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Why Would You Need to Crate Your Cat?

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the importance of crating a cat

Crating a pet is very good thing to do and has a range of benefits. We tend to talk a lot about how beneficial they can be for dogs but we rarely talk about cats. We sell a range of pet crates on our store and we also sell specialty cat crates that work well with your feline friends. They also have similar benefits to dog crates but with a few extras twists. In fact, there are probably more reasons to buy a cat crate then there are for dogs, as cats tend to wander around in the wild and are not as contained as dogs.  

Originally, crating a cat might seem like a cruel thing to do as they are wild roamers and tend to enjoy going outside. In general, crating cats is not a big practice with adult males and females but is seen more with kittens. This is because kittens can be very clumsy and are well-known for causing mischief. Therefore, when it comes to cat crating, you’re more likely to do it to the babies.

To help you understand why crating your cat is important, we have put together this little article explaining the benefits. As we have said before, there is a range of benefits to crating a cat that you may have never realized. If you’re still interested in learning more about cat crating, continue to read this informative article.


The first reason to why crating your cat is important is due to transport. This may be a well-known reason because from time-to-time you’re going to need to take your cat to another place. This may be to the vet or to another home. Unlike dogs, you cannot put your cat in the back of the car or in the passenger seat as they are likely to jump out and escape whenever the chance comes about. Crating them makes sure they cannot get out.

In addition, when you are traveling, the last thing you want is a cat climbing around the car when you’re driving. It is not uncommon for pets to distract their owners during transport and some crashes have resulted because of this. Cats are more likely to move around the car and if they feel like climbing onto the dashboard, you could experience an accident. Crating them is the best way to keep them in one place, making sure they don’t block your view.

Toilet Training Kittens

Just like dogs, cats have a tendency to make a mess in the house if they are not properly trained. Through using a crate, a cat/kitten can be adequately trained to go outside. The process is a little different to dogs because cats can be trained to go in litter boxes as there isn’t always the opportunity to go outside (doors locked, its night time, etc.). Through having a crate, your kittens can be locked in and trained effectively, if you know what you’re doing.

The process with cats though is not the same as traditional toilet training. In some cases, it will be called litterbox training, as you’re training the cat to go in the box. The best way to do this is with a large crate that can fit toys, food, water and a litter box. You also need to cage the mother in as well, as the babies won’t go anywhere without her. The caged environment forces the mother to go in the litterbox which teaches the kittens in the process, reinforcing their behavior.  

Taming Feral Cats

Although this might not be for everyone, crating is a great thing to do if you have taken in a feral cat that doesn’t have a home. You often find this with cat lovers or older women who will offer shelter to just about any animal. The purpose of a crate when it comes to feral animals is normally because they have never experienced a domesticated environment. If they have lived in a home before but have been kicked out, crating might not always be needed to reintroduce them to a homely environment.

If they have been born on the street, however, you will need to crate them if you decide to take them in. In addition, if the mother has kittens they will need to be separated by a crate. This allows you to keep track of them and also stops the kittens from copying their mother’s scared and timid behavior. The kittens will be easier to condition to the home environment through this method. The mother will take longer to condition and get used to you will be a challenge but as long as you make constant contact with her through the crate, they can begin to accept their new home.

When there’s a New Cat in the House

There is no denying that not all cats like to get along. They are territorial animals and like to have their own little space. This is a challenge when you’re introducing a new cat into a house where other cats have already claimed their territory. Some cat will make friends easily and the others will be accepting. However, if they don’t accept the new cat, things can go sour quickly.

New cats should be crated and allowed to interact with other cats in a safer manner. The present cats can come up and sniff the new one through the bars, making them feel more comfortable. Through this process, the cats can become acquainted with each other at a steady pace which is not territorially violating.  When the time is right, you can release the new cat without any problems.

Crating a Cat is Important

Although we talk a lot about dogs on this blog, it is important to acknowledge cats as well. They too can be crated and it is an important task for a number of reasons. Crating a cat has similar benefits to that of crating a dog and it is important to consider buying one if you plan on getting a new cat for your home.

In addition, if you enjoy taking new cats into the home from the street, getting a crate is a great way to introduce them into the homely environment. Cat crates are useful and they won’t cost you an arm or leg if you’re on a budget. We have a lot of products in our store and we suggest you have a look.

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