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The Most Indestructible Dog Toys That Can Survive Just About Anything

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Having a dog toy that is indestructible is difficult to find but is essential if you don’t want to keep wasting money on new toys. If you are a dog owner, you will know just how violent dogs can be with their toys and if you have a young active dog, new toys will last but a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of toys that are advertised on the market for being tough and tear-proof but, in my experience, they haven’t stood up to their promises. In most cases, they are destroyed in a few days and these things aren’t very cheap either. This why finding a dog toy that can survive is so important.

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, they will always need toys to keep them comfortable and loved. Even at old ages though, they can still find a way to rip them up into tiny little pieces.

My girlfriend’s dog, in particular, has a tendency to bite the labels and limbs off of his helpless toys within days of purchase. It is safe to say that there is a toy that has yet to stop him.

Taking the time to research these kinds of toys can be boring. Most of the time, the normal owner doesn’t have the time. They just see the first toy they see in the shop and assume that it will last.

In this guide, we will be going over the most indestructible dog toys on the market, so you don’t have to research yourself. If you’re still interested to find out more, continue to read this article.

Why Do Dogs Need Toys?

I think everyone would agree that all dogs need some toys in their life. It would be horrible to deny a dog the little fluffy companions that they spend their time with. Although they may not treat their toys as nicely as we hope, deep down, they love them really.

Although dog toys serve the purpose of providing companionship to dogs when we’re out of the house, they also have some more practical advantages. Specifically, they help to meet a number of mental and physical needs that dogs require, including purpose and mental stimulation.

Below, you will find a few reasons why dogs need toys. As you will read, they are actually more necessary than it was first thought.

Reduce Anxiety

One of the main reasons we give our dogs toys is to help reduce their separation anxiety. It is no surprise that dogs whimper and moans when we leave the house, even if it is for only a few hours. For them, a few hours feels like a few days and they can get very restless.

One of the best ways to calm them down is a dog toy. This can provide them with the companionship they desire when they’re left in the house. If you like to play with your dog using the toy, you will normally rub off some of your scents. This has even greater benefits as the dog will cuddle the toy and smell their owner.

I have seen dogs use slippers that their owners wear as a means of comforting them when they leave. If you have an anxious dog, getting them a cuddly toy might be the best solution.

To Feel Appreciated and Loved

Dog know when they have been good and when they have been bad. You can see it in their expressions. One of the best ways to praise your dog and reward them for just being great is by giving them a toy. You can see it in the dog’s eyes that they’re excited to be receiving a new toy to play with and tear up.

Going back to my girlfriend’s dog, she used to buy him new toys all the time. At one point, I believe he had about 12 different toys that were all different animals. He had to have been the happiest and most loved dog I have ever seen.

I believe that this was direct proof that giving your dog toys is one of the best ways to make them feel loved in the family. Besides, everybody loves getting surprise gifts.

Mental Stimulation

Moving onto the more scientific reasons behind toys, we have mental stimulation. This is going to apply to puppies more so than adults but it is still important for the older dog generation.

Puppies will require a lot of mental stimulation as they are growing up and, just like humans, dogs can become bored. One of the best ways to get them learning and developing is with a toy. But not just any toy, a puzzle toy.

There are a lot of different toys on the market, including ones that act as a puzzle. These involve a dog treat and these are usually placed inside the toy for the dog to retrieve.

The puzzles are usually quite different and it can take a while for the dog to learn how to get it. In this time, your dog will be using problem-solving to retrieve the treat and this can vastly help when it comes to later life training.

Behaviour Modification

Moving onto training, as we briefly mentioned in the paragraph above, dog toys are essential if you’re looking to teach your dog tricks. As we have identified over, dog toys can be used as a reward and because of this, they can be used in dog training.

Instead of rewarding your dog with a treat every time they do something right, reward them with their favorite toy. Of course, the dog will actually have to like the toy in order to show some sort of desire with it, so make sure they are conditioned to associate the toy with pleasure.

To Give Them a Job

This point relates to the idea of mental stimulation. Dogs have a strange desire to have a job and this has been noted in a number of studies. They can get bored at home and this sometimes leads them to do undesirable things, like chew the table legs. Unless you want to make homemade toys, you may want to consider some durable products that can stand up to the abuse.

One of the best ways to use a dog toy is to give them something a do. A task, if you will. This will involve the use of a puzzle toy again and you can use various foods that require the dog to chew for a considerable amount of time. If you fill them correctly, your dog should still be chewing by the time you’ve got home from work.

The 5 Most Indestructible Dog Toys

Now that you have seen the importance of dog toys, it is now time to reveal the most indestructible dog toys you can buy today. Although you may be expecting some variation in the mix, you will actually be very surprised to find that one brand has taken up all the spots.

That brand is Kong. If you have been on the hunt for a tough dog toy, you will have come across Kong. They are excellent and it for their brilliant strength that they’ve made it onto the list. Here are the 5 strongest dog toys.

Kong Wobbler

When it comes to durability as well as mentally stimulating, the Kong Wobbler is the perfect toy to use. As the name suggests, the wobbler is designed to be played with for hours on end without surrender. The device can stay upright no matter how your dog attacks it and it will leave them entertained while you attend to other important things.

The wobbler works well with your dog favorite treats or kibble and can also be used if your dog eats too quickly. The food will slowly fall out as the dog knocks and chews it, helping to slow down their digestion.

As with all Kong toys, this one is incredibly strong and durable. It is made from the standard high-quality rubber that their toys are made from and will last no matter how hard they chew. This toy is also dishwashable and is excellent if you’re looking for a toy that can withstand vicious chewing.

Kong Extreme

The Kong Extreme has durability and strength in the name. The Kong Extreme is one of the highest recommended dog toys for hard chewers and is used all over the dog industry.

This toy can withstand some serious torture and is featured in a number of intensive dog training facilities. More notable than others are the Police Force, drug enforcement agency and military K-9 units. This toy is also used in competitions and is respected all around the world.

How’s that for a recommendation?

The Kong Extreme is like most other Kong toys but is made from carbon Black Ultra-Flex, which is completely punctured proof. The toy is also non-toxic and can be used for active games thanks to its unique bounce. This is a must-have toy if you’re looking for something that will never ever break.

Kong Bone

The Kong Bone is next on the list and is almost identical to the Kong Extreme. However, there is one identifiable difference – it is shaped like a bone. As the name would suggest, this toy is bone shaped for dogs who might prefer something a little more realistic. However, just because this is bone shaped does not mean it slacked when it comes to its durability.

The bone is made from the same materials to that of the Extreme and, like the Extreme, it is also non-toxic. The toy is made from natural rubber and will keep your dog satisfied and entertained for hours.

The toy can also be stuffed with treats to add a challenge for the dog. The little goodie grippers on the side can be filled with treats, making the dog work for their reward.

The treats can be quite difficult to get out but the toy will leave your dog challenged and occupied while you attend to tasks around the house.

Kong Wubba

Let’s move away from the standard chew toys that we have featured already. Instead, let’s talk about some of the more interactive toys that Kong offers, including the incredibly tough Kong Wubba.

This is going to be the perfect toy for throwing in the park or garden, especially if you have a hard chewer. The toy has a toss-and-tug design, so you can throw the toy in the park and then have a game of tug when the dog brings it back.

The toy is made from incredibly tough materials. After all, it is made by Kong. The toy features toy balls, a tennis ball, and a squeaker. The balls are covered by a tough nylon and the tugging legs are equally as strong.

The toy can also be purchased in a more plush fabric but that is only recommended if you have a light chewer.

You can get the toy in all sorts of colors and makes for the perfect toy, especially for active pups.

Kong Squeezz

Finally on the list is the Kong Squeeze. This is very similar to the one featured above. The main difference is this can be used as a throwing stick as well as a general chew toy. This chew toy also features a squeaker but don’t be alarmed if you have a heavy chewer, as the tough material stops it from falling out.

This toy is less of a mental game and more for entertainment. It will give your dog hours of squeaky fun and can be used in water too, as it floats and is completely waterproof. The stick is made from a tough natural rubber and comes in a range of colors and sizes to suit any breed and preference.

Final Words

Finding a reliable dog toy that is completely indestructible is very difficult, especially if you have a heavy chewer. However, there are a select few toys that can withstand even the toughest of chewers and these are known as Kong Toys.

As you see above, Kong toys are some of the strongest toys for dogs and can withstand just about anything. If you read further up, you will see the importance of dog toys and why they are needed to help your dog grow and develop.

If you’ve got a heavy chewer, we suggest you have a look at some of the toys recommended above.

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