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Owning a Dog: 9 Common Myths That Persist to This Day

Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is one of life's greatest joys. It's no wonder 53% of households in the US own at least one dog. This translates to almost 64.3 million American households with fuzzy buddies roaming around their homes.

While most people love and appreciate their canine friends, it's hard to miss the occasional naysayers. There are many dog myths going around that may discourage you from owning one. As a dog owner or soon-to-be dog owner, it's on you to separate the myths from the facts.

To help you out, we'll be highlighting some of the most common dog myths you shouldn't fall for.

1. Owning a Dog Is Too Much Work

We'll start our list off with the most ridiculous myth of them all. And that is the notion that owning a dog is too much work. Sure, they require some effort on your part, but it’s not enough to leave you exhausted.

Dogs need to be fed, watered, and taken out for walks regularly. They also need to be adequately trained to become well-behaved members of society. But is that too much work? 

Walking your dog is a great way to get some exercise, and training them can be a fun bonding experience. You're not going to be doing things for your dog that you don't want to, so this myth is bogus.

2. Dogs Are Too Expensive

While dogs can be expensive, they don't have to be. Many people get their dogs from shelters for a fraction of the cost. And even if you do decide to buy a purebred dog, it's not going to break the bank.

The average cost of owning a dog is around $500 and $1,000 per year. This includes food, toys, vet visits, and more. This could be a lot lower, depending on how you take care of your pets.

3. Dogs Are Dirty and Require a Lot of Maintenance

This myth is partially true. Dogs are dirtier than humans, but that doesn't mean they're completely covered in dirt and grime. You can easily keep your dog clean with minimal effort on your part.

You need to give them regular baths, brush their fur, and trim their nails when necessary. Plus, you can use dog shampoo and other cleaning products to make your dog smell like flowers.

4. Your Dog Eating Grass Means It’s Sick

You'll occasionally spot your dog munching on a blade of grass. While it may seem weird, it's perfectly normal for your dog to eat grass. However, this doesn't mean that your dog is sick or has an upset stomach.

The reason why dogs eat grass sometimes is that it's yummy. This is especially true during spring and summer when the grass is green and plush.

Don't be alarmed when your dog eats grass because it's normal. Plus, it's not like they eat the lawn clean. They only take a bite or two and are off to their mischievous deeds.

5. Good Dogs Don't Bite

This is a myth that needs to be debunked immediately. Just because a dog is well-behaved doesn't mean it won't bite. All dogs have the potential to bite, regardless of how "good" they are.

The only difference is that some dogs are more likely to bite than others. Dogs that are aggressive, anxious, or fearful are more likely to bite than those that are calm and relaxed.

If your dog is getting too aggressive, you might want to get them a proper leash so they don't attack unsuspecting strangers during walks.

6. Dogs Destroy Your Stuff Because They Hate You

It's not uncommon to come home to find that your dog has messed up all your stuff. Destructive behavior is normal with dogs, but it's not because they hate you.

Most dogs destroy stuff when their owners are away because they're bored. Without you to keep them company, they'll have to get physical and mental stimulation by wreaking havoc.

However, dogs with social anxiety may become destructive because they're in distress. This is harder to address, but reconditioning sessions from a pet therapist can help.

7. Butt-Scooting Shouldn't Worry You

Most dog owners laugh at their pets when they butt-scoot on the grass or carpets. While it looks funny, it's nothing to be overlooked. This could be a sign that your dog has parasites or issues with its anal glands.

If you notice your dog butt-scooting all the time, it's time to call the vet ASAP. They can get to the root cause and end the awkward but-scooting.

8. Timid Dogs Have a History of Abuse

This myth is one that's unfortunately perpetuated by the media. While it's true that some dogs with timid personalities were abused, this isn't always the case.

There are plenty of reasons why a dog might be shy or scared of people. It could be because they're not used to being around humans or are sick. Sometimes they're just tired and want their space.

9. You Should Always Be an Alpha to Your Dog

One of the worst pieces of dog ownership advice you can get is that your dog must see you as an "Alpha." In most cases, this means you must be harsh and aggressive with your dogs to keep them in check. This doesn't work and only makes your dog hate you.

Practice positive reinforcement and give praise when they do good, and you'll live in harmony. All the unnecessary yelling and scolding is detrimental to your dog's mental health.

Don't Fall for These Myths

If owning a dog is on your bucket list, remember not to fall for the above dog ownership myths.  Dogs are amazing creatures that bring joy to our lives, and we should cherish them as such. With the right knowledge, you can be a great dog owner!

Any good dog owner knows the importance of having the right supplies for their pets. Browse our collection and pick something up for your furry friend.

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