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Are Pet Crate Wheels Necessary When Traveling?

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It can be agreed upon that when it comes to traveling with your pet, crates make the whole ordeal a whole lot easier. One of the main reasons individuals invest in a pet crate is because of their ability to transport pets from one place to the other. This is especially true when it comes to airplanes and airline regulations. Without a pet crate, you will not be able to fly with your pet which can be a pain, as sending them over via delivery is not preferable.

However, as many of you may have experienced, traveling with a pet crate is not easy if it is heavy or is carrying a larger dog. For all the owners who have a metal pet crate, you may have experienced the feeling of dragging it through an airport or trying to move it to the car. If it is collapsible it’s easy but many of you may have full-sized crates. Larger dogs also start to weigh down the crate and sometimes it might be a two-man job.

That is why you should be making your life easier with a pair of pet crate wheels. More often than not, brands will also sell wheels that can be attached to their crates to make transport a little easier. Some crates are light but carrying them for long periods of time can start to become a burden. In this article, we will be looking at pet crate wheels and whether or not they’re needed when traveling. If you’d like to know more about this topic, keep on reading.

When Will You Need Crate Wheels?

Although it might not be the first thing to come to mind when you get a pet crate, it might be an important idea to think whether you’re going to be traveling a lot. If you are, you will need to transport the crate a lot through airports, which can be a huge pain if you have a large dog or a heavy crate. The best way to overcome these problems is with pet crate wheels. Here are a few reasons why having pet crate wheel can be a useful investment.

When the Crate is heavy

One of the main reason you will need pet crate wheels is that the crate you have purchased is too heavy to transport. This especially true when it comes to metal crates as these tend to be heavier and require a little more strength to move around. If you go ahead and look at Zinger and the crates they provide, you will notice that they also offer detachable wheels if you need to move it around. Although many metal crates are made from aluminum they can become heavy when your dog is inside.  

If You Have a Large Dog

Even if you have a metal crate you may still be able to lift it. This might be truer for individuals with smaller dogs and, therefore, it might be better to get crate wheels for your crate if you have a larger breed of dog. Even if you have a very light crate, if you have a large dog (Great Dane, etc.) you will definitely need to have some way to move them whilst they’re in the crate. Crate wheels might be your best bet in this situation and they will stop you dropping your loving pet.

Airline Regulations and Crate Wheels

When it comes to getting your crate on a plane, you will need to make sure it is airline approved. If the crate fails any of the tests it will be rejected. You need to make sure you are following the regulations laid out by the IATA if you want to have zero hassle when flying with your pet.

As well as having water and food bowls, you will also need to make sure the crate you’re using has detachable crate wheels. This is because the team at the airport will need to take the wheels off before strapping it in the cargo. So, if you plan on using the crate for air travel, make sure that the wheels can actually come off.

Crate Brands That Sell Detachable Wheels

There are many brands that sell pet crate wheels but we only have a few in the store (and you will see why soon enough). Therefore, we will go over the ones that we can actually direct your attention too so you can make an educated purchase. The reason that we only sell two different types of crate wheels because one works universally for all pet crates, no matter which brand you decide to get. Here are two of the options you have.


Zinger is a well-known household pet crate brand that we have spoken about for a long time in these blogs. They produce some high-quality crates that are durable and strong. They are made from metal, however, so if you have a large crate you may want to get some wheels for it. Zinger produces and sells their own detachable pet crate wheels for their crates. They’re not very expensive and will save you the breath you’ll use carrying it through an airport.


This is the universal option I spoke off at the start of this section. Midwest is one of the few brands that make a universal pull along dolly for all crates. The Midwest trolley works for all pet crate brands and will save you a fortune if you have loads of different pet crates and don’t want to spend money on all the various types of wheels.

Wheels for Your Pet Crate

When it comes to getting a pet crate, you need to consider whether you’re going to be moving it around a lot. If you plan on taking it with you on journeys and it happens to be a particularly heavy crate, you will definitely need a pair of crate wheels. They are incredibly useful and make the whole carrying experience much easier. If you’re looking for a set of pet crate wheels, go ahead and check Zinger (if you have a Zinger crate) or Midwest’s universal crate.

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