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Choosing the Best Dog for Your Family

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Costs of Owning a Dog

Selecting a dog is a weighty decision. Your pet becomes a part of your family, and it is essential you choose the right breed in terms of size, personality, and temper that suits your lifestyle.

Here is a list of the most popular breeds:


Beagles have a happy, friendly, and intuitive nature, although they do shed regularly despite their short coat. To avoid a mess, you will need to regularly wash and brush your dog. In the past, beagles have been trained to hunt, so they rarely tire, making them ideal companions for active children and families.

Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers require lots of exercises, which makes them another marvelous choice for large, energetic families. These hardy animals look similar to Pitt Bulls and have a high pain tolerance, which makes them ideal for young children who are learning how to look after a pet. These dogs are dog and people-friendly.


Literally, nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” the tranquil, kind, and tolerant nature of the Newfoundland breed makes it another excellent choice for kids. They do require a yard and lots of brushing as the Newfoundland sheds quite a bit.

Bull Dog

As young children can be a little rough, the Bull Dog is a superb choice for families. They are not the most active, or rambunctious of breeds, which means they adapt well to any size of house or apartment. These dogs are friendly, reliable and dog-friendly.


Poodles are gentle and talented creatures. Their thick, shiny coat does not shed much fur, making them an ideal choice for a child with allergies. The poodle’s personality is calm, friendly, and gentle.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers, also known as Labs, are popular among other dog breeds. An attractive dog, with a thick coat, the Labrador retriever is smart, kind, playful, and protective. They are an excellent choice for all members of your family from very young children to the elderly.


Their busy and caring nature makes Boxers adept with young children. These mid-sized dogs have a shorter coat and are remarkably patient and easy to entertain. Boxers love to play, all kinds of sports. Their ability to learn is high, and they excel at challenging games.

Border Collies

Collies gentle, protective, nature makes them a superb choice as a family pet. They are kind, active, social animals that respond well to training, making them excellent with children. Their long, shiny, thick coat requires lots of brushing and bathing as they shed regularly.

Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is a small dog that gets along well with other dogs and people. Their gentle, affectionate nature makes them another perfect choice for small children. They have a kind nature, but require regular grooming and bathing.

Puppy Training for Kids

When most people think of dog training, they think of one “man” (or woman) patiently teaching their dog to perform the basic commands like sit, down, come, and stay. That is fine if the dog is going to be your companion. However, if your canine hound is a family pet, you need to have a different approach.

Puppy Training for Kids by Colleen Pelar is one of seven books she has written aimed at helping kids of all ages to develop a stronger relationship with their dog. When she is not writing books, Colleen works as a qualified dog trainer, and she is co-owner of one of the largest training facilities in Virginia. In addition, she is a mother to three sons, making her well qualified to write this book.

This book has been written to introduce kids to the joy of caring and training a puppy. It teaches them what supplies they need, the toys to buy, and how to potty train. They will also learn to recognize the puppy’s different behaviors and how to keep him and themselves out of danger.

In addition, there are chapters on how to start training a puppy, how much exercise a dog needs, and ways to socialize him with other dogs and humans. There is also practical advice for parents on how to guide their children in becoming responsible dog owners.

Getting your children to do some of the training and care duties is an excellent way of teaching them about responsibility. It also ensures the dog regards them as ranking higher in the pack order than him, making it more likely he will follow commands from every family member and not just you.

Puppy Training for Kids easy reading style makes it an ideal book for children to read for themselves. It is packed full of sound advice for kids to try out on their dog, making it an excellent children’s reference book.

The Truth about the Cost of Owning a Dog

The breakdown of costs in Bloomberg’s report is as follows:

Food: Two meals a day. Cost $1,600 a year.

Walks: Four times a day, two from the owner and two by a dog walker whilst the owner are at work. Cost $13,000 a year.

Vacations & Business trips: An average of two days a month in boarding whilst the owner is on vacation or away on a business trip. Cost $1,800 a year.

Grooming: Keeping your dog in peak condition costs $300 per year.

Health Care: Check-ups, illness, injuries, emergencies. Cost $100 a year.

Adding all this together, you get a massive $16,800 a year, at least $2,000 more than the cost of bringing up a child.

But, let us take a closer look at those figures:

Do you need that dog walker to walk your dog twice a day? How about asking other family members, friends, or a neighbor to walk the dog instead.

Why board your dog when you go on vacation? Most dog owners choose to vacation with their dog.

Finally, what about those priceless things that dog ownership can give you? Things like the love, affection, devotion, companionship, and security that owning a dog offers.

Working out the cost of owning a dog to determine if you can afford to adopt is an excellent idea. However, you do need to keep the costs realistic. However, just as important as costs are your lifestyle choices. If your dog is going to be left alone every day for 8 hours or more, then is this fair on your dog? And, if you are going to be traveling a lot on business, is dog ownership right for you at this time?

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