand why they’re a worthwhile investment.

The Grand Prix Outdoor Cat Penthouse

This is one of the best cat playhouses that we offer and has won awards for its superiority. This playhouse is massive and is perfect for either one cat or many. It is fully enclosed and allows your cats to run around for hours. It also has a risen platform which works perfectly for three cats, allowing them to establish authority a lot easier. The house is made from a rip-proof material and can be attached to other products, making it incredibly versatile.  

The Cat Carnival

This is an exclusive outdoor playhouse that is perfect for multi-cat households. This can be popped up and taken down quickly and all fit into a small bag for easy transport. This playhouse features a Ferris wheel and a carousel design that is attached through a convenient tunnel. Again, this can be used with cats that have established a hierarchy because there is elevated platforms. The playhouse features rip-proof material and is also waterproof, so you can leave it outside and not worry about the weather ruining it.

The Cat Home Playhouse

This playhouse is one of the more unique designs in our collection. This is because it is made from high-quality wood and is not very open. This is like a mini house and allows your cat to go in and explore the inside. It is completely closed off with the exception of a backdoor, allowing for easy maintenance and an easier way to find your cat. The material is completed weatherproof if you want to take it outside and it has little peek-a-boo spots for a bit of fun.

Why Should You Get a Playhouse?

Just like pet crates, playhouses also have a range of benefits and I feel these need to be discussed as well. Playhouses are a fantastic way to get your cat socializing with others and allow them to learn and grow in your garden. These skills can be transferred into the wild and will help them when they come across other cats that they may not be acquainted with. Here are a few benefits to cat playhouses.

Helps with Socializing

Cat playhouses are a fantastic way to get your cat socializing with other, fellow cats. This is great if you have other cats in the house and allows you to introduce them in a fun and active way. This is great if you have just bought a new cat into the house and have had them crated for a long period of time. If you feel it is time to take them out, introducing them to the others in the form of a playhouse is great.

This also is important if they are particularly timid. If you let them out of the crate and they don’t want anything to do with the present cats, getting them in the playhouse could be an ideal solution. In addition, being high up acts as a form of security and keeps the timid cat calm. If you have one in the home you can train the timid cat to start to enjoy the company of other people, including yourself.

Allows Your Cat to Experience the Environment

If you have a kitten or a new cat, it may be a bad idea to let them out in the open if they are not used it. With a cat playhouse, they can experience the horizontal and vertical aspects of the environment without actually being exposed to it and the risk that follows. This is why getting a playhouse for kittens is a fantastic idea. They can climb and get high up the playhouse, providing them with security, comfort, and fun.

Having a playhouse in their territory is a luxury many cats desperately need and can also help them achieve more territory within the home environment, which is beneficial if you have lots of cats. Having a lot of cats can create a hierarchy in the house and this can create some tense situations. Having a playhouse enables the higher-authority cats to get the higher perch whilst lower-ranking cats get lower perches. This allows the authority to be spread out and lets cats know who the boss is.

Playhouses Are Great Fun

If you want your cat(s) to have a bit of fun and learn some valuable social skills, a playhouse makes for a great investment. They are a little expensive but are incredibly beneficial, especially if you have multiple cats in your home. They allow them to establish territory and give a timid cat more security. Some of the playhouses mentioned are the best we offer and if you’re looking for a high-quality product, I suggest you take a look.

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