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Precision Dog Crates - What Do They Have to Offer?

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Precision dog crates

Crating training your dog is one of the best things you can do. Crating allows you to take advantage of your dog’s natural instincts of being in a den, allowing you to achieve all sorts of goals.

One of the main advantages of crating a dog is for toilet training, as you can teach them that the crate is their bed, which all dog will refuse to make a mess on. Crating can also make the dog feel calm and less anxious, especially on long journeys.

Although crating your dog is a fantastic idea, new owners don’t really know what they should be buying. There are so many options on the market and it can be difficult for a new buyer to get a decent crate. When it comes to crates, however, going for the well-known brands is a good decision.

Many of you will unfortunately not know what brands are good and what brands are not. However, if you want to know one of the best, Precision crates is one that you need to look into.

They provide excellent crate options and make some designs specifically with toilet training in mind. This guide will go over why Precision is a great brand and will list some of the best features.

Who Are Precision?

Precision is a company that deals and sells various pet training equipment. They have been around since 1985 and have been selling pet products for many years around the California area where they’re based. In 2016, they were acquired by Petmate and their product lines were folded in Petmate's large selection of quality products.

They not only specialize in dogs but also make designs for cats, rabbits, and chickens. Among all their pet products, their dog crates standout and it is one of the most featured products.

As well as crates, they also sell bedding, housebreaking and grooming equipment, making precision quite a diverse brand. Their main crate types include wired, but they also sell both plastic travel crates and wooden outdoor crates/dens.

They are a fantastic company that puts the pets and customers first, which is always nice to see. We sell a range of their products and advise you to look at our collection when you’re looking to buy.

What Crates Do They Offer?

Precision offers a lot of different options when it comes to their crates. When I say “options”, I am referring to sizes and materials. As with all crate manufactures,

Precision offers a variety of crate sizes that mean you can use them for any sized dog. If you have a Great Dane, no problem. Precision can still be used. As with their materials, they offer wired, plastic and soft.

Wired Crates

When it comes to standard home and toilet training use, the wired crates that Precision offer is fantastic. They are incredibly light because they are made of very little material.

Despite the fact they are light and unprotected, they are actually very strong products. If you want to take one with you in the car, this can definitely be accomplished without any breakage.

The reason the Precision wired crates are perfect for toilet training is that they can come with a divider. This might seem trivial but if you’re toilet training properly, you will be growing the crate along with the dog.

The Great Crate Editions Precision offers (see below) are excellent for this because they offer an opening from the top of the crate. Letting you place puppies down without having to entice them with treats.

Plastic Crates

Precision developed and sells a plastic dog crate series that is perfect for traveling. As you can imagine, the wired designs are great for home use but cannot be used for airline flights. This is where the plastic series comes into place. They are lightweight, strong and airline approved, when bought with airline approved accessories.

Unfortunately, the Precision plastic dog crate model did not maintain good customer reviews (see below) and as such Pet Crates Direct no longer offers them. Our most popular plastic dog crates are available here and are perfect for traveling.

Soft Crates

Soft dog crates are another design seen with Precision and are something you struggle to find elsewhere. Soft dog crates are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of situations.

The only situation they cannot be used in is air travel because they’re not strong enough to be placed in cargo. Where they do excel, however, is when you plan to use your crate for indoor, car travel and temporary outside use.  

Precision’s soft-sided crate can be popped up in seconds and easily squashed down, making them perfect for storage. They are waterproof and can be used for outside purposes, such as camping.

They also have pockets around the crates, letting you store essentials like dog bags and toys if you plan on going to the park. Precision only sells one soft Precision crate, but it will work perfectly if you don’t want to pay full price for a heavier material.


  • 22” and under - Extra Small

  • 24” - Small

  • 30” - Medium

  • 36” - Intermediate

  • 42” - Large

  • 48” - Extra Large

  • 54" - XXL (Giant)

Door Styles

As I have already mentioned, Precision makes for excellent training crates because of their various designs and easy access points. If you have puppies, you can use their top door crates, allowing you to place the little fellas down into the crates without letting them run all over the place.

They also feature three-door designs that open from the side, just in case you want to take the crate via car and have it placed horizontally.

  • Single Door Designs – These only open from one end and are featured in their basic and ProValu crate editions. They are only available in wired designs in our collection.
  • Double Door Designs – These open from the front and the side, making them great for car travel. We have a variety of crates with double door capabilities, including the ProValu 2-door and the Great Crate.
  • Triple Door Designs – These are the holy grail of crates and let you open from the front, side, and top. In our collection, the Great Crate Elite and the Soft Crate offer three-door capabilities.

Product Line

Precision dog crates have been built to serve all types of dogs and various purposes. Whether you are looking to contain your dog or you are looking for a crate for traveling purposes, you will find exactly what you need here at precision.

In this article, we will look at the various kinds of crates available in different styles and sizes. By the time we are done, you will have found something that is perfect for your dog.

Precision Dog Crate Sizes

In our collection, we have a variety of dog crates that are available in various sizes. We have outlined the best dog crates for each size. To find out dog crate sizes by breed, click here.

22 inches and under

This size works for dogs that are twenty-two inches long when measured from the tip of their noses to the tip of their tail. Dogs that use these crates should weigh between one pound and ten pounds and they include Chihuahuas and other miniature dogs. Such dogs need to be in small crates without extra space that can be used for relieving.

Precision Soft Dog Crate

For only one hundred and nine dollars, you can grab this precision dog crate that has been designed to hold your small dog in a comfortable environment. This crate comes with a wide array of benefits for you and your dog.

To start with, it is very light in nature due to the materials used in its construction and this makes it great for use for traveling purposes. It comes with a carrying case that can be used to store the crate when it is not in use.

You can use this crate in the outdoors as it comes with ground stakes. To make it durable when used in the outdoors, it has been designed to withstand environmental effects and it is also water resistant. It has rear pockets which you can use to store items that you will need in the course of the day.

To assemble this crate, you will not require any tools and the process is quite simple. This allows you to store the crate when you are not using it. Other amazing features of the crate include adequate ventilation, a wide variety of colors to choose from and durability. Grab one today and begin to bask in the amazing benefits that this crate has to offer.

24 inches

This size of a crate works best for dogs that are a little bigger than the extra small dogs. Your dog should weigh an average of between eleven pounds and twenty-five pounds for it to qualify for this crate. Dogs that can use this crate include Australian terriers.

Precision Provalu Dog Crates

If you are working on a budget and you wish to crate your dog in a comfortable manner, this crate will work well for you. At the time of publishing, this crate was priced at $49.99. At this price, you can easily take this crate home with you. And what’s more, its low price is not as a result of bad features. This crate has been designed using steel, thus you can be assured of its sturdiness under impact.

Supposing your dog is small at the moment and it will mature with time, this crate would be a very great buy as it comes with a dividing panel that will allow you to adjust the space used as your dog grows. It also comes with a training guide for you to use in housebreaking your dog.

Easy to store and move from place to place, this crate is also quite secure as it comes with a safety latch. Other features of this crate include but are not limited to ease of cleaning and long lasting service.

30 inches

For medium-sized dogs that weigh an average of between 26-40 pounds, this crate size will do the trick. Dogs that can comfortably use this crate size include Norwich terriers.

Great Crate Double Door

Did you know that you can buy convenience at an affordable price? At the time of publishing, this crate was listed at $69.99. If you did not think that it was possible, let us introduce you to the great crate double door by precision which comes with two doors.

This crate allows you to place it at an angle where you can use the side door as the main entrance as opposed to using the main door. This is especially useful where you lack adequate space to place the crate.

If you are using the crate in an open area, it allows your dog to have a choice on which side to use as the entrance. Made of steel, this crate is quite durable and is great for use in crating dogs that tend to chew on things.

Your dog will have access to ventilation on all sides as well as the doors as the crate is made of spaced out steel bars.

The crate will come to you fully set up such that to assemble it, you will not need to use tools and it will save you on time. Looking for crating convenience? I believe that you just found it.

36 inches

For intermediate-sized dogs that are neither medium in size nor large in size, this crate size works well. It has been designed to hold dogs that weigh between 41-70 pounds. Such dogs include but are not limited to whippets and American Eskimos.

Great Crate Elite Copper Hammertone 3 Door

Not only does this crate offer you the convenience of three doors but it also comes at the affordable price of $99.99 (at the time of publishing). With three doors, you can place the crate in whichever manner you find most comfortable to you.

The crate has a door at the top. This is great for use in placing your dog in the crate especially where you lack adequate space to let the doors open outwards. If you have a puppy that you are housetraining, a door at the top allows you to have access to the puppy without it having to leave the crate.

The crate has non-skid feet at its bottom which are made of rubber. This makes it great for use in the indoors without running the risk of getting your floor damaged. This also prevents your auto interior from getting ruined when you use the crate for traveling purposes.

A dividing panel is provided in the crate which allows you to adjust the amount of usable space. If you get this crate for your puppy, you can use it as it matures and in this way, you will have saved on costs.

The crate comes assembled and ready for use, doing away with the need for tools. The pan used in the crate is made of polypropylene which is easy to clean and as such, the crate will be a hygienic environment for your dog.

To provide safety to your dog, the crate has rounded corners to prevent your dog from getting poked by the sides. The latch locking system used is also very effective in preventing your dog from leaving the crate.

The crate has ventilation on all of its sides as well as on the roof which allows your dog adequate access to fresh air as well as visibility to what is happening around it. A carrying handle is included in the package for ease of carrying.

42 inches

Large dogs can use this crate size that has been designed to hold dogs that weigh between 71-90 pounds. Examples of dogs that can use this crate size are Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers.

Provalu Two Door Crates

At the time of publishing, the Provalu 2-door was $49.99, you can get this crate for your large dog. It comes with a wide array of benefits for you and your dog.

For one, they have convenience due to the many access points. Some of the crates in this collection have a door at the top which allows you to place your dog in the crate without using the side entrances.

The many doors save on space that would have been used if the front door had been used as the main entrance. The crate comes when fully assembled and is thus ready to set up.

To carry out the setting up and breaking down of the crate, you will not require any tools and it takes a few minutes to complete the processes. The ability to break down the crate makes it great for use if you lack adequate space to store it.

Though it is made of steel, this crate is not cumbersome to carry around and it is quite light in weight. A secure latch is used on the doors for safety purposes. This prevents your dog from letting itself out as only you can open the door from the outside.

To add on to the security of the crate, it has been made with closely spaced steel bars and your dog cannot chew or push its way out of the crate. The corners of the crate are also rounded as opposed to having them straight so as to prevent your dog from getting jabbed while in the crate.

The pan is made of plastic that is quite easy to clean which ensures that the crate stays clean and does not emit a foul smell. The crate is made of a black electro-coat finish which has the ability to resist the effects of corrosion, thus enabling it to serve your needs for very many years to come.

The ventilation inlets in this crate are available on all sides as well as on the roof to ensure that your dog stays cool during hot weather. Getting this crate is a great investment for you.

48 inches

This size holds dogs that are extra large in size and those that weigh an average of between 91-110 pounds. Examples of dogs that can use this crate size are German shepherds and Afghans.

For this size, you can buy the ProValu dog crates that not only offer durability but they also offer adequate ventilation, a dividing panel, ease of storage, hygiene and ease of transport for only $49.99 (at the date of publishing).

54 inches

If you are looking to crate a dog that weighs over one hundred and ten pounds such as a Great Dane, this crate size will do.

Precision BasiCrate

If you are having trouble containing your giant dog, worry no more as this crate is here to provide your crating needs. At $249.99 (at the time of publishing), buying this crate may seem like a costly venture at the moment. Do not let this deter you from buying this crate and we have outlined some of its best features to help guide you in the right direction.

This crate is quite easy to assemble as it has been designed to be assembled using a two pin construction. This does away with the need for tools during the assembly process and makes the process much faster and simpler. Given the size of the crate, this is a huge relief.

This crate is quite big and to ensure that it is stable and does not topple over when your dog is inside, it comes with security hooks for use in the front and in the rear. In this way, your dog is free to jump about in the crate and you can rest assured that it will not fall and get hurt.

The tall nature of the crate ensures that your dog has adequate headroom which allows it to stand at its full height without hitting the roof. There is sufficient room in the crate for turning and stretching too.

If you lack adequate space to store the crate when it is not in use, you can easily break it down and keep it away till the next time that you wish to make use of it.

A black epoxy coat has been used in the design to ensure that the crate gives years of service without fading and it also makes it quite easy to clean. The plastic pan used in the crate is deep to prevent spilling of messes to the outside of the crate and it is very easy to clean.

The door is quite secure through the use of a latch system that cannot be fumbled with from the inside. Ventilation is available on all sides of the crate as well as on the roof, allowing your dog to keep cool when it gets hot.

This crate is perfect for use in crating large dogs and it can hold dogs that weigh as much as two hundred pounds. Crating giant dogs just got a lot easier.

Precision Dog Crate Types

The type of dog crate that you eventually buy will be dependent on the temperament of your dog as well as the purpose of the crate.

Plastic Precision Dog Crates

These crates work well for dogs which have an average temperament and are not too destructive. If you wish to travel with your dog, choose a crate that is made of heavy duty plastic as this can withstand impacts. Plastic dog crates are quite light and are great for traveling purposes.

Soft-sided Precision Dog Crates

If you have a dog that loves to chew on things, these crates will not do well for you as they can easily be broken out of. These crates are great for use if you are crating a dog that has a mild temperament and is not a chewer.

Wire Precision Dog Crates

These crates are full of benefits. They are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are they durable but they also prevent harm from coming to your dog by withstanding impacts. They are also quite easy to assemble and to break down for storage purposes.

Precision Dog Crate Styles

Single Door Dog Crates: these work well where you have adequate space that allows you to have the front door as the main entrance. If you lack adequate space in your house, consider getting dog crates with more door options.

Double Door Dog Crates: with these crates, you can opt to use the side door as the main door and in this way you can place your crate in a manner that saves space. If you are planning to use your crate for traveling, you can place your crate in the car such that when your dog is dirty, it gets in through the back and when it is clean, it can get in through the inside of the car.

Triple Door Dog Crates: in addition to having two doors on the side, precision dog crates also have a three-door option. The third door is located at the top of the crate which is convenient for when you are dealing with puppies and you do not wish to have them leave the cage.

Also in store for you at precision, we have accessories which include but are not limited to replacement pans, crate covers for use both in the indoors and outdoors, baby duvet crate covers for use in the cold weather, bolt snaps, and metal floor grids.

Our Precision dog crates have been designed to offer convenience through the ease of assembly and storage as well as durability. Quality has never been so affordable!

Final Thoughts

Precision Dog Crates are some of the best in the business. They provide a lot of value in their products and have a wide variety, for multiple purposes. If you want a crate designed for toilet and puppy training, you can go with one of their wired crates with top-door functionality.

If you want a travel crate, use one of their plastic crates. They even have wooden dog dens that are used for permanent outdoor use. They are a fantastic brand, so when you go to buy your first crate, having Precision in your mind is a great idea.

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