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Owens Dog Crates - What Do They Have to Offer?

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Owens dog crates

Getting a pet crate is a fantastic idea as they have a range of benefits for you and your dog. Many owners will buy pet crates to give their dog their own personal space, or they’ll buy one to help with toilet training. These are some of the more common reasons to purchase a pet crate. There are some owners, however, who may want to buy a pet crate for another reason. The reason I’m hinting at is hunting and for containing aggressive dogs.

This type of crating may only be used in the State because of hunting laws but you may also see crates being used in this manner around the UK. Getting a crate for your hunting dogs is actually very important and keeps them contained before you let them out. These dogs tend to be more aggressive than the standard house-trained dog, so keeping them crated is a standard activity.

There is a range of crates that are designed for hunting dogs and choosing the best one is difficult. However, the first brand that jumps out is Owen’s. They do a fantastic range of metal crates that are not only good for hunting but are also designed to be put on the back of trucks and SUVs, as these are the types of vehicles that are commonly used for hunting because of their off-road capabilities. If you’re curious to know more about Owen’s and what sort of crates they provide, continue to read this article.

Who Are These Crates Great For?

This should be obvious now but Owen’s crates are good for hunters and individuals who own trucks. They are specially built to hold any kind of dog but because of their rugged build, larger and more aggressive dog might be a better fit. They even have some crates that cater towards larger breed dogs anyway, so you can see the type of buyer their targeting here.


One of the first things you’ll realize when looking through our Owen’s collection is that they like to focus on trucks and SUVs. These crates are designed for larger vehicles and larger dogs, so they’re specialty built to cater towards these requirements. Although all their crates are made for SUVs and Trucks, in order to get the full width of your truck used, you may have to purchase a double compartment crate. These are designed to take up the entire space of a flatbed truck.

To stop any slipping of the crates during harsh weather, they are built with diamond tread aluminum, which also gives them an incredible strength.  


Hunting is one of the main purposes of an Owens pet crate as the company themselves sells hunting specific crates with extra compartments for gear. These crates can be bought in sets of three that will take up the entire back end of your truck.

They are made from tough aluminum and are designed for more aggressive dogs. They’re also surprising lightweight allowing you to take them down and pack them up off-season. Although they have stressed the use of hunting for these dog crates, they do also have smaller sizes that suit smaller, calmer breeds.

Features of Owen’s Dog Crates

As with any crate, Owen’s has a number of cool and useful features that make stand out in the metal crate range offered here at Pet Crates Direct. They are all made from aluminum and offer superior strength compared to the competition. These crates are fantastic when you consider them for hunting use and are popular around the US for their build.

Strong Build

Because the crates are made from aluminum, they are incredibly strong and can take quite a beating. You aren’t going to want to use any other crate style when you’re hunting, as you’re dog is likely to escape during transport.

Owen’s crates are made from a diamond trend metal that gives them grip and also makes them lot really unique. Although they are made from metal, they actually very lightweight and can even be folded and packed away. When you next need to put the crate back up, no tools are required and it can be done very quickly.

Lightweight and Available in Multiple Sizes

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the crates are very lightweight thanks to their aluminum build. They can be moved off and onto the trucks easily without a lot of help. They also have T-handles to help with transport and carrying.

Although they are advertised as hunting crates and are designed for big, aggressive dogs, they do come in a range of sizes. They do like to state in their descriptions of what breed each crate size is suited for. You need to make sure you get the right crate size because if you get one too big or too small, it is harder to crate train the dog. Although they don’t have small crates, they suggest medium will be suited for smaller breeds.

Easier Locking System

The security of a crate is very important, even more so if you’re hunting. The last thing you want is your dog escaping of the truck and into a field just as you’re setting off. Not only does the tough metal build to prevent the crate from being breached but the easy locking system makes sure you don’t perform a “fake” lock. This is because they’re slam shut locks, meaning that you don’t have to fiddle around during entrance and exit.

Easy Cleaning

One of the main things that are forgotten when buying a hunting dog crate is how dirty they’ll get when the hunt is over. If the day is not producing great weather, your dog could be soaked and muddy when they next enter the crate. Therefore, getting a crate that can be easily cleaned is essential. With Owen’s crates, they have a lined dog compartment, which makes your cleaning job a whole lot easier.

Invest in Owen’s Dog Crates

Getting the right crate for the right job is very important. If you happen to get the crate that is not quite right for the purpose you need it for, you could have made a bad investment. When it comes to hunting, the last thing you need is a flimsy, plastic crate that your dogs will escape from in a second.

To make sure you have the security you need, you should definitely invest in Owen’s. If you’re looking for your next hunting dog crate, have a browse of our Owen’s collection and you’ll be sure to find a crate that is perfect for your requirements.

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