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Elite Field Pet products: Everything You Need to Know

Buyer's Guide EliteField Soft Dog Crates

EliteField Pet Products

Getting a dog crate is a great decision and they come with a wide array of benefits. Getting one for your dog (or cat) should be an easy decision and they are becoming more common around the world. They are perfect for puppy training and allow your pet to have a place of their own when they don’t want to be disturbed. One of the other reasons that they’re used is because they allow your dog to be taken abroad with you on the plane. Without a pet crate of some kind, your pet will not be allowed to fly.

Many individuals will opt-in for a big, clunky crate that will go in the cargo. However, there are a number of crates that can also go in the front cabin, allowing you to fly with your pet and be with them for the whole journey. These crates are known as soft-sided crates and they work best for smaller dogs. There are a lot of different soft-sided brands and decided between them can be difficult. However, if you’re looking for a quality brand, Elite Field becomes a tempting choice.

Elite Field is specialized in providing high-quality pet crates that work well when it comes to flights and smaller dogs. They have a wide choice when it comes to crates but we only sell one of their crates in our store. Nonetheless, it is important to mention them as they are a decent brand that will benefit you and your dog. This article will go through what Elite Field is all about and why you should invest in their crates.

What Does Elite Field Have to Offer?

Although we only sell soft-sided crates from Elite Field’s range, they have a load of other products that you should be made aware of. Although they do seem to focus on soft-sides products they do have a smaller range of wired pet crates that may be of use to you. Here are the products that Elite Field offers.

Soft-Sided Crates

One of the first products that we have to mention (for obvious reasons) is their soft-sided crates. We only sell one crate on our store that belongs to Elite Field but they also sell loads more on their store. They seem to specialize in soft-sided products and because this they are particularly high-quality. They can be easily popped up and are incredibly durable. They come in a range of colors and sizes but if you want to bring them in the cabin of a plane you will need to have a smaller dog.

Soft-sided Pet Carriers

If you are looking for air travel products, EliteField has 3 excellent solutions for your needs. One with a plush bed, another with an expandable internal space, and the third designed for ultimate portability. These pet carriers come with a removable fleece bed cover to ensure a comfortable ride for your pet and mesh netting for ultimate ventilation. The carrier also comes with a hard insertable board that supports and keeps its shape. It has two pockets for storage, has a leash attachment, and a a buckle belt for car travel. Easily carry this product with two carrying straps for convenient travel. This lightweight waterproof material is durable and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Soft-Sided Playpens

Elite Field also sells soft-sided playpens that are also high-quality and perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Playpens have a number of benefits similar to crates. They are, however, more suited to puppies who require exercise but also require consistent supervision. Just like their crates, these can be set up quickly and easily without any tools. The playpen also has a fitted top, so your pets cannot jump out.

Cat Trees

Although the vast majority of EliteField's products are designed for dogs, they do offer a number of popular cat trees. They come with a natural feeling beige Sisal and Faux fur covering. Assembly is easy and they come with a 2 year warranty and a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Wired Playpens

Similar to Midwest's wired playpens, EliteField also has a gold zinc solution. It comes with a number of anti-rust wire gauges, 8 panels, and free ground anchors. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a highly portable product that can be folded into a suitcase. This allows easy travel solutions for day trips to your friends house, or longer road trips that require a safe space for your pet. 

Wired Crates

Although we have stressed Elite Field as a company that primarily produces soft-sided pet crates, they also have a small range of wired crates and pens that will be of use. Although these products are also a great choice, we recommend you stick to other, larger brands like Midwest. Not because the single, double, and triple door EliteField wire dog crates are not of high quality, but rather Elitefield has always excelled with its softer crates.

What Are the Benefits of Soft-Sided Pet Crates?

Because Elite Field sells a lot of soft-sided equipment it seems just to explain the benefits of soft-sided crates, especially since we sell their popular 3-door soft-sided crate. As with any standard crate, there are a lot of different benefits to using soft-sided crates and there are even a few that you can’t get when using larger, bulkier crates (like metal, plastic, etc.).


One of the main benefits of using a soft-sided crate is that they are very portable. When you’re using a standard plastic or metal pet crate, you may need to buy a set of wheels or a trolley to transport them to and from the airport. Soft-sided crates, on the other hand, can be picked up and carried via their handles. This is useful if you have a smaller pet and want an easier way to pick them up and carry them with your luggage. However, if you have a large dog breed, you may struggle to pick up the crate, so take this into consideration before purchasing.

Can Be Used on Planes

Although most crates can be used on planes, soft-sided pet crates do not go in the cargo like plastic or metal ones. In fact, if your pet is small enough they can be used in the cabin and can sit with you during the flight. This will make them feel more comfortable during the travel and will also reassure you that they’re ok. However, your pet has to be a certain length to qualify for cabin use and you should always contact your airline before booking.

Great for Smaller Dogs

This one has been stressed already but soft-sided pet crates are more suited to smaller. Dog this is also not down to the fact that they will be easier to carry, however, as there is also another reason you shouldn’t have a larger dog in a soft-sided pet crate – security. If you have a soft-sided crate with a larger dog, there is a great chance of them getting out whenever they feel like it. Although soft-sided crates are tough, with the persistence of a dog, they can be easily ripped and ruined. With a smaller dog, there is a less likely chance of this happening.

Final Words

Elite Field is a great brand if you’re looking for a soft-sided pet crate. As well as crates, they also sell playpens and even wired pet crates, which will be useful for other purposes. There are a lot of benefits to having a soft-sided crate, with the main one being their portability. If you’re looking for your next soft-sided crate, we suggest you take a peek at Elite Field today.

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