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Pet Crate or Carrier? 3 Ways To Make Traveling With Your Pet Easier and Worry-Free

Pet Carrier

Are you a pet owner and lover who can't leave their pet behind?

Whether you're choosing between a pet carrier or a pet crate, traveling with your pet can be a hassle. If you want to make your pet's trip safer, more comfortable, and worry-free, you have come to the right place.

Did you know that being with your pet can help reduce your stress, anxiety, and depression levels? Regardless of your age, pets can provide companionship and help ease your loneliness. Bringing your pet everywhere with you can be such a handful; that is why you should invest in a pet carrier for your pet.

Whether it's a short trip to the mall to your next vacation, traveling with your pet can be a handful. Choosing the right pet carrier that best suits your pet requires a lot of research and trial and error. Read on for these three helpful ways that can make traveling with your pet easier and worry-free.

1. What Kind of Pet Do You Have?

Each animal requires a different environment, meaning they have different needs. Some pet carriers have features for specific animals. In choosing a pet carrier, choose one that provides the best comfort for your animal.


Some dog breeds can pack in a lot of weight as they grow into adulthood. This will make them harder to carry around in a crate when going to the mall. Choosing things such as a tote or pet carrier backpack might help your travels become easier.

Dogs also have an aversion to pet carriers made of wires. Wires can make shy dogs feel too exposed and make them too hot or cold. Wires can give higher chances of making dogs uncomfortable but can be a perfect fit for pet birds.

Wired pet carriers are also preferred by dogs with long or thick fur, as this gives them air circulation. Be wary of wired pet carriers, as intelligent pets can learn how to unlock them and escape. Hard-side dog carriers are harder for pets to escape from, as they have solid inner walls.


Cats love to scratch things; that is why choosing a mesh wall pet carrier might not be a good option. Despite this, it is essential to note that cats feel more comfortable in a soft carrier. Depending on your cat's preference, choosing the right carrier can be tricky.

Your cat should be able to stand, sit, lay down and turn in its pet carrier. A good rule of thumb is choosing a pet carrier that is one and a half times the size of your cat. Do not choose a carrier that is too big for your cat, as you will have a harder time balancing their weight.

What Is The Size of Your Pet?

A good pet travel carrier should accommodate your pet. Make sure to take size measurements of your pet and have space for some freedom of movement. A key tip is to choose bigger pet travel carriers the longer the trip is and have a decent-sized one for short trips.

The measurements to take into consideration are how your pet is like standing up or sitting down. You should also take measurements for when your pet is lying down. For longer travels, you should add space for their food bowl, blankets, and necessities.

If the pet carrier is too small, your pet could become uncomfortable and cause distress. Choosing one that accommodates their size and needs is a good way to make their trip comfortable. Most pet carriers can carry pets that weigh from 20 pounds to 25 pounds.

If you are buying a pet carrier for an animal that is still growing, check to what size your pet can grow into. For instance, some dog breeds are small as puppies but grow up to 5 times their size when they reach adulthood. Choosing a pet carrier for their size and weight in adulthood can save you money later.

2. Think About Your Pet's Needs

Take into account the personality of your pet. If you have an easygoing dog, they might not mind a folding dog carrier. If your pet is a bit rowdy, it is a better choice to opt for a hardcover pet carrier.

If your pet gets anxious around big crowds or strangers, it is best to choose one that offers privacy. A squirmy or anxious pet will prefer a softcover pet carrier with breathable walls. A softcover carrier with mesh walls is the most breathable and is the best carrier option for these pets.

A bag with mesh walls also allows your pet to see a good view of their surroundings; this helps reassure your pet. If your pet tends to be restless, you can choose a  pet carrier backpack that has a built-in leash. If your pet prefers to walk and can't stand closed-up spaces, a tote carrier will be easier to carry.

Considering your pet's personality and needs is also essential when choosing. Knowing these things will help you ensure your pet is as comfortable in your travels as possible.

3. What Is The Intended Use of the Carrier?

When planning a vacation with your pet, it is important to make sure they can actually travel with you. Buying an airline pet carrier helps ensure your pet gets on the plane with you. Otherwise, you might have a hard time finding a last-minute pet sitter.

Not all pet travel carriers are within airline guidelines. There are collections catered for airline-approved pet products such as pet carriers. These pet carriers follow general airline rules and regulations.

There is a wide variety of airline-approved pet carriers, so make sure to choose one that suits your pet best. Before traveling with your pet, it is still best to check your airline for their regulations.

Get a Pet Carrier for Your Pet Today

Pet carriers are essential in ensuring your pet stays with you no matter the place or how thick the crowd is. Now that you know these three helpful ways to make traveling with your pet easier, you are sure to have a stress-free trip.

When it comes to pet carriers, you should choose the option that makes them most comfortable. With Pet Crates Direct, you can get pet crates in all sizes for all types of animals like cats, dogs, and even birds! Contact us today.

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