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K&H Pet Products: Who Are They and Why Should You Care?

K&H Pet Travel Travel Vehicle

K&H dog brand

Getting a pet crate is very important for both you and your pet. They will ensure that your pet has security and privacy when they’re at home. They also have a range of other benefits, including easy travel and transport. However, although pet crates are awesome and they are becoming more accepted as time goes on, new buyers don’t really know what to look for. They dabble around and waste their money on poor, low-quality brands. In addition, many new buyers are looking for a crate for one specific purpose, whether it be of airline flights or long car journeys. When you have a specific purpose for your crate it is important to know the best crates in that specific area.

If you are looking for a crate for car use, choosing one that is lightweight, easy to install and ventilated is very important and will benefit your pet in a number of ways when they’re traveling in the car. Getting a pet crate for the car is very important for a number of reasons (which will be discussed later in the article) and making sure you have one from a high-quality brand like K&H is very important.

K&H Manufacturing sells one of the best car-focused pet crates on the market and we sell one right here, at Pet Crates Direct. In this article, we will be looking at K&H and why they’re an excellent brand to invest in if you’re looking for a pet crate for car transport. As you will see later, they have a crate that will make life a whole lot easier.

What Does K&H Pet Products Sell?

So, let’s get the obvious facts out the way. K&H sell a range of pet products, from pet crates all the way to ponds and replacement parts. They are a very diverse brand that dabbled in a range of niches, including pet crates and transport. They have a department for dogs, cat, and even rodents. They have been in operation for years and have consistently provided high-quality products, especially their dog beds which can be electrically heated.

However, as this article would suggest, one of the best products they sell is a pet crate orientated around car travel. This crate will make sure that your pet is safe during transport, ensuring that they don’t climb all over the car and get seats messy and muddy. Their crates and carriers are unique and are designed for smaller breeds. However, there are options for larger dogs if that is required.

What Products Do They Have?

One of the best car crates is produced by K&H Manufacturing – the Travel Safety Car Carrier. This crate is amazing and will ensure your pet has a safe and pleasant car journey. This crate has a number of features that differentiate it from the competition.

It is a lightweight product that is easy to move and set up with no tools required. It has a 360-degree view, keeping your pet secure and happy, knowing that their family is there next to them. In addition, some pets like to see the moving scenery during the journey, so the crate helps in this respects also.

The crate also has multiple access points and is secured with the seat belt, adding to its security during the event of a crash. This is one of the best pet crates you can get for your pet that will keep them from wandering around the car and getting you in an accident.

The Benefits of a Dog Carrier for Your Car

You may be wondering at this point, why should I get a pet crate for the car? I normally let my dog sit in the passage seat and stick their head out the window? Well, although this might seem like the friendly way to travel, it is actually very dangerous and can cause a number of issues, including a car accident. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a pet crate for your dog/cat immediately.

Prevents Accidents

This one has been mentioned briefly above but should be talked about more, as it is one of the main problems associated with a free-roaming dog in the car. If you have your dog freely roaming around, they can easily distract you when driving. They will be unaware that they are putting you in danger and will presume that it is safe to climb on you or the dashboard. This is a big no-no. There have been a number of accidents resulting from rogue pet getting in the way of the window, so make sure you have them crated and safely secured in the back.

Prevents Anxiety

This might only apply to some dogs but it is still important to note. If you have a dog that is not comfortable with car journeys, they might benefit from being crated. This might, at first, seem like a cruel thing to do but it might help them with their fears and anxiety. Crates give dogs that den-like feel and help to reduce their anxieties. If your pet is constantly crying and whining when they’re in the car, try to offer them a safe and secure place with the Safety Car Carrier offered by K&H.

Stops Muddy Paw Prints

Again, this is circumstantial but having a pet crate in the car and help you when it comes to keeping your car clean. If you have an excitable dog that likes to run around like a maniac and role in the mud whenever they get the chance, it should be a priority to get a crate. With some crates, you will get a replacement tray that helps to collect dirt and moisture, preventing any from spilling onto the seats and staining. The Safety Car Carrier from K&H can help enormously with this issue.

Final Words

Getting a pet crate for the car is very important but with all the brands on offer, finding the perfect car carrier brand becomes a challenging. However, with the guide provided here, finding a brand that provides quality car carriers is easy.

K&H is a huge brand that produces a diverse range of products. However, there is no doubt that the Safety Car Carrier is one of the best ones they offer. With this crate, your pet will be safe and secure in the car during transport, helping a number of ways.

We sell the Safety Car Carrier here and we suggest you have a little peak, as it will provide you with a number helpful benefits.

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