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Mr Herzhers: Wicker Dog Crates?

Buyer's Guide Dog Crates Mr Herzhers Wicker

Mr Herzhers wicker pet crates

Getting a dog crate is a great idea but there are so many options available to you as a new buyer. Many new buyers might look at a range of crates and brands but, at the end of everything, they will still have no idea what they want. There are so many different materials as well, so even when you find a brand that you think you like, you will have to decide which material is going to be suited to your needs, as well as your dog’s. It is important to do the research beforehand to make sure you’re getting the right material for you as it can be difficult as a first-time buyer.

However, even though there are a lot of brands that all do the same metal, wood and plastic crates, have you ever thought or wicker? That’s right, even though plastic and wired are very common among all brands, there are a select few brands that offer wicker options that some owners will enjoy. They provide the same benefits as normal crates but have a more authentic, stylish feel. If you’re not a fan of the bulky, unnatural look of plastic or wired pet crates, you might benefits enormously from wicked dog crates.

One of the top brands that offer these crates includes Mr. Herzhers and we sell some of their best products in our store. This article will be going through them, as a brand, and will look at why you should want to invest in a wicker pet crates. If you’re interested in being different and finding out more, continue to read on.

What Makes Mr. Herzhers Different?

This has already been talked about but for the sake of the skim readers, we will mention it again. When you first think of a pet crate you immediately focus on the classic plastic or wired crate that many people will see and purchase. When people think of luxury crates or crates that blend in with the home, they normally look towards wooden pet crates. The last thing they think of is wicker crates.

Believe it not, they exist and Mr. Herzhers is one of the few brands that produce them exclusively. They have a high-quality range available for purchase and they provide all the standard benefits that you would normally get from a pet crate, including security, transportation and crate training. The main benefit they do provide though is the ability to blend into the home environment, as we will discuss later. Although they are made from wicker, they do have metal doors to stop chewers getting through, so you have nothing to worry about in that area.

The Benefits of a Wicker Dog Crate

As we have discussed above, although some people might think they’re at some sort of disadvantage when it comes to using a wicker pet crate, they aren’t. Wicker pet crates are almost identical to pet crates made from the standard materials. They make for a decent transition from the cliché plastic crates and will add a sense of style to the home. Here are some of the benefits of using a wicker pet crate from Mr. Herzhers.


The first thing that you will notice is that there are very light compared to other, standard crate materials, especially metal. Because they are made from wicker, they can be easily and quickly moved around with little effort. This is useful if you need to take the crate to a different location via car and need to pick it up. You will have no issue carrying this around the house either. As well as being lightweight, the crate is easily assembled with little to no tools required. So you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to set it up.

Blends in

The main benefit that we have mentioned frequently above is their ability to blend into the environment. Just like wooden crates, wicker crates can be used as a way to get your dog a crate without ruining the look of the room. There is no disagreement over the fact that pet crates are not pretty objects, especially if you have a huge metal one sat on your porch. Wicker offers the strength of a wired crate but with the style of a wired crates, giving you the best of both worlds.

Practical and Easy Clean

Although you may think that wicker crates are going to unpractical and hard to clean, they are fitted with a range of features to add to their efficiency. The crates made by Mr. Herzhers have replacement pans to help with dirt and mud and they also are made from a wicker that prevents the absorption of liquids. So if your dog were to have an accident in the crate, you won’t need to fret over the wicker becoming stained and smelly.

Products We Sell on Pet Crates Direct

We only choose the best pet crate products to sell in our store which is why we sell Mr. Herzhers wicker crates. We only have a few in our selection but they are some of the best they produce. We sell two, including their Residence Rhino Wicker crate and their Deluxe Rhino Wicker crate.

Residence Rhino Crate

The Residence Rhino Crate is the best wicker crate Mr. Herzhers offers if you’re looking for a crate that blends in well with the home décor. This crate is also practical as well as stylish, as it is designed to no absorb both liquids and orders. It has also been designed to be easily cleaned with hard panels on the sides. The door also swings both ways, so it doesn’t always stick out when it’s open. This is a great crate and we suggest you have a look.

Deluxe Rhino Crate

The Deluxe Rhino Crate is the ultimate wicker crate for someone who is looking for a luxury design combine both furniture grade wood and wicker. This crate will fit nicely into any home and will not stick out like a sore thumb. The crate has a unique 5-way door that opens from all sorts of ways, including outward, inward and can be removed altogether. The crate is a little heavy but will add a stylish and authentic look to any room.

Wicker Pet Crates and Mr. Herzhers

Although you may not have thought about it, wicker pet crates are a useful material to consider when you’re thinking about getting your first pet crate. However, it is worth noting that not everyone will necessarily want or need a wicker pet crate. If you need a crate for traveling, Mr. Herzhers might not be the best brand for you and it may be useful checking out Petmate’s crates. However, for an authentic and stylish look, we definitely recommend you look into the Mr. Herzhers brand and check out some of the products we offer here, at Pet Crates Direct.

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