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Taking your pet to the Vet

Taking Your Dog To The Vet

Taking your dog to the vet is, or can be, one of the scariest things for a dog owner.

In fact, it can be even more nerve-wracking for the owner than for the actual dog, although goodness knows, dogs hate going to the vet's office.

But there are some things you can do and some suggestions you can keep in mind to make taking your dog to the vet a more relaxing, and even rewarding, experience for both of you.

Tips And Tricks

Work with your Vet

The first thing to remember when taking your dog to the vet is that the vet is your friend and your dog's friend.

He's not the evil genius in the lab coat, cackling maniacally while he plots to implant all dogs with robot brains and takes over the world.

People who choose to be vets do so because they love animals; they hate it when an animal is suffering and they want to help make it better.

The vet is your ally, not your enemy, and the only one who can help your dog live a healthier, longer life. Don't you want that for your furry friend?

Ask Questions

The second thing to remember when taking your dog to the vet is not to be afraid to ask questions; lots of questions. And if you don't understand the answer to a question--ask more questions!

Never be afraid to look stupid or to ask a question that sounds stupid; the only stupid question is the one you never ask.

It's important if you want to keep your dog in the best possible health, that you understand his or her care properly, and that means asking questions; lots and lots of questions.

Make up a list of questions to ask your vet before you go, if you like--and then ask them!


Taking your dog to the vet doesn't have to be a scary experience. Be prepared; ask questions, and listen carefully.

A more rewarding vet experience for you translates into a more rewarding experience for your dog, as well.

What You Need To Know About Dog Ownership

Dogs make great companions and because of this, they have earned the right over the years to be called a man’s best friend. But having a dog is not just about having a good companion so before you go out and get yourself a dog you need to know some things about dog ownership.

Dog ownership comes with certain responsibilities. Don’t just think about the cool part of dog ownership, showing them off to friends, being able to point to a dog and say that is my dog, having a companion etc.

You must realize that dog ownership will demand certain things from you, to be a good dog owner you are going to invest your time, efforts and money.

What about finding the right dog? You must not just go for a dog because you saw someone with it.

You must learn what it takes to take care of the dog and know if you are up to the task.

The internet is a good resource to find the right dog for you, check out different breeds, what it takes to take care of them and go for the one that you feel is right for you.

But just looking at pictures on the net may not give you the right connection you need, you’ll have to actually go check the dogs out physically before making up your mind. You can go to a local animal center or rescue operation.

Dog Tips: Choosing The Right Dog

You’ll also need to find a vet for your dog, to have him tested before and after bringing him home and for regular checkups.

You might consider getting your dog neutered. Neutering has its benefits, avoiding unwanted pregnancies being one of them.

Another benefit is that it has been discovered that neutering could contribute to making a dog a better pet as a neutered dog usually is less dominant and has a lower tendency to roam and mark territory.

Dog ownership means you are responsible for the well being of your dog. That means the dog’s life is in your hands.

You must be able to take good care of it. Feeding and taking it for a walk; providing a suitable place for its bed; Training it to do your bidding.

All these are the things that come with dog ownership. Learn what it takes to do these things with ease and you will enjoy being a dog owner.

How To Manage Dog Shedding

When the season comes for dogs to ‘blow their coats,’ there is nothing that a dog owner can do but to vacuum his house several times a day. This is tiring, indeed. But you can manage dog shedding with some tried and tested tips below.

Poodles don’t shed much even during the hot season. A simple trim and brushing will do. However, short-haired dogs with ‘double coats’ need extras during regular bathing and grooming. A mitt, a bristle brush, and a horse’s soft brush can do the trick.

While conditioning your dog, use the mitt to work out on tangles and mats, rubbing the mitt in all directions. When you rinse your dog, you’ll see a lot of dog shedding going down the drain.

This is just the shedding on the outer coat. To go to the inner coat, the bristle brush will be of great help. Bristle brush removes loosened hair from the inner coat and helps remove excess hair to avoid further shedding.

As a finishing touch, dust your dog off with horse’s soft brush for last traces of dog shedding. During hot days, do this grooming trick every two weeks.

You can also vacuum your dog after bathing and blow drying him. Vacuuming is your easiest and fastest solution to hours of grooming a dog during his shedding months.

Some dogs are afraid of vacuums and may not allow you to vacuum his shedding. Pet him, stroke his fur and encourage him to be calm during his first vacuuming session. After a session or two, he’ll get used to the strange sound of the vacuum.

Dog shedding is normal. However, if your dog sheds more than his usual or smells differently, you may need to bring him to the vet. His shedding may be caused by a food that he ate or some underlying disease.

Final Thoughts

A trip to the vet can either be scary or just another trip out with your best friend. Taking into consideration some of these helpful tips and tricks should make your next trip to the vet's office a better experience.

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