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How to Choose the Best Pet Crate Brand

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Best pet crate brands

When it comes to getting your dog the necessities when they’re living at home or traveling around, a dog crate is going to be the most expensive item on that list. They should always be included and are a fantastic way to give your dog their little private space where they can sleep, rest and travel.

The purpose of a dog crate varies and many different options can be purchased when you’re shopping around. This becomes an issue, as many new shoppers will be unable to make a decision as to which brand of crate to purchase.

When you’re choosing a dog crate brand, you need to consider a number of important factors. The way you will be using the dog crate will affect the brand you should choose, as most tend to have a specialty. For example, if you plan using the crate for hunting dogs, a brand like Owens would be fantastic. You really need to be able to pitch two brands against each other in order to see the clearer picture.

To assist you in your purchase of a new dog crate, we have put together a little guide to follow when it comes to selecting the best dog crate brands. With this guide, you will be able to make the appropriate considerations when looking at each crate, knowing whether it is the one you need for your purposes. If you interested in learning more, continue to read this article.

Select Your Material

One of the first considerations you need to make when it comes to choosing a branded crate is the material. The material of the crate will affect all of the activities you plan on using the crate for and if you choose wrong, you may be ruling out some useful features.

It is good to know the benefits and limitations of each crate material before you go ahead and make a purchase. Below are a few common materials you’d expect to see when you’re shopping around for crates.


Plastic dog crate brands like PetMate and Midwest offer some great benefits when it comes to the majority of pet crate tasks. They are lightweight enough to be carried around the house and down to the vet but are also strong enough to take a few knock in car journeys and air travel. And yes, you can normally get airline approved plastic dog crates easily because they’re well designed. They’re also easier to clean and spray down if your dog is a little muddy and they can be used with additional crates for training purposes. They’re one of the most popular pet crate materials purchased by new owners.

The only issues that are encountered with plastic crates are they can tend to smell a little. Although many top brands do offer odor-preventing materials that don’t absorb the smell, if you’ve had the crate for a very long time, getting rid of the smell can get increasingly difficult. In addition, unlike metal crates, they don’t tend to be as secure. A frantic dog who likes to chew could easily bite their way through if they’re persistent enough. You may also find corners being nibbled from time to time.


Metal is another popular choice when it comes to dog crate material and they’re plenty of high-quality brands that produce metal crates, including Zinger, Owens, and Impact. If you’re looking for extra strong, crash-tested dog crates, MIM have a fantastic collection. As for the benefits that metal dog crates provide, they essentially give the crate an upgrade when it comes to security and durability. Metal crates can still be used for common crating tasks but you’ll likely see them being used for training and multiple dog storage, like Vets.

They can be lightweight, airline approved (with the right equipment) and can feature reinforced doors to make sure your dog cannot escape. The main issues with metal brands are they tend to be more expensive. In addition, depending on the metal you select, metal crate brands will rust and become worn a lot quicker than a plastic crate. If you’re looking to use a crate outdoors, you shouldn’t look into metal brands.


This is a slight tangent from metal crates as wired are also made from metal. The difference here is that wired brands, like Precision, are great for standard home use, as well as for toilet training. Wired crates are incredibly lightweight and fit nicely into new homes. They don’t stand out like sore thumbs and are often reasonably priced. They are strong and durable but are not normally usable when it comes to airline travel. With the right design, however, you’re able to travel with wired crates via car.

Of course, as just mentioned, it is difficult for wired crates to get airline approved because they are too open. Also, for dogs who are very reactive to the environment, you may need to purchase a cover for your crate to stop them getting too excited. The last criticism is that hair and dirt can get trapped within the crate, making cleaning particularly difficult.


Wooden dog crate brands are more expensive and can be considered a little less practical. Wooden brands like the Amish Dynamic Accents or Crown Pet Products are fantastic if you’re looking for a pet crate that blends in with the home and the surroundings. Because they are wooden, they do not have a lot of uses and can be quite heavy to move around.

The wooden structure also makes them difficult when it comes to transport, especially airline travel. When you invest in a wooden dog crate, you’re looking at getting your dog their own private space and that’s about it. You can use wooden dog crates for training, but they’re bought for the craftsmanship and design. However, even though they’re fancier than your standard dog crate, they are still reasonably priced which is good to know.


When it comes to choosing a pet crate brand, it all boils down to the material and your purpose. People will buy a dog crate for different reasons other than just to have a place for the dog to sleep. You may like to go traveling with your pet or you may want to speed up the toilet training process.

Whatever you need a dog crate for, you need to select a brand based on the material. The most practical brands tend to be PetMate, Midwest, and Zinger. However, if you’re looking for something more decorative, wooden brands might be perfect too.

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