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Navigator Airline Dog Crate – What Is It All About?

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Navigator dog crate and features

When you’re looking for a dog crate, you’re going to want it to have a range of features. Many individuals will get a dog crate for one purpose but trying to identify crates that are multifaceted in their features is very helpful. One feature that you might want to look for in your next dog crate is airline approval. This is important for when you’re going traveling and don’t want to leave your little friend behind. True, you can hire a dog sitter but in some cases, it might be cheaper to take the dog with you.

PetMate and Their Awesome Crates

When it comes to airline approved dog crates, your best bet is to go with PetMate. They’re a fantastic brand and one of our personal favorites here at Pet Crates Direct. They are made from high-quality plastic and have a range of airline approved crates that are loved all over the nation. As well as airline approval, PetMate’s crates offer a whole other range of features that make them unique when compared to the competition.

The Navigator

Among one of their award-winning crates is the Navigator. This crate is one of the originals in their production and is still one of the more popular models to this day. It is airline approved by the majority of airlines and also has some other practical features. The crate is available in sizes ranging from 19" up to 36". The Navigator will be the main focus of this article, so if you want to learn more about this useful crate, continue to read on.

Some of the Navigator’s Features

The Navigator has some unique features when you look into its design and general build. This crate is not only fantastic for airline use but can also be used in almost all circumstances. The crate can be used for car journeys, toilet training and also as a standard dog bed. Here are some of the main features that the Navigator offers to owners.

Can Be Airline Approved

This one has been discussed already and is made obvious by the name. However, for simplicity’s sake and for the skim readers, we will talk about it here as well.

The Navigator was one of the first crates produced by PetMate that was plastic, ventilated and also odor-resistant. In addition, the crate can also be used on the majority of airlines because of its secure build and additional security features. Although this crate is not as advanced as the Sky Kennel, it still is useful for almost all airlines as long as you have an airline travel kit.

The only thing we will mention is that you need to make sure your airline accepts small to x-small sized crates in their cargo. The crates are only designed for smaller breeds, so don’t go thinking you can fit your Great Dane in one of these a day before traveling.

Lightweight and Durable

The crate’s initial build is made from a tough plastic. This makes the crate not only durable but also incredibly light. This is useful for when you’re moving the crate around with the dog inside, as this will add additional weight. The benefit here is that you won’t need any extra wheels attached when taking it to the airport. Something that can be a pain with metal crates

Great Ventilation

This is one of the first crates in the PetMate series to offer superior ventilation. This is, of course, a benefit when it comes to flying as your dog will need plenty of air to keep them calm and cool. There are ventilation holes on the sides of the crate as well as the front and back. The ventilation holes run from the top-half of the crate to bottom-half of the crate and make sure that your pet has all their air they need.


One of the best features of the Navigator which makes it stand out from the other crates PetMate offers is the assembly process. Just like other PetMate crates, you do not need any tools for assembly. You just need the instructions and some time spare to put it all together. The crate features a slide and snap design. This means that all you really need to do is slide the top-half of the crate onto the bottom half of the crate. No nuts and bolts are required.

Also, because the Navigator has this unique slide and snap mechanism, you can use the bottom half of the crate as a dog bed. This is excellent because if the dog is properly crate trained, they will have the luxury of having more open space as well as a place of comfort and security.

Odour and Bacteria Preventing

One of the main features of this crate is the fact it prevents odors and smells. This is great because plastic is a well-known material when it comes to retaining bad smells after a certain period of time. If you have a smelly dog or have just been on a muddy walk, the crate will soon pick up and carry this smell with you. The Navigator has an odor-prevention technology, which stops the material from absorbing bad smells. Not only are smells prevented but bacteria is stopped in its tracks also.

Upgrading the Navigator

Although having the Navigator dog crate is enough to satisfy the needs of all dog owners, there is always room for improvement. There are a number of upgrades you can get for your Navigator dog crate, including mats and special airline kits.

  • Moisture Mat – This is a mat that can absorb up to 15x its weight in liquid. This would be perfect for long journeys and prevents your pet having to sit in their own waste for the longevity of the trip.
  • Add a Crate Mat – Comfort is just as much a necessity for dogs as it is for humans. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable for the journey, don’t you? In which case, invest in a crate mat.
  • Purchase an Airline Kit – Without one of these, you won’t get on the plane. PetMate’s own kit comes with all you need to make the Navigator airline approved.

Wrapping It Up

The navigator is one of the best crates produced by PetMate. It is the first crate to feature their odor-preventing technology which is fantastic for smelly dogs or dogs that like to roll in the mud during walks. The Navigator is easy to make airline approved when you purchase an airline kit and is specifically designed for smaller breeds. When you’re next looking for a dog crate that is usable for flying as well as in the home, look no further than the Navigator.

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