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The Petmate Airline Travel Kit and Why You Need One

Petmate airline approval kit

When it comes to crating your pet, you are going to want to make sure the crate as a lot of features. You are investing heavily into it so you want to make sure you get the most from your money. When it comes to investing a pet crate, it is always important to identify whether or not the crate is air-worthy. Many crates are these days but it is still important to check. This is important because you have to fly somewhere for a long period of time, you might be able to take your pet along with you, which is always a bonus.

Of course, not all crates are immediately airline approved as they often need a few extras. These include accessories and equipment that the airline specifically requires to be in/on the crate. It can be a pain to get all these accessories together and sometimes it is easier to just buy them in bulk, saving you time and money. This, fortunately, can be done through the use of airline kits which many brands produce alongside their crates.

One such brand that does this is Petmate, who make fantastic pet crates for airline traveling. They not only make one of the most popular airline approved crates but their approval kit simplifies the whole process for you. This article will be looking at this airline kit and will identify how it helps you fly. Still interested? Well then, we urge you to read on.

Airline Regulations and Your Pet Crate

When it comes to getting your pet crate in the air, it is actually a lot more difficult than it may first seem. Airlines are going to make you jump through a number of hoops if you want a chance at getting your crate on the plane. If you want to get your pet crate airline approved, you’re going to have to follow a number of specific rules and regulations. These are designed to make sure your pet is safe and secure during the flight, as well as your fellow passages luggage.

The rules and regulations for pet crate travel are set and laid out by the IATA. They state that, for a pet crate to be allowed on a plane, it has to have a number of accessories and features. These can include extra locks, food and water bowls and live animal stickers. All these accessories are designed to make sure your pet’s transport runs smoothly. Of course, you’re going to need all these before you fly and running round to different stores looking for them can be a pain.

How Does Petmate’s Kit Help?

If you are an owner of a Petmate pet crate and are planning on traveling across the country or a new country altogether, you will need to have all the necessary accessories to pass the IATA’s inspections. Instead of messing around with all the different parts individually, you can quickly pick up all the required accessories in one swoop.

The Petmate airline kit comes with everything you need if you’re planning on getting your pet crate on the plane. The Petmate kit comes with live animal stickers, food and water bowls, an absorbent pad that goes on the base and a number of other extras to make the crate more secure. These include zip ties and metal nuts and bolts. With all these accessories, your Petmate pet crates can quickly become airline approved without the extra hassle. In addition, the kit is dead cheap and will only cost you $29.99. This is substantially cheaper than the zinger kit discussed previously.

The Best Petmate Crate for Air Travel

When it comes to Petmate, there is no doubt that they are one of the best pet crate brands available on the market. They tend to specialize in plastic crates and make one of the best airline approved crates on the market. They are an incredibly popular brand and are used/loved around the nation. As for their best airline approved crate, it has to go to the Petmate Sky Kennel. This is clearly one of the best options when it comes to taking your crate on a plane and it is approved by almost every major airline.

Features of the Sky Kennel

Just like all of Petmate’s pet crates, the Sky Kennel has a lot of features that make it very appealing to individuals who are looking for a crate to transport their pets via plane. The crate has everything you need for airline approved and will be allowed on almost every airline with the addition of an airline approval kit. Here are a few features of the Sky Kennel.

Lightweight and Durable

Unlike metal crates, the Sky Kennel is made from a durable but lightweight plastic that makes it very easy to transport to and from the airport. This is useful as you don’t want to be carrying a heavy crate around all day long, especially if you have a larger dog. The crate is also durable enough to take a few knocks on the journey and won’t leave your pet in a daze if the plane experiences turbulence.

No Tools Needed

Some pet crates require complicated instructions and knowledge to put together which can be a pain if you’re in a rush to the airport. With the Sky Kennel, you do not need any special knowledge, difficult instructions or tools to put the crate together. The crate can be put up quickly, allowing you to get to the airport in time for your flight.


When it comes to transporting your pet via airplane, you need to make sure that the crate you’re using is ventilated. This is also part of the IATA regulations when it comes to transporting a crate and you need to make sure the pet has plenty of air. The Sky Kennel has ventilation holes all over the crate that allow fresh air to flow through the crate during travel.

Get Yourself a Petmate Travel Kit

When it comes to traveling with your pet, you cannot go wrong with Petmate and their pet crates. They offer a wide range of airline approved crates that are excellent when it comes to getting it airline approved. However, if you want to make sure your crate passes the inspections you need to make sure you have a Petmate travel kit on you. This will guarantee you get accepted into any airline and will make the journey hassle-free. It only costs $29.99 here at Pet Crates Direct and is worth the money.

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