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Midwest Exercise Pens - Why You Should Have One

Exercise Pens Midwest

midwest exercise pens

Getting a pet crate is a fantastic decision for you and your dog. They provide a number of benefits and are now being commonly used around the country. Although they do have their unique features, sometimes owners may not want to go with a pet crate for a number of reasons. In addition, some dogs may actually reject crating as it makes them anxious and stressed. If you or your dog are not fond of pet crates, then you may have to opt in for an exercise pen instead.

Although they are less common, exercise pens are still a great thing to have. They allow you to achieve a lot of benefits that crates offer and also allow your dog to exercise in a confined, protected space, where you can supervise their every move. The main issue is that, just like pet crates, there are a ton of brands on the market that offer dog exercise pens and it can be difficult when you need to make a purchase decision.

In this article, we will be discussing one the bigger dog pen brands on the market – Midwest. We will look into what they offer with their exercise pens and whether or not you should have one. In general, Midwest is one of the better brands on the market and we highly recommend that you check them out. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in finding out more about Midwest, read on.

Why Choose Midwest Play Pens?

So, as you may already know, Midwest is a huge dog crate brand who also develop some quality exercise and playpens. These pens are made from lightweight wire and are great at containing your pet. They provide a number of benefits over other brands and are definitely a brand you should investigate when you’re shopping around.

Made From Strong Metal

Midwest’s exercise pens are made from a strong wire which is perfect if you have a larger dog. Some dogs are known for the escaping abilities and sometimes you need an extra strong pen to stop them from getting out. The exercise pens developed by Midwest are excellent at keeping the dog inside at all times, allowing you to wander off and sort out another important task in your day.

Ventilated and Open

One of the things that result in complaints about pet crates is their ventilation. This especially true when you have to leave your dog in a crate on a hot day as the crate can begin to heat up relatively quickly. With an exercise pen, however, your dog can stay out in it for as long as they want even on sunny days. They are completely open and because the pens are made from wire, they allow for better views and better airflow.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

When you are not using the exercise pen, Midwest has designed their pens so they can be folded and easily stored away. The wire design makes them lightweight and easy to move, just in case you want your pen to be outside one day and inside on another.

The Benefits of an Exercise Pen

Just like pet crates, playpens also have a number of useful benefits for you and your dog. Although they may lack in practicality to a pet crate, they can still be used just as effectively, which is good to know if your dog is not taking well to their new crate training. Below are a few benefits to using an exercise pen for your dog.  

They Are Great for Puppies

One of the first things you’ll find when using an Exercise pen is that they’re incredibly helpful when it comes to puppies. This is truer if you have lots of puppies and can’t afford to buy multiple crates to house them in. Having a playpen is a great way to keep them social and active without having to confine them to a small space. Many exercise pens will have additional toys and equipment included to keep your puppies happy and playful.

Essentially, exercise pens are a great way to allow your pups to have outside fun whilst under supervision. You don’t want to have your puppies running all over the garden as they can be difficult to track. Keeping them in a pen allows you to have one eye on them and the other on a different task.

Allow Your Dog to Exercise

Whether you have puppies or not, having an exercise pen does one thing well when it comes to your dog. Hint: it is in the name. Exercise pens are excellent when it comes to keeping your dog active and healthy. The fact they are closed off but still open allows your dog to run and move about while under constant supervision. In reality, you can even just leave your dog to roll and have fun without the need of constant supervision. You can place the dog in the pen and then periodically walk away and attend to another task. They essentially allow your dog to have a roam around without the fear of them wandering off into the bushes.

Can Be Used with a Dog Crate

One thing that many people don’t realize is that they can actually be used alongside a pet crate. You can attach the pet crate to the enclosure so that when your dog has had enough in the pen, they can move on back to their crate where they can sleep and have a nap. Many brands develop their pens so they can adapt to pet crates and it makes for an excellent combo if you happen to have both products.

An Alternative to Crating

As already mentioned above, you can use pens as an alternative to pet crates when your dog doesn’t train well. There is no secret that sometimes, dogs won’t want to have a pet crate. No matter how much you force them they will not see the crate as their home, which makes your life that bit more difficult. In these situations, you may have to invest in an exercise pen. Although they are not as practical as a pet crate, they do provide similar benefits. One thing to take into consideration though is that they’re difficult to toilet train with because they’re very open plan.


Midwest exercise pens are an excellent thing to purchase. They have a wide array of benefits and allow your dog to exercise whilst they’re out of their crate. Midwest is no doubt one of the best brands to invest in when you’re looking for an exercise pen. We have a selection of exercise pens on Pet Crates Direct and I suggest you go and have a look. They are great for both puppies and normal, adult dogs.

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