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The Travel Safety Carrier: Perfect for Smaller Dogs

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Travel Safety Carrier

Getting a pet crate is a fantastic idea, especially if you plan on traveling with your pet. They are a great way to keep you and your dog safe when you’re traveling both short distances and long distances. Depending on the dog crate and its features, you may even be able to travel with it on a plane. This is incredibly useful if you are moving across the country and don’t want to have your dog shipped without your supervision. However, not all pet crates are airline approved and they tend to be more expensive as they’re made from either plastic or metal.

However, when it comes to traveling via car, things not only get cheaper but also simpler. You don’t need to meet any regulations when it comes to car travel as you make the rules and can have your dog sitting however they please. Although this might seem like a good idea initially, you should actually have your dog crated when your driving for a number of reasons. The importance of dog crating and car journeys will be discussed later in the article.

This article will primarily focus on crating during car journeys using the Travel Safety Carrier by K&H. They are a great brand and this carrier will do a fantastic job when it comes to keeping your dog safe during car journeys without restricting their view. If you want to learn more about crating in cars and the Travel Safety Carrier, continue to read on.

Features of the Safety Carrier

Travel Safety CarrierJust like a dog crate, the Travel Safety Carrier has a lot of features that make it very appealing for car use. This carrier is one the better options when it comes to car travel as it can be placed in the backseat, allowing your dog to have a view whilst they’re inside. It also allows you to know where your dog is throughout the entire car journey. Here are a few features that will make you want to invest in a K&H Safety Carrier.

Lightweight and Collapsible

Unlike the clunky wired or plastic crates you might normally use for car transport, the Safety Carrier can be picked up and set up incredibly quickly because it is lightweight and easy to move. You will have no problem when it comes to lifting it into the car, as it can be folded flat for easy storage and transport. All you have to do is pull this out from under the seat whenever your dog is with you, pop it up and then you’re good to go. If you’re not a fan of lifting up heavy crates into the boot every car journey, this might be the perfect crate for you.

Gives Your Dog a View

When you are using a standard plastic crate for your dog during car travel, you are not only confining the dog in a dark space in the back but you’re also ruining the view for them during the journey. If you are not aware, dogs like to look out of the window when you’re driving. It peaks their curiosity and is also quite fun. If you are locking your dog in a cage in the back, they can’t enjoy the scenery.

With the Safety Carrier though, they can get a full 180-degree view of their surroundings as the carrier is made from a see-through mesh. Through using this carrier, your dog can safely join the family and still see the sights on the way.

Allows for Safer Travel

Of course, the main reason you are buying the Safety Carrier is for protection when you’re driving. Having a dog loose in the car can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Although you may see it in movies a lot, having the dog climb over the seats and get in the way can be dangerous, possibly leading to an accident. If you are using the pet carrier, you are not only making sure they are safe and secure but are also preventing yourself from crashing. In addition, this crate will make the dog more secure and will reduce their anxiety but only if your dog is crate trained.

Has Multiple Exits

The carrier has multiple exits to make things a lot easier when you need to let your dog out. This is useful because it doesn’t restrict the carrier to one side of the car. You can either have it on the left or the right. So when you pull over and stop, your dog can jump out without any fiddling or hassle.

travel safety carrier multiple openings

One Year Warranty

Along with all these features, this Safety Carrier also comes with a one year warranty. This is a great thing to hear because pet carriers are not cheap purchases and should be seen as more of an investment. The fact that this has a one year warranty allows you to see how it fairs and if it breaks you can get a replacement at no extra cost.

Why is it Important to Secure Your Dog during Car Travel?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of the Travel Safety Carrier you may now want to know why you should be crating your dog in the first place during car journeys. It seems logical to have a crate for a plane journey as the dog will be in the cargo. However, for a car, many people might not think it is necessary. Here are a few reasons why it’s important.


One of the main causes of crashes with pets in the car is because of distractions. If you are allowing your pet to climb all over the seats during travel you could experience a crash. This is truer when you have cats as they might climb on the dashboard and block your view. To prevent this from happening, invest in a carrier.

Less Anxiety

If you have conditioned your pet to the carrier effectively, they will now associate it as a pleasant place. If this is the case, they may feel more secure in the carrier when you’re traveling as opposed to being on the open seat. Some dogs experience anxiety when they’re traveling and this can be reduced using a carrier.

Get Yourself a Carrier Today

Having the Travel Safety Carrier by K&H is a fantastic way to protect you and your pet when you’re traveling in the car. This carrier is one of the more popular options when it comes to car travel and works well with all its associated features. If you’re looking for your next car crate/carrier, we suggest you go for the Safety Carrier. You’ll be able to find it right here, at Pet Crates Direct.

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