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The Importance of Pet Grooming


Pet Grooming


Pet grooming is essential for the well being of your four-legged friend.

Dogs, cats, and even rabbits need pet grooming, no matter if it is about nail clippings, de-matting, and hair combing.

Flees and ticks could be a problem if you don’t wash and comb the hair.

Pet grooming makes your pet’s coat healthy and shiny, and these create the right premises for incredible skin health.


Many dog owners say that pet grooming makes an excellent opportunity to bond with the animal. You will enjoy a better relationship with the pet.

Don’t pull the animal’s hair or cause it any pain because it will remember, and come to resent the grooming part.

Pet grooming needs to be comfortable and pleasant for your pet. Pet grooming takes a lot of time for hairy breeds, which is why many dog owners take their pets to professional service providers to cover for such tasks.


On such occasions, hair cutting and nail clipping are also performed.

The ears and eyes also require great care because the cleaning part has to be safe and non-invasive for the animal.

Incorrect pet grooming has very serious consequences on dog behavior: the animal could become nervous, agitated, it could mew, bark, scratch and bite.

Such incidents occur not because you have a poorly trained pet, but because you’ve made some serious mistakes with pet grooming.

If you cut the skin when nail clipping, the animal will associate such a procedure with pain, and it will refuse to stand still the next time you get to this part of pet grooming.


There are very many products that you can use to make pet grooming easy and pleasant.

The health of the animal depends on the correct and regular performance of such tasks. Moreover, combing and hair cutting eliminate excessive fur particularly during the warm season when thick-haired animals suffer from the heat.

Take your pet to a professional if you have a more exotic breed with a special hair type.

Professional Groomers

Mention must be made that there are special pet grooming services conducted at the customer’s residence.

You can pay for such a visit from a skilled groomer if you don’t have the time to take the animal to the beauty parlor yourself.

Whether you are in charge of pet grooming yourself or you choose a professional service, just don’t neglect it!

Dealing with a Broken Toenail

When the dog’s nails make clicking sounds when it walks on the floor, it means that the toenails already need trimming.

Trimming the dog’s nails should be made a part of the grooming routine. Long toenail can hamper the normal stride of the dog.

Long toenails run the risk of getting snagged and broken thereby causing the dog pain and discomfort.

Nail clipping is a task that often takes a back seat as dogs commonly would not want to have their paws touched.

Trimming the nails of a fidgety pet can result in bleeding as it would be very easy to cut the quick especially for dark colored nails.

Small Cuts

A cut quick would bleed heavily because of the numbers of capillaries on the nail bed.

Pet owners may panic at the sight of the pet’s bleeding toes but this is not really a serious condition.

A dab of styptic powder will easily resolve the bleeding. If a styptic powder is not available, cornstarch or flour applied on the nail will stop the bleeding.

Broken Nail

Most dog owners would panic if the pet would come home one day trailing bloody footprints.

Because dogs are very energetic animals, dog owners have to get used to dealing with injuries that the pet sustains from accidents. The Broken toenail is a common injury of dogs.


A broken toenail that is still attached would bleed and cause the dog pain every time pressure is placed on the affected paw. A piece of the torn nail that remains attached would bleed every time it gets caught on the carpet or on the dog’s long fur.

In spite of the bleeding, a broken toenail is not a life-threatening condition. Bringing the pet to the vet’s may not even be necessary.

Dog owners that bring the pet to the vets would find that the pet is no longer bleeding upon arrival at the vets.

First Aid

First aid treatments though would still be needed to ease the discomfort of the pet and to prevent infection.

The broken toenail has to be removed. For a broken toenail that is still attached, a nail clipper has to be used. One that is barely hanging can be easily pulled.

After the nail is removed, the affected paw has to be thoroughly cleaned with warm water to remove any debris lodged between the toes.

If the torn nail bleeds again, use gauze to apply pressure to nail to control bleeding.

A vet’s attention would be necessary if the large portion of the nail was broken. A course of antibiotics will be necessary to ward off infection.

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