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Precision Dog Crates - What Do They Have to Offer?

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Precision dog crates

Crating training your dog is one of the best things you can do. Crating allows you to take advantage of your dog’s natural instincts of being in a den, allowing you to achieve all sorts of goals. One of the main advantages of crating a dog is for toilet training, as you can teach them that the crate is their bed, which all dog will refuse to make a mess on. Crating can also make the dog feel calm and less anxious, especially on long journeys.

Although crating your dog is a fantastic idea, new owners don’t really know what they should be buying. There are so many options on the market and it can be difficult for a new buyer to get a decent crate. When it comes to crates, however, going for the well-known brands is a good decision.

Many of you will unfortunately not know what brands are good and what brands are not. However, if you want to know one of the best, Precision crates is one that you need to look into. They provide excellent crate options and make some designs specifically with toilet training in mind. This guide will go over why Precision is a great brand and will list some of the best features.

Who Are Precision?

Precision is a company that deals and sells various pet training equipment. They have been around since 1985 and have been selling pet products for many years around the California area where they’re based. They not only specialize with dogs but also make designs for cats, rabbits, and chickens. Among all their pet products, their dog crates standout and it is one of the most featured products.

As well as crates, they also sell bedding, housebreaking and grooming equipment, making precision quite a diverse brand. Their main crate types include wired, but they also sell both plastic travel crates and wooden outdoor crates/dens. They are a fantastic company that puts the pets and customers first, which is always nice to see. We sell a range of their products and advise you to look at our collection when you’re looking to buy.

What Crates Do They Offer?

Precision offers a lot of different options when it comes to their crates. When I say “options”, I am referring to sizes and materials. As with all crate manufactures, Precision offers a variety of crate sizes that mean you can use them for any sized dog. If you have a Great Dane, no problem. Precision can still be used. As with their materials, they offer wired, plastic and soft.

Wired Crates

When it comes to standard home and toilet training use, the wired crates that Precision offer are fantastic. They are incredibly light because they are made of very little material. Despite the fact they are light and unprotected, they are actually very strong products. If you want to take one with you in the car, this can definitely be accomplished without any breakage.

The reason the Precision wired crates are perfect for toilet training is because they can come with a divider. This might seem trivial but if you’re toilet training properly, you will be growing the crate along with the dog. The Great Crate Editions Precision offers are excellent for this because they offer an opening from the top of the crate. Letting you place puppies down without having to entice them with treats.

Plastic Crates

Precision developed and sells a plastic dog crate series that is perfect for traveling. As you can imagine, the wired designs are great for home use but cannot be used for airline flights. This is where the plastic series comes in to place. They are lightweight, strong and airline approved, when bought with airline approved accessories.

Unfortunately, the Precision plastic dog crate model did not maintain good customer reviews (see below) and as such Pet Crates Direct no longer offers them. Our most popular plastic dog crates are available here, and are perfect for traveling.

Soft Crates

Soft dog crates are another design seen with Precision and are something you struggle to find elsewhere. Soft dog crates are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. The only situation they cannot be used in is air travel because they’re not strong enough to be placed in cargo. Where they do excel, however, is when you plan to use your crate for indoor, car travel and temporary outside use.  

Precision’s soft-sided crate can be popped up in seconds and easily squashed down, making them perfect for storage. They are waterproof and can be used for outside purposes, such as camping. They also have pockets around the crates, letting you store essentials like dog bags and toys if you plan on going to the park. Precision only sells one soft Precision crate, but it will work perfectly if you don’t want to pay full price for a heavier material.


  • 22” and under

  • 24”

  • 30”

  • 36”

  • 42”

  • 48”

Door Styles

As I have already mentioned, Precision makes for excellent training crates because of their various designs and easy access points. If you have puppies, you can use their top door crates, allowing you to place the little fellas down into the crates without letting them run all over the place. They also feature three-door designs that open from the side, just in case you want to take the crate via car and have it placed horizontally.

  • Single Door Designs – These only open from one end and are featured in their basic and ProValu crate editions. They are only available in wired designs in our collection.
  • Double Door Designs – These open from the front and the side, making them great for car travel. We have a variety of crates with double door capabilities, including the ProValu 2-door and the Great Crate.
  • Triple Door Designs – These are the holy grail of crates and let you open from the front, side, and top. In our collection, the Great Crate Elite and the Soft Crate offer three-door capabilities.


Precision Dog Crates are some of the best in the business. They provide a lot of value in their products and have a wide variety for multiple purposes. If you want a crate designed for toilet and puppy training, you can go with one of their wired crates with top-door functionality.

If you want a travel crate, use one of their plastic crates. They even have wooden dog dens that are used for permanent outdoor use. They are a fantastic brand, so when you go to buy your first crate, having Precision in your mind is a great idea.

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