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Maltipoo - Fun Facts and Crate Size

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 Maltipoo - Fun Facts and Crate Size


 Quick Facts:

  • Not yet AKC recognized
  • Lifespan: up to 15 years
  • Size: Small
  • Energy: Medium-High
  • Recommended Crate Size: 19” dog crate*

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The Maltipoo is the manifestation of the American dream dog come to life.  This pint-size designer mix of the Maltese and Miniature or Toy Poodle.  Sometimes they are also called Maltapoos, Moodles ad half a dozen other names, most people just called them “adorable”.

Ranking high on the list as a favored American house dog, the Maltipoo is friendly, clever, and playful.  He is also highly affectionate and compact, making the perfect pet for those with small spaces.  One stand-out feature of this pup is that even when he is in his teens and on into adulthood, he never outgrows his baby face. 


This wee little breed originated in America.  Since the AKC doesn’t formally recognize cross-breed, designer dogs, the Maltipoo is not a member. 

But, there are hybrid clubs and organization who do accept Maltipoos like the International Designer Canine Registry, the American Hybrid Club, the Dog Registry of America, the Designer Breed Registry, and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.  He cannot, however, compete or be registered with the AKC.

How did this little fellow come to be?  It all began in the United States.  The idea was to cross a Poodle with a Maltese for the purpose of getting a dog that had the best of both genes. 

The Poodle is known for being highly intelligent while the Maltese are highly sought after for their beauty and affectionate side.

While no breeder is ever assured that the best traits of each breed will come shining through or how the mixture will turn out, the cross of Poodle (usually a Toy or Miniature Poodle) was a hit. 

He is an excellent companion dog who is charming, smart and loving at the same time.  This little dog stole the hearts of Americans first and then, shortly thereafter, the hearts of the rest of the world.

Maltipoos have a myriad of names. 

It seems that the Maltipoo got very good genes where longevity is concerned.  Though he looks like a puppy for most of his life, he may live to be as old as 15.

While there are crosses between Maltipoos and Maltipoos, this breed is not considered to be a true Maltipoo.  To get a genuine Maltipoo, one parent must be a Poodle and one a Maltese.


The Maltipoo weighs in anywhere between 2-15 pounds.  He stands only 8-14 inches tall.  His coat is long and maybe curly or a bit on the scruffy side. 

This breed can be found in almost every color and color combination imaginable.  Fawn, gray, shades of brown, peach, white, and cream are the main colors of the Maltipoo coat and there is a mix of colors too. 

Many are bi-colored.  It is not unusual for Maltipoo coats to changes colors a bit over time.

Maltipoos are known for their dark eyes.  Occasionally they will have hazel or light brown eyes but not as a rule for both the Poodle and the Maltese typically have dark eyes. 

Some Maltipoos have the signature tear-stained eyes that Poodles often have.  The reason is that their natural tears pool over their eyes and end up running into their hairs. 

When this happens, the iron in the porphyrins actually causes the hairs to discolor.  The degree of discoloration varies from dog to dog and some have no tear-staining at all.

The appearance of a Maltipoo will vary slightly.  Some have more Poodle characteristics and others have more of the Maltese look.  Usually, you can find signs of both Poodle and Maltese heritage in them.


It is recommended to provide feed formulated to Maltipoo small-sized breeds. Some Maltipoos are extremely tiny and will take less food than others but some also grow larger.  Be sure to tailor to your individual Maltipoo’s size.  If he is larger than most don’t deprive him to fit into the diet of a smaller Maltipoo. 

They are very active and playful so they tend to use up a lot of calories, especially as puppies.  So, he may require more food.  But beware that he may try to overeat which is certainly not healthy. 

It is highly recommended to discuss your dog’s feeding with your veterinarian and/or breeder in order to determine the size and frequency of meals in order to ensure a healthy and very long life.

That is especially vital when you have a Maltipoo because their size can vary so.  It is also important to ensure that clean, fresh water is always available.


Maltipoos require brushing on a daily basis in order to keep their coats tangle-free and without mats.  They are also usually clipped so they can stay neat and tidy and cool in the warmer months. 

Usually, clipping of the coat on his body is needed only once or twice per year, like in the spring or early summer and perhaps in early fall.  His head, however, needs regular monthly trimming so it will stay clean and soft.

To keep Maltipoos long hair from shedding all over the furniture and floor, he will need to be brushed with a soft brushing tool.  He never seems to mind and he is so stinking cute, it’s doubtful that you will either. 

Use a mild shampoo or take him to a groomer who uses gentle products. Be sure to keep his ears clean and dry and his nails clipped.


Especially if you are going to keep a Maltipoo is small quarters, you will need to adequately exercise him.  He is an active dog, ranking medium to high in energy.  He needs to be taken for at least a 30-minute walk per day, preferably twice a day.

The Maltipoo needs a lot of mental stimulation too.  He is an intelligent fellow and he’ll get bored and is likely to get mischievous such as chewing rugs and sofas or maybe even chomping on your best slippers. 

Brain games are excellent for this breed.  You may also want to teach him some cute tricks because he’s a really quick learner.

Pet Crate Size

Pet Crates Direct recommends a 19” dog crate* for most adult Maltipoos but due to variances in lineage, a larger size may be required.  

More Information

Is a Maltipoo Right for You?

When thinking if a Maltipoo is right for you are your family, you might turn the tables.  Are you and your family right for a Maltipoo? 

If you have very small children in the household, rambunctious kids, or other pets that might be too rough or aggressive, a Maltipoo would definitely not be a good fit. 

If you do have a calm home atmosphere and your children are older or you have no children, a Maltipoo might be an ideal addition. 


Talk about a pup with a personality, this little guy rocks it.  When breeders set about to create the perfect family pet, they nailed it.  The Maltipoo has a fabulous temperament. 

He is friendly, outgoing, and even a bit advantageous.  He gets along with both humans and other animals.  Due to his size, he might not be the ideal dog to have in a house full of rowdy kids or other dogs who might be too rough.  Still, he is known to be courageous and very social too.

This little personality-plus dog makes an excellent therapy pet.  He is loving, compassionate, and sensitive.  He’s a cinch to train too, partly because he is so intelligent and party because he’s so eager to please. 

With a few yummy treats and lots of praising, you can just about get him to do anything.  Harsh words and scolding are not for any breed but this one especially.  He wears his heart on his furry sleeve. 

Although members of this breed think they are 10 feet tall, the fact is that they are not.  Caution must be taken that he is never dropped or handled roughly.  He is mighty but he is tiny and is fragile but don’t tell him that.

Remember that he is certainly cut out for small space living, like an apartment or condo, but does require amble exercising, both physically and mentally. 

If you think you and your family are a good match, this dog is a dog parent’s dream.

Maltipoo Dog Crate Size

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