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New Age Pet: The Complete Guide

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New Age Pet Dog Houses

When it comes to getting a home for your dog, you instantly think of either a dog crate or a dog house. Both have a number of benefits and it can be difficult to decide between the two of them. In addition to the general choice, there are is also the decision of which brand to go with. There are a range of brands to choose from and if you have no idea which one is of high-quality, you may end up getting a product that is not worth the money or time of day. That is why it is important to read guides online about brands and their attributes, so you can learn about each one to find out which one is the best for you.

In the light of dog houses, one brand stands out for sure and that is New Age Pets. They sell a number of high-quality dog products including dog houses. We sell a few of them here in our store. They are a high-quality brand that sells some useful and interesting dog houses. Dog houses provide a number of benefits to your dog when they’re outside and should be bought alongside a dog crate. However, with some other brands, dog crates may be able to be used both inside and outside (metal crates, etc.).

In this article, we will be going through New Age Pet and the products they sell. They are a respectable brand and are a great choice if you want to buy a dog house so your dog has somewhere to rest when they’re in the garden. If you want to find out more about this interesting brand, keep on reading.

What Does New Age Pet Produce?

So, this has already been said but New Age Pet produce a number of high-quality dog products. Although this article will be looking at their dog houses, they also sell a range of other products that are not just for dogs. They also sell a wooden pet crate for indoor use and a range of cat houses for the garden. They are similar to K&H in the sense that they are very diverse with their products. They even have categories not dedicated to animals at all, having some products that are focused purely on gardening. They also have a farm animal section but we doubt anyone reading this blog will need chicken coops.  

Some of the Products on Pet Crates Direct

Although they have a diverse product range, we only sell a few of their products in the store. These include their dog house range. To be completely honest, we only have two of their houses in our range but we have selected them as they are two of the best in their collection.

First, we have the EcoFLEX Bunkhouse which is made from 100% recycled plastic. It is completed rot, mold and weatherproof and is proven to be an excellent home for your dog. The Bunkhouse has the appearance of wood and this gives it a natural look in the garden.

Secondly, we have the EcoConcepts Rustic Lodge which is another great choice is the Bunkhouse is not for you. This house is also made from recycled plastic and comes with a 10-year warranty just in case anything happens to it. Again, it is 100% weatherproof and is not affected by rot and mold. This house is also maintenance free and can be quickly cleaned with a standard garden hose.

Why Should You Have a Dog House?

New age Pet has some excellent options when it comes to dog houses but, as some of you may be asking, what is the point of a dog house? Why should you bother investing your money? Well, having a dog house provides you with a number of benefits that you can’t get with a pet crate, primarily because pet crates are not designed to be used outside. Here are a few of the unique benefits to have a dog house.

Gives Your Dog a Place to Rest Outside

When it is a sunny day the last thing you will want is for your dog to be stuck indoors with all the heat. You will want them to go out and have fun in the garden. However, you don’t want to be moving your pet crate continuously back and forth with your dog. The best thing you can do is purchase a dog house. This will give your dog their own little space when they are tired and don’t want to play anymore. Believe it not but dogs like to rest to. The dog house lets them have their own space where they can chill when they’re resting and gives them some privacy away from all the action. Perfect if you have young children who like to pester the dog.

Shelters Them from Weather

The other main reason you need a dog house is to shelter them from the wind and rain. If you like to keep your dog outside during the night or need to punish them for being very naughty, you will want them to have a place they can sleep during the night that is warm and shelter. A dog house provides just that and this is why you need to get a crate that is suitable for all weather conditions. As you may have read with New Age Pet above, their crates are all waterproof and are not weak to mold or rot.

Summing it up

New Age Pet is a fantastic brand to invest in if you’re looking for a dog house. They produce and provide some top-notch dog houses that will be of great benefit to you and your dog. We sell two of their best houses in our store and we suggest you check them out. They are both made from recycled plastic and will give your dog the outside home they desperately need. Dog houses provide your dog with a number of benefits and some that cannot be achieved through a pet crate. Invest in a dog house now if you value your dog’s wellbeing both inside and out.

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