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Big Shimpy: The Comprehensive Guide

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 Big Shrimpy dog beds

Although pet crates are talked about a lot on this blog, sometimes it is important to recognize some of the other items we sell here at Pet Crates Direct. Pet crates do have their benefits but without any accessories, they aren’t that useful nor comfortable for your dog. This is why it is important to kit out your pet crate with things like blankets and toys, so your dog can feel right at home. One of the most important accessories is a dog bed and these can also be used outside the crate. Having a dog bed which is outside the crate is a useful way to allow your dog to socialize and relax at the same time.

There are a lot of different brands and makes when it comes to dog beds and choice becomes a huge issue. Dog beds are so widespread and can be found in just about any store, so finding a reliable brand can be difficult. One of these reliable brands is Big Shrimpy and we sell some of their beds in our store. They are an excellent brand that provides a lot of value as well as premium comfort.

Big Shrimpy has a lot to offer their customers and we’ll be discussing their brand in this article today. They sell a range of dog beds suitable for even the fussiest of dogs. If you’re still interested to learn more about this brand, we suggest you continue to read on.

What Beds do Big Shrimpy Offer?

As already mentioned, Big Shrimpy sell a range of beds that are suitable for just about any dog. On Pet Crates Direct, we sell some of their best. Here are a few of the beds on offer.

The Original Bed

This is the original dog bed that Big Shrimpy sells and it is one of their best by a long shot. This bed is built to last and is made from a range of strong, durable materials that are odor and liquid resistant. The materials are all machine washable so no matter what ends up on the bed, you’ll be able to wash it out. The bed is also recyclable and can be purchased in a range of sizes, making it great for any size dog. In addition, if this dog bed happens to break, there is a three-year warranty which has your back.

Bogo Pet Bed

This is one of Big Shrimpy’s most versatile beds and can be customized to effectively be a two in one. With this bed, your dog can choose between a cozy fleece and a comfy faux swede. This is because there are different materials on each side of the bed so when your dog is bored of one side, you can flip it over. This bed has their special SmartFill which makes for a super comfy material. This bed is also completely machine washable just like the others and comes with a two-year warranty so if anything were to happen, it would be quickly replaced. This bed also is available in various sizes and comes in 8 different colors.

The Nest Bed

This is the final luxury Big Shimpy bed on this list and it has to be one of the more comfy options. The nest is, again, built to last and is made from a great faux suede sleeping surface that will suit any dog. This bed also contains their signature SmartFill and is completely machine washable. This bed is also odor and liquid proof making it resistant to anything your dog can throw at it. In addition, if anything were to happen to your Nest Bed, there is a three-year warranty protecting you and your cash.

Importance of Having a Dog Bed

Having a dog bed is very important if you want to have a happy dog. Some beds are designed to go in pet crates to add to their den-like feel, but some are designed to stay outside, such as Big Shrimpy beds. There are a lot of benefits to having a bed outside of a pet crate and one of the main ones is sociability. Dogs can get very secluded when they’re in their pet crate and offering them a spot outside that is also comfy is a great compromise. Here are a few reasons why you should have a dog bed outside of the crate.


One of the main reasons that getting a dog bed is important is to give your dog a level of sociability. This has been briefly discussed above but will be elaborated on further. When your dog is in their pet crate they will be excluded from the rest of the family and might get a little lonely. Although they may feel comfortable in the crate, if it is another room, they can start to feel anxious that their owners are not there. A dog bed allows for them to be in the same room as you without getting a whole new crate.

For Warmth

This is going to be truer for owners who have hard, wooden floors. This is because those sort of floors can get very cold, especially during the winter. If your dog is curling up on those cold floors all year round they won’t feel very comfortable. With a dog bed, they can have the warmth of the material when they’re sleeping, which can help them doze off into a deep sleep easier.

Better on Their Joints and Bones

If you have an older dog, making them sleep on the floor might not go very well for their joints and bones. This is because there will be an excess of pressure which, after an extended period of time, will cause them to become damaged and brittle. If you give them a dog bed, you can give their joints some support, giving them strength that will prevent any physical issues later in their life.

Final Words

We talk about dog crates a lot on this blog but tend to ignore dog beds. We do sell them on our store as well as they are just as important. In fact, we suggest that you buy a dog bed alongside with your pet crate. That way, they will have the security of the pet crate but can come out and join the family when they feel like it. Big Shrimpy is a fantastic brand if you’re looking to get a high-quality dog bed. They’re more expensive than other brands but you get a bed that will last forever when you invest in Big Shrimpy.

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