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Top 27 Best Rated Dog Care and Health Books

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Top 27 Best Rated Dog Health Care books

When it comes to your pup, you want to give him the best loving care possible.  You also want to do all you can to give him the healthiest, longest life.  The more you know about caring for your dog and what it takes to keep him healthy and happy, the better you’ll be at providing them for him. 

There’s a lot to be learned from experts in the field.  There have been many great books written by veterinarians, professional dog trainers, and even dog psychologists that can help you as you strive to be the best pet parent possible to your pooch. 

Here are our picks for the top 25 best-rated dog care and health books on the market.

  1. “What to Expect When Adopting a Dog: A Guide to Successful Dog Adoption for Every Family” by Diane Rose-Solomon

This book is an all-inclusive guide to successful pet parenting that offers tips on most everything associated with bringing a new dog into your life.  It gives advice on the actual adopting, with emphasis on shelter dog adoptions. 

Tips are included on a wide array of subjects with experts like veterinarians, rescue specialists, pet parents, and pet business owners sharing very wise and useful information.  It’s a one-stop-shop book that is fantastic for first-time dog parents but has plenty of advanced material that even experienced pet parents will appreciate. 

There’s a section of frequently asked questions that are addressed concerning common issues face before, during, and after dog adoption from shelters, individuals, and breeders.  Preparing your home for the new arrival of your pup is something often overlooked. 

This book shines a light on what you will need to do to get ready for Fido and so many other priceless subjects.  Diane even discusses saying goodbye to your beloved friend when the day comes that he passes on. 

We like the fact that the information comes from professionals in the field and other pet parents and is practical and easy to understand.  To enhance your pet parenting - read this book!*

  1. “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats” by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn

Although this book was written over 30 years ago, it remains a timeless effort.  This book* has sold over 500,000 copies and with good reason, it includes all you ever needed to know to give your pet the best life possible. 

There is even new material added in the mix.  Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, DMV, Ph.D., is a notorious animal doctor and animal expert.  He blazed the path in subjects like dog nutrition, healthy eating for your dog, awareness of dog food and pet product toxins, and boosting health and longevity in pets of all kinds. 

Co-founder of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, Dr. Pitcairn’s in-depth information and a new wave of thinking has helped hundreds of pet parents become the ultimate guardians of their beloved dogs. 

If you want to know the truth about such things as over-vaccinating of dogs, dog food dangers, and other hidden things to watch out for as a pet parent, read what this renowned doctor has to say about it all.  You’ll be shocked, for sure, and your dog will be better for having learned it.

  1. “Top 25 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Prevention - Diagnosis - Cures” by J.V. Leech

This book is one that all pet parents should read through at least once.  J.V. Leech does a good job of going off the top 25 tips for keeping your dog healthy, including hidden dangers for dogs, some of which we had never even thought of. 

Being an avid dog lover, he has many dog parenting years under his belt and speaks from his experiences.  He is now 72 years old and is quite wise about canines. 

Prevention is addressed as well.  Dental care, dog illnesses and symptoms, and so much more are covered. 

There are more than 100 pages breaming with vital information you simply must know if you are going to have a dog.  What kind of water you should give your dog is even talked about. 

This book* is very well-written and well-researched too.  You’ll come away a better pet parent for having read it so be sure and pick yourself up a copy.

  1. “The Ultimate Pet Health Book” by Gary Richter

This book puts a whole new spin on animal health care.  Holistic veterinarian and scientist, Dr. Gary Richter, is devoted to helping dogs (and cats too) in the realm of holistic and natural health alternatives. 

His approach is integrative medicine where traditional measures are taken when the need arises but alternative methods are used too whenever possible.  You’ll find out all about his journey as well as the success he has experienced with dog’s medical treatment. 

He also addresses cancer, heart disease, diabetes, skin allergies, and many other dog health problems.  Read what he recommends as far as feeding your dog too.  Nutrition is expounded upon in detail from a vet and scientist’s knowledgeable point of view. 

This book* is not your typical dog health book but sometimes, that’s a good thing.  Where else can you learn how to hack into your dog’s immune system using only food as your tool?  This is one book you don’t want to overlook.

  1. “The Complete Book of Dogs: Breeds, Training, Health Care: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Dogs With a Fully Illustrated Guide to 230 Breeds and Over 1500 Photographs” by Rosie Pilbeam

If you want a classic look at dog health care, training and most everything else you could learn about them, this book is an excellent one.  It gives a glimpse into 230 breeds of dogs and has tons of photos too. 

You’ll be able to find the perfect breed of dog you’d like to adopt or find out more about the one you already have.  You’ll get a firsthand look at common illnesses of dogs and what to do about them. 

There are training techniques covered and tips too.  This compilation is one you’ll want to keep on hand because if you have a problem, chances are you’ll find an answer within the covers of this fine complete dog book. 

For Fido’s sake and for your own good as well, get this book* and find out all you need to know about most everything “dog”.

  1. “The Happy Puppy Handbook: Your Definitive Guide to Puppy Care and Early Training” by Pippa Mattinson

Just the adorable puppy pictured on the cover of this book is reason enough to buy it!  The information in it makes it even more worthwhile. 

Puppies can be a handful for anyone, especially if you are new to the pet parent game.  This book will help you with most any stumbling block you encounter though. 

You’ll find out how to get through those sleepless nights and bond with your pup so you can build an unbreakable bond. Pippa is a well-known dog training expert and zoologist who does a great job at covering all you need to know about having a new puppy in your life. 

From making your home and yard ready for your little furball to diagnosing his tummy aches or chewing habits, this book packs in all the things you might run across and then some which is one of the many things we found quite valuable in this book.*

It’s one you want to have on hand when something arises and you need an immediate solution.  Get your pet parenting advice from someone who knows her stuff - Pippa Mattinson.

  1. “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” by Debra M. Eldredge and Liisa D. Carlson DVM

This book is a guide for dog enthusiasts and pet parents that has been a “go to” for over twenty-seven years.  It is a handbook that continues to be revised to bring you the most up-to-date information on canine care possible. 

Health care, holistic dog treatments, nutrition and answers to dog-related questions can all be found in this fantastic boot.  It’s a definitive guide that every dog parent would do well to own. 

It provides step-by-step, clear-cut directions that tell you what to do I if certain scenarios arise such as poisoning, heat stroke, insect bites and stings, dehydration, burns, and wounds.  With this information at your fingertips, you’ll not have to wonder if you should take your dog into the vet or treat him at home. 

You’ll find most everything you could possibly need to know in this book which even includes a glossary of terms.  Plus, another thing we really loved is that it teaches you how to effectively communicate with your veterinarian.  This book* is a gold mine!

  1. “Complete Healthy Dog Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Pet Happy, Healthy & Active” by Betsy Brevitz DVM

This book is so superior, it’s been called the “Dr. Spock for dogs” by Elle magazine.  Originally titled “The Hound Health Handbook”, this gem has been updated and revised to bring you the best in dog care and dog health information. 

You’ll find a world of wonderful information about dog behavior, first aid, senior care, and puppy care too in the pages of this creative work.  Learn about designer dogs, pet food dangers and how to choose safe ones, homemade dog food diets, vaccines, obesity, and even canine cancer. 

We appreciated the plethora of vital information and the illustrations too.  You’ll be able to look up over 100 dog illnesses and suggested treatments too.  It’s nice to have expert knowledge at your fingertips and this book* allows you to have it instantly.  We are very impressed with this one and are sure you will be too.

  1. “The Cautious Canine - How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears” by Patricia B. McConnell

It’s sobering to discover all the things that frighten dogs and the behaviors caused by the fears.  Aggression is often rooted in fear.  

Excessive barking can be spurred by a dog simply being afraid.  Sometimes it is evident that your dog is acting out of fear, like when you turn the vacuum cleaner on and he hides under the bed. 

Other times, it’s less obvious that his action is rooted in fear.  This amazing book shines a light on dog fears and the behaviors they exhibit because of it.  It also gives suggestions on what to do about those fears and phobias so your dog can have the joyous life he was designed to have. 

Dr. McConnell does a wonderful job of walking the reader through the facts and information and offering clear-cut remedies for each problem that is the source of the fear.  With a little help from this book, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your dog’s fear and have him on the road to having a balanced life, emotionally and physically, in just a matter of a few short weeks. 

Professional dog trainers, like Pawsitive Experience Dog Training and Consulting coach Meredith Gage, is singing this book’s* praises and we feel sure you will too.

  1. “The New Complete Dog Book” by the American Kennel Club

Talk about advice from pros, this book nails it!  The American Kennel Club is the authority on dog breeds. 

They set the regulations for their organization and help keep breeding in check by setting the standards.  Now, they have a book to help dog parents in many areas.

This book tells about all the breeds and has been updated a whopping 22 times in order to bring you the most up-to-date information available.  There are over 800 photographs too so you’ll be able to see exactly what each purebred dog looks like. 

Puppy buying tips, profiles, pet attributes, and newly revised histories are all part of the awesome 920 pages in the publication.  We wouldn’t dare miss this book in our top 25 recommendations. 

If you have a question about any pure dog breed, this book will answer it.  Our favorite chapter is the “Green Light” and “Red Flag” one with advice about finding a reputable, responsible breeder, a must read if you are getting a pup through a breeder. 

There are also a ton of tips for practical “dog things” such as keeping a lint roller available at all times if you have a Dogo Argentino and the fact that if you have a Norrbottenspet, watch out for the chasing of squirrels.  This book* is chockfull of great information so be sure not to miss out.

  1. “For the Love of a Dog” by Patricia McConnell

Patricia McConnell, a zoologist, and dog behaviorist delves inside the mystic world of humans and their love for canines.  Although we are obviously very different than our dog friends, this book provides a unique perspective as to the science behind our rich and wonderful relationships with them. 

Feelings we share with them like love, anger, fear, surprise, and sadness are talked about.  This is just one of Patricia’s awesome books that made our list because she has so much wisdom to share when it comes to our love for dogs and all the things that go along with caring for and loving our best four-legged friends. 

You’ll find out how to interpret your pup’s expressions, a myriad of helpful hints for raising your dog happily and healthily, and suggestions on how to cherish your dog for life and how to deal with it when his life is no longer.  If you have a dog or have ever thought of getting one, this book* is among the best of the best, you will want to read it.

  1. “The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs” by Patricia McConnell

Yet another masterpiece doggie book by Patricia McConnell, “The Other End of the Leash” easily made our top 25 best-rated dog care and health books list.  McConnell has all the credentials and all the wisdom that is needed to write the most awesome and unique dog books on the subject of dog care and dog health. 

That’s why we have chosen this book as well as some of her others for our list.  You’ll find out interesting reasons that dogs act the way they do.  You’ll catch yourself laughing and crying too because this author brings out all our emotions as she dives into details on dogs that are hilarious and sad, all at the same time. 

She has a one-of-a-kind perspective on the reasons humans talk to their dogs, behave as we do around them, and explores the fact that humans are primates in original and dogs are canids which explains why our dogs get lost in translating what we are saying to them.  She offers fantastic suggestions on how to bridge the gap in order to establish better communication for an even tighter bond. 

This book* will help you care for your dog in the most optimal way possible.  You’ll be missing out, big time if you don’t read it.

  1. “The Perfect Companion - Understanding, Training, and Bonding with your Dog” by Karen Davison

Having a dog in your life is only made complete if there’s a bond between the two of you.  That is why we adore this book and all it imparts. 

The author, Karen Davison, does a great job placing value on the relationship between a man and his dog and how to foster that special bond.  Karen is a dog trainer and dog behaviorist so you’ll get your information from an expert. 

She writes about puppy socialization and games you can play with your puppy or dog to boost his self-confidence.  You’ll learn how to fill your dog’s days with activities that enrich his life (and yours) and how to problem solve when things aren’t quite right.  

Stimulating your dog, physically and mentally, are also topics of importance.  You’ll even get a checklist to troubleshoot problems and find solutions as well. 

This book* is a great work for pet parents to lean on to assure they are doing all they can to maximize the life of their dog.  We think it definitely belongs on our top 25.

  1. “Zen Dogs” by Guatama Buddha

If you want a really unique book that opens your mind and heart to a new way of thinking about dogs, this “Zen Dogs” book is for you.  You will learn that dogs too have mindfulness wisdom and will read timeless verses that are sure tail wagers. 

From advice on Zen dog parenting to daily mindfulness, this book is packed with meditations and more so you can live in peace and harmony with your four-legged friend.  Prepare your mind and your heart because you’ll never think of a lick or a cuddle the same again. 

This book* offers practical thoughts and solutions but also swims in uncharted waters, introducing possibilities you may not have ever considered.  If you like to venture outside the box, this book is a treasure you don’t want to pass up.  You are sure to be enlightened...we were!

  1. “Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food” by Dr. Becker DVM and Beth Taylor

Karen Becker is the veterinarian that world-renowned health guru, Dr. Mercola, goes to when he needs an answer for pet problems.  She is fantastic with holistic remedies for dogs and now, puts together a healthy dog diet pet parents can actually live with. 

The recipes and ideas are simple and practical yet very healthy.  Her formulas and teachings are based upon the ancestral diets animals had years ago. 

She put together a rotation plan complete with easy to follow recipes that include just the right amount of fruits, vegetables, and supplements too.  If you’ve ever considered making your dog’s food from scratch, you simply must read what this doctor has to say about it.

With all the information on dog food dangers and recalls going on, we found this book* quite informative and helpful.

  1. “Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs: Natural Supplements to Support healthy Living and Graceful Aging” by Caroline Coile

As humans take a deeper look into the medical benefits of CBD, it is being explored for our four-legged friends as well.  Caroline Coile, a dog expert, digs in to find a world of information on the subject to compose a book that will no doubt intrigue you as much as it did us. 

From inflammation, pain, and anxiety to serious issues like cancer and seizures, this book takes a unique look at how CBD and Cannabis might just be a viable solution for our dogs.  You’ll find out about legal and safe vet-approved remedies involving cannabis and CBD oil. 

There’s science behind it all so expect for all the information to be backed up and over 30 years of research that went into proving what is presented.  We enjoyed this book* about natural solutions and think you will too.

  1. “A Full How to Guide About Dogs and Puppies for Beginners, Kids, and Adults” by Abigail Strauss

This book has a ton of vital information that covers subjects like potty training and training communications to dog behaviors and obedience.  It is simply written so children and beginners can understand it but have extensive information trainers and novices will get a lot out of too. 

Understanding your dog and being understood are subjects we found very interesting in the book.  You’ll learn about training - basic commands and advanced tricks as well. 

You’ll find suggestions for the ultimate care of your dog and medical information too.  This is indeed a comprehensive look at what pet parenting entails on all levels such as dogs and children safety and relationships, dog body language, fight or flight, understanding aggression, methodologies and dog training, dog talk, eye contact, and so much more. 

If you are ready to pet parent or already are, we recommend this book* very highly.

  1. “Dog Nutrition 101: Raw and Natural Feeding for a Healthy Dog” by Anthony Protokaloglou

This book is based on facts and findings so if you are a “prove it to me” personality, you’ll really enjoy this one.  We found it to be very informative. 

It begins by stating the statistics of how many people in the world own dogs, what they spend on them, and what the dog industry makes on pet parents.  While it’s all fine and good to make a living in the industry, some go beyond that level and become greedy. 

This book offers a way around building their empire.  From dog food alternatives to the subject of health care, you will be able to explore options with the help of this book. 

Nutrition, holistic health care, and even the subject of doggie obesity are covered.  We think the author did a fine job in backing up his beliefs and laying some remedies of his own out for pet parents to think about.  If you are looking for a new way when it comes to your four-legged friend’s care, you will like this book.*

  1. “The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats: Over 1,000 Solutions to Your Pet’s Problems From Top Vets, Trainers, Breeders, and Other Animal Experts” by Prevention Magazine Editors

Find out what the experts say about practically everything concerning the raising of your dog.  This book states the facts and backs them all up.  This is an all-inclusive pet parenting book brought to you by Prevention Magazine so you know it’s great. 

You’ll find out how to deal with certain ailments and get advice on whether your dog needs to see a vet or if you can treat him yourself.  Get information and solution on topics like fleas, paw problems, allergies, and itchy skin, ear mites, bad breath, and wounds. 

You’ll never have to wonder again.  This fine book takes the guesswork out of pet parenting and puts you in the know.  You can relax and know that what you are reading and learning is brought to you by the best vets out there. 

It’s a great book with 75 illustrations that help you diagnose and treat pet problems or advises you to have your dog seen by a specialist.  Get informed.  Get this awesome book* - it’s like having a personal vet on call 24/7.

  1. “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide” by Various Authors and Veterinarians

When you need emergency information immediately accessible, you’ll find there’s nothing as handy as this Pet Emergency Pocket Guide”.  It’s a must-have for dog parents and pet parents of all kinds because it also gives information about cats, hamsters, and all critters imaginable. 

It’s very easy to find the problem and read what you need to do about it.  You’ll even find tips about emergency preparedness and emergency planning. 

The step-by-step instructions on emergency situations and everyday healthcare are what impressed us the most.  We appreciated the tabbed features and color-coded parts too. 

This is one book* no pet parent should ever be without because when you need quick solutions and answers, that is exactly what you’ll get.

  1. “The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats - Prevention Pets” by Amy Shojai

Sometimes, there’s no time to waste. Even picking up the phone to call your vet and, heaven forbid wait on a call back if she’s not readily available, takes precious time. 

This book sheds light on all things you may encounter like poison, snake bites and so much more.  You’ll learn how to administer first aid and when not to. 

You’ll find out how to be prepared in every situation imaginable.  Learn step-by-step instructions on exactly how to clean a wound, give human over-the-counter medication if need be, and what supplies to keep in your dog’s medicine cabinet. 

Get information concerning car accidents, hot spots, and animal bites.  Don’t leave emergency situations to chance.  Get this book* and have everything you need to know right on your library shelf.  You’ll never regret having it but if you may regret not having it.

  1. “Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook” by Barbara Handelman

It’s important to be able to read your dog’s body language since dogs can’t talk in English.  This book gives readers insight on working and living with dogs. 

It is an excellent tool to find out what your dog is thinking and feeling as seen by the experts in the field and dog and animal enthusiasts as well.  The eBook version of this book is beautifully illustrated in color. 

All version have illustrations that help explain everything.  You will love the ease of which this book* makes understanding even deep thoughts and subject matters.  It’s a great book for all pet parents.  Your dog will appreciate you reading it so you can read him better as well.

  1. “Excel-erated Leaning: Explaining in Plain English How Dogs Learn and How Best to Teach Them” by Pamela J. Reid and Tascha Parkinson

With a Ph.D. in Psychology and a certification in Dog Behavior, Pamela Reid does a great job with the help of Tascha Parkinson in explaining how dogs learn and giving good advice and pinpointed suggestions on ways to teach them. 

The book reveals some very good secrets on dog communication that will increase the speed as well as the efficiency of training your dog and living life alongside him in general. 

This book* is both fun and informative and aims at making days with your dog all that they can be.  If you are looking for ways to enhance your pet parenting skills, you’ve got a friend in this awesome, well-written book

  1. “Care and Health of Dogs: How to Keep Your Pets Well Cared For” by Elsbbah Hamam

This book caught our eye because it talks about a wide variety of subject matters concerning raising and caring for dogs from puppyhood to adult and senior dog years. 

Vaccinations are written about in detail and such things as fleas, feeding, and even worming your furry friend.  Obesity is discussed and solutions are given.  Exercise is a big part of this book too which is something we appreciated. 

Preventative care is another matter that the book deals with.  The information is laid out and it is very easy to read yet in depth at the same time. 

The facts are backed up which is another thing we liked.  If you are looking for an all-around dog care book,* this one does the trick.

  1. “Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog” by Dr. Ian Dunbar

This revolutionary dog book is a masterpiece by Dr. Ian Dunbar who has greatly influenced the lives and careers of many dog trainers and experts.  It was in the ’70s that this dog activist and professional encouraged the abandonment of the harsher approach to dog treatment and embraced positivity. 

This book expounds on the use of praise, treats, and toys to train dogs and to care for them in general.  He has led many classes along these lines and now, there’s a book that lays it all out in black and white. 

If you would like to learn about positive ways to influence your dog and to become a better pet parent, this book will teach you.  You’ll learn about doggie milestones, evaluating your pup’s progress educationally, socialization, communication, medical issues and treatments and so much more. 

This book* is an excellent tool for positive pet parenting and we highly recommend it to all. 

  1. “How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With” by Clarice Rutherford

Clarice Rutherford strikes again with a positive pet parenting book that focuses on praise and other encouraging methods of puppy training.  The idea is to have a dog that is happy, healthy and knows he’s love. 

By using games lined out in this book along with treats and toys, you’ll master the art of positive pet parenting.  The authors have a fun outlook on training and life with puppy’s that you’ll find pleasant and even fun to read. 

This unique approach helped revolutionize the dog training world and it provides an amazing perspective on pet parenting as well.  Even when you feel you’re on the end of your leash with your puppy, this book will walk you through how to remain positive and effective when teaching your dog. 

Find out signals you can use to calm your pooch and other genius, yet simple, tricks of the trade.  Tried and true methods and lots of personal experience accounts make this book one of our favorites. 

Learn from the positive pup guru himself when you get this book.*  Be the best, most positive, puppy parent you can be. 

  1. “Yin and Yang Nutrition for Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs” by Judy Morgan DVM and Hue Grant

Pet parents are now preparing their pet’s food on their own.  In fact, it’s becoming a trend, largely due to the pet food industry’s lack of care and concern when it comes to our canine friends. 

This book teaches you how to make your own dog food that really is healthy, human grade, unlike many commercial dog foods that claim to be but aren’t. 

This book is a must if you are even tossing the idea around because if not done properly, you could be endangering your furry one.  You’ll find out the benefits of preparing your own and facts about the dog food industry that will make you cringe. 

You’ll learn also about pet health conditions and how making your own dog food can help remedy the problems.  For your sake and Fido’s as well, this book* is one we suggest you read, cover to cover.

Having Covered the Covers

Parenting a dog is a pleasure and an honor.  It is also a huge responsibility.  At times, it’s natural to get overwhelmed. 

If you don’t, chances are you are not taking your job as seriously as you should. 

It’s nice to know though that when you have questions, these top 25 best-rated dog care and health books are available to guide you. 

* Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page.

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