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Top 5 Lizard Cage Ideas To Make Your Lizard Feel at Home

Lizard cage ideas

Creating the perfect environment for your lizard can be tricky.

Different species of lizards have different needs in terms of temperature, habitat, diet, and substrates. Some lizards love to bask in 180-degree heat, while others need a special hideout in a darker space. These factors are important for your pet's survival. 

A great lizard cage also makes your pet feel at home. Incorporating a variety of terrain, decor, and activities is a great way to create a natural environment for your lizard.

Keep reading for five awesome lizard cage ideas that can help you create the perfect space for your pet. 

1. Choose a Theme for Your Lizard Cage 

One way to make your pet lizard feel at home is to mimic its natural habitat. You can do this by creating a jungle or a desert theme inside their cage. 

Special lighting, accessories, and details can be added to create an authentic habitat, climate, and conditions. 

The bearded dragon, found in wooded and desert areas of Australia, enjoys soaking up the sun and climbing. For this type of lizard's cage, you can incorporate clay mounds, shrubbery, and wood accents to give it a desert feel.

For a jungle-themed cage, you can include extra foliage, real or fake vines, and a variety of rocks. If you are adding plants to your lizard's cage, be sure that they are safe if it decides to take a nibble. 

If your lizard requires more heat, try making a ledge that is closer to the heat bulb so it can comfortably bask in the light and soap up UVB rays. However, you want to be sure that the ledge is climbable but not too close to the bulb that your lizard can burn themselves with overexposure. 

2. Use the Right Substrate for Your Lizard

The substrate is the bedding used on the lizard's cage. Not only is it important for the comfort of your lizard, but it is also important for its survival. 

Certain lizards can have a paper towel or even newspaper as a form of substrate. But if you want to give the cage a natural-looking environment, you can opt for coconut fiber, clay, or wood shavings. 


You want to ensure that you do your research before deciding what you will use, and monitor your lizard's cage often to see that they are comfortable with the substrate.

3. Create a Hide for Your Lizard

As previously mentioned, some lizards enjoy a small hideout for their "downtime". 

It is important to create a hide within the lizard cage to provide a safe space for your lizard to sleep and rest. Not only does it use the hide to rest, but this is also where it will shed its skin. 

Because the hide is more compact, it holds in humidity and moisture, allowing the lizard to shed its skin more comfortably as well. 

4. Incorporate Food and Water Dishes 

Using a food and water dish is a great way to ensure that your lizard's cage stays clean. 

Dishes come in a variety of sizes and styles, and you can personalize them to suit your lizard's "dining" needs. This depends on the type of food your lizard eats. 

Some eat live food like crickets, and those will naturally roam around the cage. For optimal nutrition for your lizard, you want to buy crickets that are dusted with a vitamin supplement.  

Foods that are less mobile should be kept in a dish to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet.  If your lizard is a vegetarian, you will want to have a larger food dish to accommodate for its portion of food.

5. Add Details and Decor 

Another great way to make your lizard feel at home is to add fun details and decor in its cage. Different textures and climbing options are a great way for your lizard to get interactive in its environment. 

A Hammock

A hammock is a fun way to incorporate different textures and terrain in your lizard's cage. It's also an ideal place for your lizard to relax and soak up some rays.

For safety, you want to install a hammock that is easily accessible and made out of natural materials. 


Another great addition to a lizard cage is foliage. Leaves, shrubbery, and greenery are all great ways to create a natural look and feel in the cage. 

The foliage can be real, fake, or a mixture of both. However, as previously mentioned, you want to make sure that you don't put harmful or toxic plants inside the cage. Lizards are known to chew on plants so ensure that you choose non-toxic greenery.  

A Bridge

Adding a bridge in your lizard cage is a way to give it some options when moving around. You want to make sure that the bridge is easy to access, and is not installed too high, creating a safety hazard for your pet.  

Upgrade Your Pet's Home With These Lizard Cage Ideas

Creating the ideal cage for your pet is easier than you think. If you want to make your pet feel at home in their cage, these lizard cage ideas will help you create the perfect environment. Remember to choose a natural theme, incorporate a hideout, use the right substrate, get a proper food dish, and add some fun decor.  

For more awesome pet supplies and to find a lizard cage for sale, visit our website for all of your pet's needs. 

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