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When Should You Consider Getting an XXL Crate?

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Having a dog is one of the best things you can do, especially if you have a family. They offer comfort and can be a great way to get out of the house and go for a walk. As well as having the dog, crating them is also of great importance. Crating is sometimes seen as a nasty thing to do for your dog but, in reality, it can make them feel more secure and safe.

A crate acts like a den for your dog and provides a number of benefits. This is truer for puppies and toilet training, as a dog will never soil themselves in their own den. It is in their instinct. Therefore, getting them an adequate crate should be a priority, no matter which dog you have.

We are aware, however, that some of you may have gigantic dogs that look like miniature horses. These sorts of breeds are difficult to crate and many owners will avoid purchasing one as they fear it won’t fit. In reality, there are plenty of crates that will fit these types of dogs and they’re appropriately named XXL crates. Many brands produce them and they work crate for a number of large breeds. This article will go into XXL crates and who they are best for. So if you’re still interested, continue to read on.

Who is an XXL Crate Designed For?

The XXL dog crate is designed for the biggest breeds. These breeds are massive and involve some of the largest dogs in the world. I personally don’t own any of these breeds as they’re a little too big for me but many other owners enjoy and love their larger-sized dogs. Here, I will list out the breeds that XXL crates are best for so you have an idea of whether your large dog will be suitable for a crate.

  • Borzoi
  • Great Dane
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Leonberger
  • Mastiff
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Scottish Deerhound
  • Bernard

As you can see, some of these dogs are huge. Fortunately, even though many wouldn’t have believed it, there are many great brands that cater towards these sorts of dogs. When crating breeds like this, you do have to consider more factors, as you’re going to need a crate that is strong and durable. Dogs like these will easier rip through a soft-sided crate like paper. We suggest you continue to read to the end to see the material you should look for when buying an XXL crate.  

The Importance of Growing with Your Dog

On a bit of tangent, I did want to discuss the importance of XXL crates, puppies and growing with your pup. When you’re crating a puppy, you may forget that the larger breeds grow very quickly and to save money you should buy a crate that grows with your pup until they reach adulthood. There are plenty of crates that do this and you may have to do a bit of research to find the best one for you.

If you have a puppy that will end up growing into a huge dog like the ones above, you may need to plan ahead with your crating strategy. You will need to find an XXL crate that can be divided into smaller sections, allowing you to adequately toilet train the pup without necessarily having to buy multiple crates. We suggest going for wired crates like Midwest, as you will see when you read the next section. 

Many owners prefer to buy multiple crates throughout their puppies life. The XXL dog crates can be rather large even with a divider and a smaller sized crate will be more den-like for pets.  Both are acceptable to do and have their merits.

What’s the Best Material for XXL Crates?

When it comes to searching for an XXL dog crate, you need to consider a number of things. The dog you’re going to be buying this for is large and strong, so make sure that the material is strong and secure. Something like metal is perfect for these kinds of dogs. Moreover, wired-designs works even better, as they’re lightweight, flexible and ventilated. Below are a number of reasons why wired XXL dog crates are best for your larger breeds.

Collapses and is great for Storage

One of the first things that we’ll discuss about wired XXL crates is that they are incredibly easy to put up, take down and store. Admittedly, some of you may have your dog crate up 24/7 as a bed for your dog. However, some users like to use their dog crates interchangeably for home use and for short trips to the park or the vet's office. Whatever your use is, having a crate that can be folded up and stored away is a huge advantage and something you cannot find with plastic or metal crates (unless they are advertised as collapsible).

They Grow with Your Pup

This strongly relates to the point made above. If you have a puppy that is going to grow into an XXL breed, you will need a crate that grows with the pup. Wired crates are perfect for this as they can be sectioned off and expanded when you need them to. Many wired designs allow dividers to be fitted to the inside walls, which helps when it comes to toilet training because the dog won’t poo and pee where they sleep. As the dog grows up, expand the wired crate appropriately until the whole crate is being used. These breeds grow fast, so regularly check that the space is appropriate for your growing pup.


An XXL breed is going to be big and strong, so you’re going to need a strong crate to make sure they don’t escape and that can keep them safe. This is essential for long journeys and airline travel. The last thing you want is your XXL breed getting out mid-flight which can subject them to injury. Having a wired crate is essential if you want to make sure your dog is not going to burst through and run away. Wired crates are very strong and are more beneficial than plastic and soft-sided.

Provide a Good Quality to Price Ratio

The price of wired crates compared to their quality is very good. They tend to be a bit cheaper than full-metal crates while still providing excellent quality. We have a range of low-cost, high-quality crates in our store and we urge you to go and have a look.

Final Thoughts

Getting an XXL crate is essential if you have a larger breed. If you size your dog incorrectly or get a crate that is too small, they may break out or it will become impossible for you to crate train them. If you have a very large dog, we recommend that you don’t risk it with a cheaper, smaller crate. Check the sizing chart we have on the site and make sure your dog has an adequate crate to suit their needs.

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