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Top 25 Organic Dog Food Products with Vital Information All Pet Parents Should Know

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Top 25 Organic Dog Foods

 If you are looking for organic dog food products for your dog, you may have noticed that it’s more complicated than you might think.  Something that should be so simple is actually quite dog-gone tricky and you can bet... that’s the plan. 

Manufacturers (and product marketers) are pro at knowing just the right wrong way to word things and the psychology behind it all.  Before you fall prey to these less-than-honest tactics, there are a few things you should know.  We will wrap it all up with our top 25 picks for the best organic dog food products on the market.

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What Does Organic Entail?

It’s an organic revolution!  Going organic is all the craze these days but before going any further, it’s important to know exactly what organic is...and isn’t. 

By definition, organic is more about the absence of things than it is the presence of ingredients.  Organic foods are not to contain or involve the use of chemicals (including fertilizers), GMO’s, growth stimulants, sewage sludge, pesticides, or antibiotics.  Organic foods are meant to be healthy and safe.  But are they?

The same regulations placed on human organic products are implemented for USDA Organic Labelorganic dog food products...and then some.  While both human and dog foods are overseen by the National Organic Program (or, NOP) which is under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), organic animal feed is also supervised by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). 

In order to be certified as organic, the product must be a minimum of 95% organic.  Generally, if a dog food passes the NOP certification, it is automatically accepted by the AAFCO as well.  Such products for human and animals alike will bear an official organic seal.

Dog Food Dangers

Dog Food Dangers

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Dog

It’s frustrating and scary to know that not all makers of dog food and pup treats have our pet’s best interest at heart even if the bag, can, or package even if it has a picture on it of the cutest, healthiest puppy ever. 

The problem is called...greed!  And the result of feeding it to your beloved fur-baby could be fatal. Here are some issues that are quite common in the dog food industry: 

Artificial Preservatives

Preservatives are necessary in order to keep most food, like dog food, from going bad.  There are artificial and natural varieties though.  Vitamins E (also known as tocopherol) and C (ascorbate) are examples of natural preservatives. 

Not all artificial preservatives are dangerous.  But...some are and all dog parents need to be aware of them.  Artificial preservatives are used most often and you can probably guess why.  Synthetic ones are cheaper.

Ethoxyquin was observed to have negative reactions in animals two decades ago.  It comes as no surprise since it is also an ingredient in pesticides.  Despite the finding, it continues to be used. 

The reason given by some dog food companies is that there hasn’t been a viable alternative discovered yet.  It was actually invented for the rubber industry to prevent cracking.

Ethoxyquin can cause kidney and liver disease and can lead to death as well.  Decreased urination functions, diminishing physical activeness, brown urine, and gums that are pale in color are signs and symptoms that ethoxyquin may be causing damage. 

Other preservatives can be harmful too.  BHA, BHT are known to be carcinogenic.  Propylene glycol is also known as anti-freeze and is used as a fat and oil preservative in dog foods. 

Ironically, canines are attracted to the scent and love the taste of the poison.

Artificial Colors

You know the cute little kibbles in dog foods that are shaped and colored to resemble healthy foods, like corn and carrots?  Those could kill your dog.  While the intent is for those things to look natural, we all know they are not.  If it doesn’t look natural, you can bet it isn’t. 

The problem with artificial colors in dog foods and dog treats is that they are proven to be toxic.  Even at a low concentration of just 2%, bright red food dye (Ponceau SX) caused three out of five dogs to die in one clinical study alone. 

Those brilliant blue treat bones are pretty but the ugly truth is that it stunts dogs’ growth and is believed to diminish dogs’ ability to fight virus infections.  Other dyes affect the liver and kidneys and some cause cancer. 

Fat Rendering

The wording is everything where marketing is concerned and the dog food industry is fully aware of how they can turn something negative into a positive money making scheme.  While it would be unheard of to brag about adding rendered fat into human food, the opposite is true where dog food is concerned.

Claims that rendered fat is beneficial to dogs is a lie sold by many dog food manufacturers.  The fat actually consists of animal tissue waste, for starters and the “rendering” method is less than healthy as is the end product.  Natural fats, on the other hand, are good for your dog.  But...there’s a big difference.

Rendered fats in dog foods come from discarded animal fats.  They are heated into lard and mixed with the dog food, especially dry dog food because it adds moisture. 

Some dry foods are heavily laden with rendered fats and can cause gastrointestinal problems for your dog, appetite loss, thinning of his coat, loss of his coat, and ulcers. 


In the arena of dog food, if an animal part isn’t a muscle tissue, it’s a by-product. By-products can be organs, such as liver, or hooves, hair, and teeth.  There’s a wide stretch there which can even include tumors and diseased tissues.  And yes, the FDA is fully aware that diseased are used in the making of many dog foods and they allow it.

Diseases Commonly Caused by Dog Food

While the manufacturers of tainted dog food skirt around the issues, there is no doubt that the following medical issues can be caused by the faulty food:


Dog foods that are high in fat can easily lead to obesity in our furry friends.  Obesity gives way to other medical conditions such as pancreatitis and diabetes.  It can also lead to heart problems. 

Adding rendered fat (commonly known as lard) to dog food is one thing but claiming it is beneficial is quite another.


Dogs living on the street aren’t the only ones who suffer from malnutrition.  Even if your dog is eating good, regular meals but the food is not healthy, he could be suffering from malnutrition. 

Many processed dog foods lack adequate protein and essential fatty acids too.  The deficiencies of such a poor diet can result in medical ailments and even death.


Diabetes Mellitus can be triggered and worsened by a doggie diet that is high on the glycemic index.  One of the worst culprits of the scale is process carbohydrates which can wreak havoc on blood sugar. 

Kibbles loaded with carbs can be fatal to dogs while grains that are natural and wholesome can be tolerated if, and only if, they are part of a well-balanced diet.


Canned commercial dog foods have a history of being recalled due to bacterial contamination.  The most common bacteria are salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli, and Clostridium.  Contamination can cause serious illness and even death.  Once a food is recalled, it can be too late, at least for some dogs.

Urinary Stones or Crystals

When food is unusually high in protein, the wrong kind of protein especially, urinary stones and crystals can develop in dogs who are predisposed to be candidates for such an ailment.  Many commercial dog foods heap in proteins but they are not the kinds that are healthy for your pet.

Suppression of the Immune System

Many commercial dog food kibbles are contaminated with immunosuppressive mycotoxins which simply means your dog’s kibbles contain things that may compromise his immune system.  This usually occurs during the manufacturing process.  When your dog’s immune system is not working correctly, it can have fatal results.

Imbalance of Nutrition

When a dog food is not properly balanced and that is most or all of what your dog is eating, there’s a problem.  The result can be stunted growth, a wide range of ailments, heart disease, blindness and so much more. 

It is imperative to give your furry loved one a dog food that is well-balanced according to his age and other requirements.  Your veterinarian can help you find out exactly what your dog’s needs are so you can be sure to meet them rather than blindly trusting a dog food to supply it.

Metabolic Disorders and Diseases

When dog food doesn’t have enough calcium or various other nutrients in it and that is the main source of your dog’s diet, it can lead to metabolic disease.  Hyperparathyroidism is one such condition that is common to dogs that suffer from this.  Bone disease is another.

Allergic Reactions

Dog foods can cause allergic reactions in dogs.  The most prominent kinds are skin related.  One way they can do this is my having mites that get into the dry food while it is being stored. 

Another thing that happens is dogs are allergic to the ingredients and end up having allergic symptoms such as itching, a shallowness of breath, and even death.  It is generally the meat or protein in the mix or the additives, grain, or fillers that causes the sensitivity. 

Vitamin D and Calcium Build Up

Too much of a good thing can be bad.  It can even be deadly.  Such is the case with excessive amounts of vitamin D and calcium in your dog’s system.  Developmental bone diseases like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia can occur and bone deformities can take place as well.

If you are thinking that you can’t afford to feed your dog organic food, consider the cost of medical conditions like the ones above.  The emotional price for having a helpless, ill dog is even greater.

The truth is, we have all too little time to spend with our furry loves in the first place.  Even dogs that have the longest life expectancies are far too short.  Why risk your dog’s days with something that is preventable?

Learning the Lingo and Cracking the Code
Cracking the Dog Food Code

It’s clear that there are serious issues within the dog food industry.  Awareness is only half the battle though.  It’s time to get to the solutions.

There are some things that dog food companies don’t want consumers to know.  Those are the very things we, as pet parents, need to know.  We deserve to know them.

Here is a list of some tricky wordings and downright dirty tactics used on many commercial dog foods and what they really mean:

First Ingredient

You are thrilled that the dog food you were looking at has beef listed as the very first ingredient.  In fact, you are suddenly feeling like a very responsible pet parent and man, what a great price you’re getting. 

Before you get too excited though, check the rest of the ingredients. reads like this:  beef 40%, corn 25%, peas 25%, carrots 10%. seems as if corn, peas, and carrots are all vegetables. 

Why doesn’t it just say: vegetables 60%?  The answer is simple.  If it did, then the beef would not be the main ingredient.’s not- vegetables are the main ingredient.  Do you see where this can be deceiving? 


Another thing to know is that the products are weighted out and measured prior to cooking.  Meat will come out weighing less and rice will end up weighing more.  So a mixture that was 50-50, beef and rice is actually more like 40% beef and 60% rice in the end.


Alright!  You have found a brand that’s affordable and it says right on the label “with lamb”.  Your dog loves lamb but you never felt you could afford such a luxury for him.  It’s his lucky day. it? 

The sketchy thing about the four letter word “with” is that as far as dog food regulations go, it means the product must contain at least 4% of the ingredient. 

“With lamb” simply means at least 4% of the product is lamb and that doesn’t specify what part of the lamb.  It could be lamb teeth or hair and yes...that is a hard, cold and very sad fact.

100% Organic?

You can’t go wrong with 100% organic.  Can you?  Well, in the dog food world, it’s definitely the better option.  Still, there a lot more to it than meets the eye.  If you are having a cake that’s organic, or a candy bar, that is better than having one that has artificial dyes, GMOs, and so forth. 

But it doesn’t make it good for you.  Just because the ingredients in your dog’s food are organic, doesn’t mean they are good for him and are conducive to his diet.  You wouldn’t give him an organic grape because grapes are toxic to dogs regardless. 

A lot of processing may have taken place during the making of his food as well and when that happens, nutrients are lost.  Also, watch for words that imply “organic” but are spelled differently.  Some use “organix” on the label. 

There is a brand called “Organix” and we even have some of their products on our top 25 organic dog food products list.  The product passed our test but certainly not due to the brand name as they were cause for us to examine it even closer. 

And about that 100% claim- an organic certification only requires that 70% of the product be organic while the wording “all organic” requires the product to be 100% organic.  So, if a product is, in fact, 100% organic, why not just say “all organic”? 

Furthermore, the fact that a dog food is organic, even “all organic”, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t processed so much it lost all or most of the nutritional value or that it wasn’t overexposed to heat and all nutrients exhausted from it.

Making the Feed-grade

Feed-grade is a term that is very deceiving.  In fact, it should be alarming.  Feed-grade is not fit for human consumption and sometimes, not even for dog consumption.  Grease, deceased animals, and even waste all qualify as “feed grade.  That is not to say that feed-grade is all bad can be.

The Human-grade Tactic

Feed-grade may not offer a lot of assurance on a dog food label, but when it’s “human-grade”, it’s got to be good.  Well, not so much.  While a genuine human-grade product, for humans or pets, must follow certain food standards for safety and quality, it doesn’t mean the ingredients are quality ones. 

Sure, the product must contain 100% food ingredients, but what qualifies as food can be scary.  Raw dog foods cannot claim to be human grade due to the regulations.

All Natural and Natural

Organic foods are natural and all natural too.  Natural and all natural foods and dog foods aren’t necessarily organic though.  Natural foods do have to be all natural.  Confused? 

If so, the mission is accomplished.  The more confused a consumer is, the better, for those who are seeking to sell by throwing the customer off.  As far as the USDA goes, a natural product cannot contain artificially added color or artificial ingredients but they can contain some chemicals, growth-stimulating hormones, and antibiotics. 

The legalities of the “natural” words are so sketchy, the powers that be are still trying to figure them out. 

Gourmet Dining

When a dog food has “gourmet” on the label, you naturally picture a canine king or queen in their pooch palace with a golden bowl of fine cuisine before them.   Right? 

And since you long to give your dog the royal treatment, you feel so good when you buy it for him.  What does gourmet in a dog food actually mean though?  Ironically, there are no regulations and the term can be used on any dog food product.  Surprised? 

There are some good gourmet dog foods as you will see in our top 25 picks.  But it’s the ingredients, processing, and absence of ingredients that will tell that tale- not the fact that it sports the word “gourmet” on the label. 

The “Grass-fed” Trick

If you’ve counted on the fact that your dog’s beef or poultry was grass fed to mean it is of optimal quality, you may be seeing green when you learn that the USDA doesn’t have stiff regulations in place as to what that entails. 

When a label states “grass fed with free-range”, it gets even trickier.  As long as the animal is allowed out of containment to graze the field for even a short time, boom! 

They have been grass fed with free range.  Another question is - what type of grass are they eating?  What qualifies as grass and is that grass necessarily good for the source animal...and for your dog? 

Is it mushed up in feed or was the cow (or whatever animal) truly allowed to enjoy grazing the grass as the picture in our head likes to believe?  Perhaps we will never know that answer.

Free-range and Cage-free

No one likes to think that animals are abused, even the chickens, cows, and other livestock that feed our beloved fur-babies.  It’s all in nature’s food chain though so we deal with it or go vegetarian.  Since dogs are carnivorous by nature, the majority of pet parents opt to feed their four-legged friends meat. 

Thinking that the source animals have had a happy life of being uncaged and out in the wild gives us consolation.  Plus, many of us believe that a peaceful state of being at the time of processing has a direct connection to the product we eat. 

Even marketing advertisers play on that fact when they assure us their cows or chickens are happy (or...were, at least).  But, the terms are very loosely used.  A tight and cramped, confined spot inside a coop can be considered “cage-free”. 

And, as mentioned above, cage-free can amount to the animal being out of confinement just minutes per day.  “Grass-fed” has no regulation on the amount of grass the animal was fed or what else they ate along with the grass. 

One thing the labeling claims of being grass-fed and free-range do assure, however, is that the price tag will be higher.  That you can be sure of in most cases.

Grain-free - to Be or Not to Be?

That, my fellow pet parent, is the question.  While if the dog food states that it is grain-free, it must not technically contain soy, barley, oats, corn, or wheat, what it can contain is hair-raising. 

It is not unusual for a brand to fill the void with fats and other unwanted ingredients so be sure to check out exactly what takes the place of the product that is free of grains. 

The presence of grains, in some cases, could outweigh the price you pay for them not being in the mix if all the wrong things are added instead.

The Big Benefits of Organic Dog Food Products

Benefits of Organic Dog Food ProductsWhile even the organic dog food product industry isn’t without flaws, it is far better than most commercial, non-organic brands.  Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you go organic for Fido:

No Artificial Preservatives

Artificial preservatives are as bad for dogs as they are for humans.  Giving a dog the chemicals used to preserve many commercial dog foods are nothing short of abusive. 

The manufacturers and marketers certainly don’t want consumers savvy about their use of them but the secret is out and now you can make better choices.

No Artificial Dyes or Colorings

Artificial dyes can cause your beloved dog an untold amount of suffering and can even lead to death. There’s no reason to add them.  Your dog doesn’t care if his food has green kibbles that are supposed to resemble peas in it or not. 

You should care though.  All those colorful fake vegetables and cute little-colored treats are dangerous for your pup because artificial dyes can be deadly.

Fewer Allergies and Skin Irritations

For those of you who have watched your dog dig into his skin because it itches so badly, drawing blood and risking infection, you’ll appreciate the fact that organic dog food is less likely to give him an allergic reaction. 

Itchy reactions can have a number of sources, like from grass or scratchy bedding, but there are many dogs who suffer from food allergies.  When they are due to ingestion of poor quality dog foods (even premium blends), shampoos, sprays, dips, and ointments rarely help. 

The quality grains and proteins found in good organic dog foods and the lack of chemical toxins reduce the risk of both allergies and irritations.

No By-products

By-products are not good for your pet, contrary to the marketing ploys of many dog food companies.  It is simply lard that can clog your dog’s blood and lead to a myriad of other health ailments. 

Good quality organic dog foods will not be full of by-products, pretending they are healthy for your dog’s diet.

Tastes Good and Satisfies

You know the difference between grabbing a cookie for dinner and having a healthy meal?  Healthy eating satisfies while junk food doesn’t.  The same is true when your dog eats organic as opposed to processed food. 

He’ll be satisfied with organic because it is directly from the source.  It tastes better too so especially if you have a picky eater, the good and delicious food will never be wasted.

Health and Longevity 

All pet parents want the best for their dogs.  Some things we have no control over but their diet is not one of them.  We can give them the best food possible to keep them healthy, happy, and with us as long as possible.

Our Picks for Top 25 Organic Dog Food Products

We’ve done our homework and the results are in.  Read on to find out our top 25 for the best of the best organic dog food products. 

If you see any products that you would like to buy, click here. These products were selected based on the historical, time-tested community use of these products.

  1. Rachel Ray Nutrish

Famous television cook-show chef and host Rachel Ray sure knows how to cook human food so how is she in the kitchen where dogs are concerned?  Your dog is sure to tell the tale when you feed him this beloved and healthy brand. 

Nutrish is heating up the doggie kitchen with USA farm-raised ingredients that give your pooch all the animal proteins he craves.  In fact, proteins are the main ingredients (for real!). 

This yummy for your dog’s tummy comes in a variety of sizes and the sizes differ depending on the flavor.  Did we mention there is no gluten, wheat, fillers, or by-products?  This food is a dog’s dream!

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  1. Organix Castor and Pollux Grain-Free Organic Dry Dog Food

One of the very top brands on our list is Organix Castor and Pollux Grain-Free Organic Dry Dog Food.  There are a number of reasons this fine brand is dear to our hearts where doggie nutrition is concerned. 

It contains only organic ingredients and is one of the most excellent holistic dog foods you’ll find.  All of the food is made in the USA and there are no harmful chemicals added to the mix whatsoever.  There are different flavors to choose from and it can be purchased in 4 or 10 lb. bags.

One thing that stands out is that all of the proteins are derived from animals that are free-range raised and are organic as well.  Natural prebiotic fiber and probiotics are in the blend so your dog’s digestion will be aided. 

There is also a superfood blend which consists of blueberries, coconut oil, and organic flaxseeds.  In keeping with the organic certification, no synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives or dyes, chemical pesticides or growth hormones are used in the making or growing of any of the ingredients in the recipes. 

If you would give your dog the moon if you could, now be can.

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  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Your dog brings with him a long history.  Once surviving in the wild, dogs had a diet that naturally satisfied and nourished them.  Blue Buffalo sticks as close to that diet as possible and that is why we find this dog food so outstanding. 

Your pup’s ancestors would surely approve of this organic dog food because animal protein is the prime ingredient.  There are no by-products.  This dog food is grain-free and all natural. 

The wholesome vegetables and fruits in this food give your dog his daily dose of omega fatty acids and healthy carbohydrates.  You’ll also find Life Source Bits in the blend that contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants too. 

There are a number of varieties to choose from.  It’s available in 4.5, 11, or 24 lb. bags.  Your dog will be wild about this wild dog food.

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  1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Many dogs are sensitive to grain.  While many argue whether dogs do or don’t need grain in their diet, if your dog is sensitive to it, it’s a no-brainer. 

The Wellness CORE brand gets right to the heart of providing all natural, USA-raised and harvested ingredients that are loaded with essential nutrients and are packed with flavor your dog will love. 

This dog food line carries the Wellness Guarantee.  Best of all, the food is 41% protein so your pup will feel satisfied and he will develop strong muscles and a sport a lean body. 

Not only does the brand not put grains in the mix, but they also don’t use filler ingredients, artificial preservatives or ingredients, or chemicals.  Antioxidants, hydrochloride, probiotic, omega fatty acids, and glucosamine are the only things that are added.  A variety of flavors are available.  Sizes include 26 lbs., 12 lbs., and 4 lbs.

For meals that are loaded with the good and not the bad, get Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

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  1. oDerm AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Adult Dog Food

This organic dog food is specially made to supply the nutritional needs of little dogs that are adult age who weigh under 20 pounds. 

Thoughtfully filled with omega-3 fatty acids straight from avocados, your dog will reap the benefits because omega-3 fatty acids promote a healthy heart, help prevent lymphoma, improve kidney function, and are excellent for cognitive health too. 

Except for the duck from France, and the lamb from New Zealand, all of the ingredients are from the United States.

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  1. Merrick Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe Dry Dog Food

Obesity in canines is a serious problem these days.  Even when dogs were first domesticated, they were helpers around the ranch or farm or at the very least, had plenty of room on the land to be active. 

Now, dogs are becoming less active and in addition, their dog food is being overloaded with fats and fillers that are causing them to become overweight.  Since obesity leads to other severe illnesses.

It’s nice to know that Merrick has pet parents’ backs.  Their recipe doesn’t have fillers and “rendered fats” that can cause obesity and other ailments.  They transparently display all of the ingredients in the mix. 

Along with the fact that there is no gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors, they use only products that are grown, raised, and harvested in the USA. 

Fifty-five percent of the awesome recipe consists of animal proteins which are accomplished without the use of things that just pack on more fat and calories. 

The rest of the blend is made of natural products that give your dog omega fatty acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin and chondroitin to promote the health of his joints and hips. 

The food comes in several flavors your dog will adore and is available in 4 lbs. or 25 lbs.  Finally, there’s a brand you can trust to help keep your beloved fur-ball fit and trim.

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  1. Organix Organic Canned Adult Dog Food

For those of you who prefer to give your dog canned food and have an adult pup, we highly recommend Organix Organic Canned Adult Dog Food.  This USDA certified dog food is totally organic and so it is free of GMOs, chemicals, artificial colorings, preservatives, and all that other nasty stuff. 

You might find hardened fat at the top of the can after opening it but rest assured that is nothing to worry about.  The real food ingredients in the mix naturally cause this, just the same as you find that same hardened fat on your own refrigerated leftovers.

There are four various flavors this canned food comes in and they comprise the main ingredient in the recipe such as turkey or chicken.  In addition, there is brown rice and/or vegetables combined with a superfood formula that gives your pooch the ultimate in optimal nutrition and satisfying taste as well. 

This brand packs fine quality and ultimate nutrition in every single can.

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  1. Honest Kitchen Revel Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food

When you care enough to give your dog the ultimate in fine, nutritious dining, there’s Honest Kitchen Revel Human Grade Dehydrated Dog Food.  Made with 100% free-range poultry, this organic food is dehydrated to lock in the flavor and the nutrition. 

There are no unwanted ingredients in this dog food recipe.  In fact, you can eat it too if you’d like.  This dog food is better than many foods that are made for humans. 

This company uses a unique and very efficient hydrate and rehydrate technique.  Simply hydrate the portions and serve.  It doesn’t get any better, easier, or more delicious than that.

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  1. TruDog Real Meat Organic Dog Food

The TruDog company is small and family owned which adds a nice, personal touch.  Highly educated in nutrition, the owner is well aware of the dangers of processed foods, for both humans and dogs. 

They use wholesome, natural, organic ingredients that steer clear of all the bad things like GMOs, artificial dyes, and all the chemicals.  In their own lives, they noted the big change when they moved over to organic eating and wanted the same benefits for pets.  Now...they are the makers behind the TruDog Real Meat Organic Dog Food which we are truly excited about.

The formulation is unique and dogs find it very tasty.  Pet parents find it quite nutritional.  The ingredients promote good health and weight while using ingredients that are easy on the digestive system and are hypoallergenic too. 

It is 100% pure meat in the blend and it's freeze-dried.  If you want to give your dog a fabulous food that he’ll love, this TruDog Real Meat Organic brand is a great choice.

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What Organic Dog Food Entails

  1. Evanger’s Organic Grain Free Organic 100-Percent Cooked Chicken For Dogs

Evanger’s organic Grain Free Organic 100-Percent Cooked Chicken not only gives pet parents who prefer canned dog food a great alternative, but it also helps hydrate dogs who don’t drink enough water.  Completely and proudly sourced in the USA, this quality canned dog food is organic, through and through.

Rest assured this food contains no soy, corn, wheat, hormones, antibiotics, or GMO.  It is certified organic by Oregon Tilth.  Natural vitamins and minerals are added to the blend. 

Perfect for all stages and ages of dogs and for those who have allergies or are finicky, this pet food is high quality and tasty.  All of the ingredients are made or grown in the USA.   You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more perfect meal for your furry one.

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  1. Newman’s Own Premium Adult Dog Food

Newman’s has a great reputation for wholesome human food production and now, the same quality can be found in dog food.  This Newman’s Own Premium Adult Dog Food is packed with all the good things and doesn’t have any of the bad like GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, artificial ingredients, and colorants, etc. 

It’s not dry in texture like most other dry dog foods because 10% moisture is added to the mix which is also helpful for dogs that need extra hydration.

This fine dog food offers an almost perfect balance of proteins and fats for your dog’s ultimate health.  It is a scrumptious blend of organic chicken and brown rice and chicken is the main ingredient. 

Of course, there are no antibiotics in the meat.  The kibbles help keep your dog’s teeth clean too.  You’ll delight the most finicky eater with this gourmet meal...time after time.

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  1. PetGuard Organic Vegetarian

Vegetarian pet parents often prefer to feed their dogs vegetarian diets as well.  This PetGuard Organic Vegetarian Dog Food offers wholesome and nutritious grains in the mix with no wheat, corn, soy, or yeast.  It’s a fabulous source of omega 3 and 5 fatty acids.

The formulation is totally certified organic.  While dogs, as a whole, are designed to be omnivores, for pet parents who are adamantly devoted to the vegetarian lifestyle and wish for their dogs to be as well, this is a good option for a vegetarian dog food product.

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  1. Natural Planet Chicken and Oats Formula

One thing we really like about the Natural Planet Chicken and Oats Formula, besides the fact that it’s organic, is that it is fully suitable for all stages of your dog’s life.  Certified organic by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic program, this chicken recipe is very high in protein.  It is easy to digest and has a healthy balance of natural nutrition.

Oats are added to this blend for extra health benefits.  You’ll also find flaxseed which is a great source of natural omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which help your pooch maintain healthy joints and hips throughout all the stages of his life and a shiny coat too. 

Brown rice adds nutrients and flavor as well.  The packaging is 100% compostable so this brand supports love for the earth and environment too.  This product is available in convenient 5-pound bags.  This organic dog food is proudly made in the USA and is one you can be proud to serve.

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  1. Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Dog Food

If you have a multi-dog household and are wishing to provide organic dog food for all, Kirkland’s Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Dog Food is the way to go.  It meets the needs of nutrition for all ages and breeds of dogs, from puppies to adults and all in between. 

It is totally organic so it contains no chemicals, artificial ingredients or colorants and has no chemicals or GMOs either.  Plus, it’s one of the most affordable organic brands.

There are two delicious flavors which include chicken and peas and beef and sweet potatoes.  Both are loaded with all the nutrition your dogs need to keep them healthy and happy.  It’s available in 30 and 35-pound packages for your convenience.  Now, you can feed your dog family with high-quality organic food the affordable way!

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Natural Planet Rabbit and Salmon Entree

This Natural Planet Rabbit and Salmon blend is another fine dog food brought to you by the Natural Planet Company.  It is tailored for dogs that love the taste of the wild...and what dog doesn’t?  With organic ingredients and wild meat, this tasty dish is mouthwatering and nutritious.

Containing all the right ingredients and none of the bad like harmful chemicals and growth stimulants, this food is fit for a king!  Along with the rabbit and salmon option, there are other choices too, like duck and whitefish. 

There is also not gluten in the recipes.  The products are all grain-free and are packed with the nutrients your dog needs and the flavors he loves.  You’ll be able to be confident your dog’s nutrition is well taken care of.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Natural Ultramix Grain-free Entrée for Pets

Talk about gourmet!  This Natural Ultramix Grain-free Entrée for Pets is the ultimate in fine canine dining and it’s!  The varieties of this food include duck and a chicken so what dog won’t love those choices? 

The meat is the first and main ingredient with 38% protein.  The kibbles are actually mixed with real pieces of vegetables and fruits so your pup gets a healthy helping of vitamins and minerals in every bowlful.

There is no soy, corn or wheat in the recipe and of course, no chemicals or additives.  It is all made right in the USA and is a natural support that promotes smooth digestion, a shiny coat, and healthy hips and joints. 

You’ll also find plenty of fatty acids and antibiotics in the blend.  Your dog is going to love this organic dog food and so are you!

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-free Dry Dog Food

Dogs know what they should eat by instinct and that’s the whole idea behind this awesome brand.   Each tasty kibble comes packed with luscious ingredients like beef and lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon, and duck.  There are many varieties to choose from.

All the Nature’s Variety Instinct recipes are free of such things as corn, soy, wheat, and fillers and of course, no chemicals, artificial preservatives, or toxins are included either. 

There are a good amount of natural vitamins and minerals in the formulation to help your pup stay strong and healthy.  The kibbles are just the right size for small, medium and large dogs.  We approve of this great food that satisfied a dog’s instinct in food and we think you will too.

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  1. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food

This brand excels in providing your dog just what he wants like meat from the wild.  Salmon, venison, lamb, and bison are available options and even more.  Wait till your trusty canine sinks his hungry teeth into this healthy dog-dream dish of a delicious dinner of Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food!

Because this food is made of real roasted meat and lean game, you’ll never have to worry about your furry friend getting his vitamins and minerals.  Plus, it has other beneficial health ingredients too like fatty acids. 

You won’t find anything from the bad list in this premium blend.  There are five yummy wild flavors to choose from.  This is a tail-wagging food for sure.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Naturally Complete Whole Earth Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

One of the things we found most appealing about this brand is the affordability.  It is also a great product that’s organic so it doesn’t have the things we don’t like in it either which is priceless.  Salmon, turkey, duck, pork, chicken, and wild fish are some of the options you’ll have for your dog’s delicious dinner. 

Fruits and vegetables are in the mix too to provide him with the most optimal nutrition ever.  No corn, soy, wheat, or poultry by-products are used so even the pups with tummy troubles will excel on this fine blend. 

Treat your dog to this tasty, Naturally Complete Whole Earth Grain-Free Dry Dog Food today and you’ll surely have a BFF for life...guaranteed.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food

Some dogs require high-proteins in their diet.  If you have a dog that does or just like the idea of serving him a hefty helping of it, this Wellness Core Air Dried Dog Food has you covered.  It is loaded with raw protein in every single bit of tender morsels that have up to 70% raw, a natural protein in each and every bite. 

The food is air-dried, a technique that safely preserves the food and keeps it deliciously moist.  No refrigeration is required due to this unique packaging technique.

There are three varieties to choose from in this fine food line.  There is no trace of artificial flavors, artificial colors or dyes, GMOs, meat by-products (lard), and have no preservatives, no gluten, corn, or soy either. 

What you will find is scrumptious turkey, whitefish, or salmon.  If you’ve been in the doghouse for serving your pup food that is less than ideal for him, this pick will certainly get you in good graces with him once again.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food

If you’ve decided that a raw doggie diet is best for you and your pooch, you will appreciate all the fine qualities this Sojos Complete Natural Grain Free Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Food has to offer.  Pamper your pooch and splurge on this fine dining experience and rest assured he’ll be eating in style.

Along with the fact that it organically contains no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or any of that mess of stuff, what it does contain is simply breathtaking.  Raw and exotic protein makes up most of the mix like turkey, lamb, or beef. 

There are no grains, no preservatives, no soy, and no gluten.  You won’t find any by-products in this food either.  Never settle for less than the ultimate best.  Get Sojos and get your dog’s diet on track.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food

This Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Natural Grain Free Dry Raw Dog Food is a superfood fit for a superhero, your dog.  With the highest quality of premium ingredients like 70% protein in raw meat per kibble and other yummy foods like seafood, turkey, and wild game as well.

This food has no bad ingredients like chemicals, GMOs, additives, meat by-products, fertilizers, or preservatives but is air-dried and has lots of fruits and vegetables.  There are no fillers or grains and is free of corn, wheat, and potatoes too.  If you’re in the market for a natural dog food your dog will devour, this is

Certainly, a great one to have your dog on.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Natural Planet Organics Organic Wet Dog Food

If your dog is able to enjoy foods without them upsetting his tummy, this is a perfect one.  While there are other varieties in this line for dogs with digestive issues, this one is perfect for those that don’t have conditions. 

The main ingredient is USDA certified organic mean without grain or gross stuff.  Brown rice adds nutrition to the mix as well.

Turkey is the main ingredient in this fantastic dog food.  It is great for all stages of your dog’s life.  Along with protein, you’ll also find healthy fats and carbohydrates too.  If you’re looking for a fabulous food your dog will love, this is certainly one excellent contender. 

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Coco Licious Party Animal Canned Dog Food

If your pup has a hankering for something out of the ordinary, here’s a canned food that’s certified organic and quite tasty and exotic as well.  With recipes like lamb and wild caught salmon, tender pork and lamb, kickin’ chicken, and wholesome duck, your dog may have to keep you from eating his dinner.  Yes, it’s that good!

Although this gourmet dog food is a bit pricey, it is well worth it if you can spring for it.  The grain-free ingredients include wild game and meat, veggies, and some coconut oil too so his coat will shine like the sun. 

You’ll also find antioxidants, fiber and vitamins, and minerals in the blend.  Of course, it has the organic seal so you can be certain it has no bad things like artificial flavors or dyes or chemicals that could harm your best friend.  If you want your dog to eat the way he’d feed you if the tables were turned, this is the brand to buy.

Click here to search and buy this or other Organic Dog Food brands.

  1. Pet Guard Organics Vegetarian Canned Dog Food

Vegans rejoice!  Here is a canned organic vegetarian dog food that you are going to feel good about feeding your four-legged best friend.  It packs in the nutrients without using meat and also leaves out the unwanted, dangerous things such as GMOs, pesticides, preservatives, sugars, and artificial flavors. 

This brand is proud to say they provide balanced and sustainable vegetarian dog foods that are good for the earth as well.

This canned food can be paired with the brand’s kibble vegan food if desired.  It is prepared by a company that respects the beliefs of vegetarians and their wishes for nothing in the formulation to be of a meat or meat by-product nature. 

If you are into organic and would like to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, this fine dog food is an excellent choice.


Organic Food for Puppies

Parting Thoughts

Even more important than what dog food you feed your dog is what is in the dog food you feed him.  And even more imperative than that is knowing what isn’t in the food. 

No dog food products are without flaw.  You have to be vigil - read the labels and check for any changes in your regular brand, and know the tricks of the trade.  You can also turn to dog sites you trust to give you unbiased information, like us. 

With what you have learned in this article and with the helpful information in our top picks, you should be well on your way to making sure the food you feed Fido is fit for your furry friend.  Remember, he’s depending on you.

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