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Top 25 Most Trusted Pet Product Brands

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Top 25 Most Trust Pet Product Brands

The pet product industry is huge.  It’s growing like wildfire and there’s no end in sight.  With over $69 billion spent on pets in the United States alone in 2017 and an estimated $72.13 billion to be racked up in 2018, the coming year is expected to be even more profitable for pet brands. 

With such astronomical numbers, it can be difficult to know which pet brands and companies behind the brands are jumping in just to grab some of the action and which can really be trusted.  We’ve done the research for you. 

Here’s our list of the 25 most trusted pet product brands:

  1. Petmate

Perhaps the most trusted in pet products is the Petmate brand.  This company gets our number one gold star because it’s not only trusted, it’s trustworthy too. 

Petmate has been serving the pet industry for over fifty years so they definitely aren’t a fly-by-night company that’s dropping in to get a piece of the doggie pie.  In fact, they were forerunners to the pet product revolution and were selling pet products before pet products were so cool (and profitable). 

It was a single dog kennel built in Arlington, Texas that first started this company.  Passion, engagement, teamwork and collaboration, and accountability has kept it thriving. 

Still based in Arlington, but now branched out into many other pet products like dog crates, dog houses, dog and cat carriers, pet toys, and so much more, Petmate is proud of the fact that their products are made in the U.S.A. and are eco-friendly. 

ChuckIt!, Booba, Dogzilla, and JW Dog are some of their innovative pet line wares.  “We get pets and their parents too,” they say about themselves. 

They also claim to be avid pet people and judging from the continuous raving reviews their products receive, we are apt to believe that they truly are pet fans. 

  1. Nestle Purina

Famous makers of the ever-popular Purina Dog Chow, now available in a slew of varieties, Nestle Purina is the second largest manufacturer and is popular for its chocolate as well. 

It is the source for such brands as Beta, ProPlan, Bonio, Beneful, Purina One and Purina Veterinary Diets. 

Their motto is - “Pets are our passion.  Safety is our promise.  Innovation is our pledge”.  From dog chews, treats, and jerkies, like Beggin Strips and Beneful Baked Delights, to specialty dog foods such as Beyond Grain Free and Pro Plan Bright Mind Senior Dog Food, Nestle Purina strives to stay a step ahead when it comes to tending to the needs of dogs (and cats). 

They donate millions each year to help feed shelter animals and sponsor “Petfinder” to link prospective pet parents to great dogs that are up for adoption in over 12,000 North American organizations and shelters. 

The company is often in the news for worthy causes such as donating to assist pets impacted by the wildfires in California and participating in Earth Day events for the sake of both pets and humans.  When it comes to trusted pet product brands, Nestle Purina and their offshoot brands are always high on the list.

  1. Mars Pet, Inc.

Holding the number one spot in pet food manufacturing, this corporation is huge.  Although you may not recognize the name of Mars (except for the candy bar and yes, it’s the same Mars company), you’re most likely familiar with the products they make, mostly in the dog food industry. 

Pedigree, Chappi, Cesar, Nutro, Pal, Frolic, Greenies, and Royal Canin are a few of the many dog and pet foods they produce. And...they also make confectionaries, food, drinks, and even gum (Wrigleys).

There are five basic principles Mars swears by: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency, and freedom.  They also make known that to them, the customer is everything. 

The company has over 50 individual brands on the market and is made up of around 75,000 associates worldwide that can be found in over 55 countries. 

Along with providing dog and cat food, Mars Petcare has the world’s largest veterinary health group with animal hospitals such as Blue Pearl, Banfield, and Pet Partners, a feat that has made them even more reputable. 

As pet parents pour into stores to purchase their pet foods and bring their beloved furry friends to the vet clinics, it is proven again and again that this brand is well-trusted and well-loved too. 

  1. Mammoth Pet Products

In business since 1995, Mammoth Pet Products is a leading manufacturer of dog toys.  The innovative company excels in innovative toys that dogs absolutely love. 

Puzzle toys are one of their specialties as are their interactive dog toy line that features squeaky toys, tug ropes, and lots more. 

Hours of research goes into each and every product in order to bring pet parents great engaging toys to buy for their dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. 

There are over 300 pet toys in their line ranging from colossal and imaginative to chew toys for tough chewers. 

Pet parents have stated that they feel good about buying their dogs toys that challenge them and that accommodate their strong chewing desires. 

This company honors a 100% satisfaction guarantee and has committed to using the utmost in safety standards.  Obviously, customers think the services and products they get from Mammoth are...mammoth!

  1. Kong

Most dog parents have purchased or at least heard of the innovative Kong toys that dogs are simply intrigued by. 

This company has gained the respect of dogs and their owners for their high quality, extremely tough, and super fun line of toys. 

This company began quite unexpectedly when Joe Markham wanted to find a toy his retired police dog, Fritz, could not shred. 

Fritz was such a chomper, he often gnawed on rocks and sticks which Markham knew was very bad for his teeth. 

He also knew the unusual desire to chew such items stemmed from lack of stimulation in play. 

One day when working on his car, Markham removed a hard rubber part that bounced erratically and immediately caught the attention of Fritz. 

He had a brainstorm. He would make tough dog toys that would bounce haphazardly, enticing dogs to engage in play but withstanding even the toughest chomps. 

The toy line is sold worldwide now and is beloved for dependability, durability, and safety as well as for the fact they are downright fun and dogs love them.

  1. Hill’s Pet Nutrition

The third leading company in the dog food industry, Hill’s Pet Nutrition also makes Vet-supplied and Vet-recommended dog foods, Hills Prescription Diets and Hills Science Plan. 

This company is not only trusted by consumers, but by experts in the field.  Hills believes that quality nutrition is the single most important thing pet parents can give their four-legged friends and their beginning drives home just how passionate they are about eating right. 

During the 1930s, a man named Morris Frank was visiting the country with his seeing-eye-dog, Buddy who was suffering from a serious kidney condition. 

Buddy asked Dr. Mark Morris Sr. for assistance with his dog’s nutrition.  Dr. Morris’ wife cooked up a healthy meal for the pup and he miraculously got better. 

And so, the brand began.  Hill’s now helps millions of dogs and cats stay strong and well-nourished. 

They also sponsor the “Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love Program” that feeds more than 100,000 pets on a daily basis and keeps them happy and healthy until they find their forever families.  It’s no wonder Hill’s is one of the most trusted pet brands on the market today.

  1. Happy Pet

All pet parents long to have a happy pet and are turning to Happy Pet in record numbers. 

With over 2,000 pet products sold to over 10,000 retail distributors worldwide, this respected company rocks not only the dog toy market but the bird, fish, reptile, and amphibian aisles too. 

Pet clothing and fashion, collars, leads, treats, toys, hygiene products, travel needs, supplements, safety supplies, housing, and food are among their extensive line and it all started over 40 years ago with a rubber ball. 

Komodo, Kudos, and Tabby Chic are just a few of their many brands now.  With toys carefully constructed to promote the natural instincts of pets and products that support their individual unique lifestyles, these pet products fly off the shelf. 

Whether you are looking to make your dog happy or need some apparel for your cat, chances are you’ll find just what you’re looking for when you check out Happy Pet.

  1. Spectrum Brands (United Pet Group)

You may not have heard of Spectrum Brands by name, but surely you have heard of the company’s most popular dog food brands, Iams and Eukanuba. 

Ringing in at the number four largest pet food manufacturer, Spectrum has made its mark in famous brands in the non-pet world like Black and Decker, Remington, and George Foreman. 

As far as pet supplies, they are the manufacturers of Littermaid, Dingo, Nature’s Miracle, Furinator, and tons more. 

With a heavy focus on being economically responsible and friendly to the earth, the company is constantly striving to give back socially as well. 

The Spectrum Holding Company cleared over 3 billion dollars last year and they did so because they are one of the most trusted pet supply companies on the planet.

  1. Rosewood Pet

In business for over 50 years, Rosewood Pet is the manufacturer of a large variety of pet treats and pet accessories. 

The United Kingdom-based business got its start back in 1960 when three animal fans decided there was a need for more pet products in their shops. 

They were right and consumers dashed out to buy them immediately.  They began to design and develop not just a select few but all sorts of different pet products and branched out into 60 different countries including Australasia, the United States and the Pan Pacific. 

Their products are known for being top-quality and innovative as well, making them one of the top 25 trusted pet brands in the world. 

  1. Pet Brands

This company started off with a vision, a really big one.  They wanted to become the top partner for quality pet treats and innovative pet accessories. 

Miraculously, they have done exactly as they set about to do.  They are now worldwide with showrooms and offices in China, India, and the United Kingdom. 

They are praised often for their unrelenting commitment to pets and pet parents and to servicing with a smile. 

The mission of Pet Brands is to not just meet, but exceed the customer’s expectations on every level.  They have created some of the most popular pet-related brands like Tatty Teddy, Alan Titchmarsh and RAC, and Hello Kitty. 

They continue to branch out into new ventures and see no end in sight.  It seems the world has gone wild over this pet product company and that their aspiration to be number one keeps on getting more and more attainable.

  1. Zoetis

Zoetis is the absolute leader in the animal health field.  The legend began when researchers at the notorious Pfizer Company discovered an antibiotic that was an effective agent against over 100 different infective organisms. 

They went on to invent and manufacture vaccines and medications for pets in all forms and for a multitude of ailments.  Now, Zoetis is in over 100 countries and has more than 300 products that are associated with pet health. 

They also have medical products that make it possible to perform genetic tests and diagnosis procedures too.  Among their greatest, most important prescriptions are the drug Palladia which is used in the treatment of cancerous tumors in dogs. 

The company states that it is working every single day to address and better understand the challenges pet parents face in the real world and seek to remedy the problems thereof. 

Millions of people turn to the products of Zoetis when their pet needs preventative measures and for treatments as well.

  1. Merial

Merial is the maker of a wide range of veterinarian products like anti-parasitics, antimicrobials, anesthetics, gastrointestinal remedies, respiratory meds, and cardiovascular solutions and treatments. 

The company also produces pet vaccines.  As far as dog products go, Merial is the maker of some of the most trusted dog flea, tick and parasite products in existence. 

When pet parents need an answer to a medical issue, like heartworms, Merial is there.  From rabies vaccines to shots to prevent distemper, parvovirus, and so much more, the company excels in preventing pets from contracting life-threatening illnesses. 

Frontline, HEARTGARD Plus, and NexGard are all brands under the Merial umbrella.  That is why consumers have been trusting them for years with the health and well-being of their furry friends.

  1. MSD Animal Health

Also known as Merck Animal Health, this company excels in the global animal health realm.  They have a very interesting and innovative portfolio because they serve such a variety of fields. 

They have excellent products and also offer services and are experts in technology too.  Preventing, treating, and controlling diseases in pets is their mission and they do a wonderful job at providing excellence in all of those areas. 

From their dog vaccines, anti-infective, and anti-parasitic drugs for dogs to fertility management and specialty pharmaceuticals, this company is the forerunner in many realms such as developing the first chewable dog tablet for effective flea and tick preventions that lasts three times longer than the leading medication did. 

They never stop pushing forward which is one of the many reasons why they are so trusted by pet parents.

  1. Bayer

As the fifth largest company in the animal health industry, Bayer is trusted by many where their pets are concerned. 

It was in 1919 when this company began making pest control and products that were proactive for pet and animal health as well as pain relievers and other remedies for humans too. 

They make over 100 products that treat a wide array of conditions.  They’re the leaders in spot-on technology with their extensive line of de-worming solutions as well as tick and flea medications like Advocate, Advantix, and Advantage.

  1. Green Pets Organic

Green Pets Organic products have been paving the way in supplying the ultimate in healthy pet food. 

Their products are safe, all natural and even protect our beloved furry ones from dangerous diseases that can affect them due to not being properly nourished. 

Dogs are wild about their wild varieties that are available in venison, pork, chicken, and bison. 

They are adamant about providing the ultimate in protein so dogs and all pets stay healthy and active.  The company strives to protect the environment while making their products and to make their products as economical as possible. 

Green Pets Organic is becoming even more popular in recent years and is a trusted company, especially for pet parents who seek to go the more organic and natural route for the happiness and longevity of their four-legged friends.

  1. Elanco

Elanco is another popular brand when it comes to the treatment of animal health.  They specialize in dog and cat flea protection products and have made quite a name for themselves. 

Elanco promotes and manufactures products that help pets live higher-quality, longer, happier lives which suits their pet parents quite well. 

Not all prevention medicines can be trusted to have the best interest of a pet at heart when using cheaper, dangerous, toxic ingredients are often the cheapest way to go.

The company easily made our top 25 trusted pet product brand list because they are who pet parents turn to in order to prevent infestation and the medical issues that go along with such.

  1. Dog is Good

This super fun and imaginative pet product brand are making quite a name for itself.  There is a myriad of great products like t-shirts and plaques to hang on the wall sporting fun sayings about pets. 

“Dog is great. Dog is good. Dog is everything,” is the motto of the company and it says it all.  They are passionate about pets and all things pets. 

Some of the products will have you laughing at how true they are and how hilarious at the same time. 

Dog is Good states on their site that the message behind all of their products is positivity and that their brand allows you to shine your positive pet parenting to others as well by spreading the message through tumblers, tees, wine glasses, and a ton of other really fun wares.

  1. A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life is not a well-known brand as much as it is a very trusted and trustworthy one.  They are the makers of yummy organic treats that are made right before their customer’s very eyes. 

Pet parents also get to see their furry friend’s face right on the label.  The products are United States human food grade and contain only the best, most nutritional ingredients. 

Unique flavors range from vegetable and garlic to chicken and barley, peanut butter and honey and a multitude of other assorted canine favorite flavors in between. 

For picky pet parents and those who like to have a little fun raising their pets and take a step outside the box a bit, this company is a favorite, for originality, quality, and trust.

  1. Diamond Pet Foods

It was way back in 1970 when the Diamond Pet Foods brand got its start in the industry.  Their goal was to produce premium, high-quality pet food at a price any pet parent could afford. 

They strived to bring good nutrition and good prices to all and that was exactly what they did.  This company was a pioneer in not just throwing in cheap ingredients because they could make a higher margin of profit, but in taking the concern to provide good ingredients that were actually healthy. 

They are now one of the fastest growing dog food companies in the world.  Even trainers, breeders, and veterinarians trust the excellent products manufactured by this company. 

They are in over 100 worldwide countries now.  The company is family owned which makes them appealing and even more trusted.  

“Every pet deserves the best and that means yours too!” is the company motto and with a motto like that, what pet parent wouldn’t trust them?

  1. M. Smucker Inc.

And you thought Smuckers only made jam!  Nope...they make pet food too and they’re quite good at it.

This company had already made their jam and jelly fortune when they ventured into the pet industry.  They acquired Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC and are now in the business of manufacturing premium pet snacks and pet food. 

They also make “Dad’s” which is a high-quality line that is offered for a low price so all can afford it for their furry ones. 

Rachel Ray Nutrish is one of their brands that is very popular and very trusted as well.  As the old commercial says, “With a name like Smuckers, it’s got to be good.”

  1. Beaphar

This company has been in the pet healthcare industry since 1942.  They produce a wide array of products for dogs, reptiles, cats, birds, and other small creatures. 

They export their multitude of various pet wares to 86 countries around the globe.  Their expertise lies in veterinary medicine, vitamin preparations, and super premium foods. 

Through their many years in business, they have become one of the most trusted brands in the industry and that goes for pet parents and veterinarians as well.

  1. PetGuard

As pet parents grow more aware of the importance of great pet nutrition for their health, they want to stomp out potentially damaging ingredients like excessive sugars, colors, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and so forth.  

A name they are turning to that offers products without such ingredients is PetGuard.  They are passionate about minimizing toxic chemicals in pet products and actually developing products that extend the life of our loves. 

PetGuard caught on to the fact that consumers are wanting to get away from things that can actually kill their pets and to latch on to things that can help them live long and happy lives. 

They strive to improve their products every way they can and that’s what makes them so highly regarded with their devoted consumers.

  1. American Health Kennels

Making fun and tasty dog products is what this company does best.  They specialize in natural treats that delight pets and their pet parents too.

Their products are packaged in innovative and creative ways like in cute decorative jars and disguised as candy bars labeled such names as “bark bars” and “nick nack beef bars”. 

You can even send your favorite dog a birthday card from this company.  The best thing about the dog treats is they are healthy for your beloved four-legged friend and that’s why this company is so trusted.

  1. WellPet LLC

The WellPet LLC Company makes and supplies the world with fine pet foods.  They are the producers of such well-known brands as Wellness, Old Mother Hubbard, Holistic Select, and Eagle Pack. 

They have complete lines of dry food, wet food, and tons of treats too.  They use whole grains, plenty of vegetables, deboned meats, and don’t use products containing hormones and steroids. 

They merged with old Mother Hubbard back in 2000 and also with Eagle Pack Pet Foods and have become a very large and very trusted brand of holistic alternative pet foods.

  1. Blue Buffalo

Last, but certainly not least, is the Blue Buffalo brand.  They are one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the entire world. 

Founded on the concept that dogs and cats are not just pets, they are our family members and their food needs to reflect as much.  They strive to bring the highest quality of pet food possible and to do so at affordable prices. 

They don’t use artificial flavors or preservatives and also don’t put corn, soy, or wheat in the mix because many pets have a sensitivity to those ingredients.  

This brand is growing strong and is highly trusted by those who also feel their pets are family and deserve to dine with the best nutritional food available so they can stick around as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

The pet product brands we know and trust today have made a name for themselves whether they are new companies in the process of proving their worth or ones that have been around for decades. 

It is said that most well-known companies of any kind are tops because they either had access to the money it takes to market their products well or because they happened to be at the right place at the right time. 

Some caught wind of a trend or a better way of doing things, latched on and made their brand famous and trusted in that manner. 

Pet foods that are leaning toward all-natural, and grain-free, are taking other healthy measures and pulling up to lead the pack in many cases. 

Pet products that offer innovative solutions such as fighting boredom and enhancing mental exercise are doing well too. 

Pet parents are growing wiser.  They research before buying and more and more are paying attention to labels and not just the prices. 

As consumers set the standards for better products, be it dog food or toys that are safe and creative, the manufacturers follow suit, if they are smart, at least. 

The pet product industry is a lucrative business and that does leave room for irresponsible and greedy companies to put out some less than optimal products. 

But, pet parents, vets, trainers, and breeders are making known what they want and that is where their money is going. 

We have chosen pet product brands that aren’t just well-known among pet parents but are well-trusted to and for good reason...because they are excellent at what they do and what they make. 

We also promote the companies that practice integrity which is everything when it comes to the products we entrust companies to provide for our furry friends who mean the world to us.

* Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page.

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