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Smart Dog Toys: Top Mistakes That Pet Owners Make

smart dog toys

Is it time to go toy shopping for your canine companion? Going to the pet store and picking out smart dog toys is a lot of fun, especially if you bring your dog with you. But how do you know if you're choosing the best toys for your dog?

We're here to talk about a few common mistakes that dog owners make when they're on their dog toy shopping sprees. Read on to learn more.

Picking the Wrong Size Toy

This one might seem obvious, but it can be challenging for some dog owners who get their dogs as puppies

If you know that your dog is going to get big, make sure that you're not choosing toys that are too small. Dogs grow fast. In a matter of weeks, your pint-sized puppy will be a lumbering "teenager."

The tiny puppy toys that you bought for the dog will turn into choking hazards, but the dog will be sad if you take them away.

Start with larger toys and assume that the dog will grow into them. You'll notice that even small breeds and young puppies will be happy to play with toys that seem far too big for them. 

Only Buying Soft Toys

When you first bring your dog home and start buying dog toys, it's tempting to pick all of the cute plush toys that you see at the pet supply store. It's in your best interest (and your dog's best interest) to stick with something a little bit sturdier, however.

Having a few soft toys is fine, but remember that your dog may tear them up. If the toy has a "squeaky" inside of it, the dog could pull it out and choke on it. 

Some dogs like having soft toys at bedtime, and some are gentle enough to play with soft toys all the time. It's still good to have a few sturdier toys so that the dog can play rough.

Speaking of soft toys, here's a bonus mistake. Make sure that you don't buy toys that aren't intended for dogs. Soft dog toys and children's toys look similar, but they're not the same.

Children's toys often have parts that are easier to remove, like buttons and glass or plastic eyes. These things are sturdy enough to (usually) stand up to toddlers' fingers, but not sturdy enough to stand up to a puppy's teeth. 

Stick with dog toys.

Never Picking Challenging Smart Dog Toys

Dogs love to be challenged! Even lazy dogs enjoy using their brains every now and again. They like having jobs.

If your dog doesn't have an actual job, you can simulate that experience by using the right dog toys. There are plenty of toys that act as puzzles for your dog to figure out.

Get toys with hidden compartments that hold treats. You can get food bowls that double as toys that present a challenge to hungry dogs so they don't eat too fast.

Whether you have one of the smartest dog breeds or a dog that's more on the "average" side of the intelligence scale, they'll love playing with toys that make them think.

Not Having Enough Toys

How many dog toys are in your home?

When you have a rambunctious dog, minimalism isn't an option. Yes, it might not look nice to have dozens of toys littered across your living room floor, but it's what's best for your dog. You can always incorporate fun storage ideas to keep them hidden when your dog isn't using them!

Your dog may get bored with certain toys if they overuse them. When your dog is bored, it gets destructive. It's better for your dog to chew on a new toy than it is for the dog to chew on the leg of your favorite chair.

When you have an overabundance of toys for your dog, you can put some away when the dog gets bored and bring out new ones. This doesn't mean that you need to constantly be buying brand new toys. A dog will forget about a toy once it's out of sight, out of mind, so you can bring it out again when the dog gets bored. 

Make sure that your dog has plenty of options at any given time. 

Not Knowing Your Dog's Destructive Abilities

For some dogs, soft toys are fine. The dog is capable of being gentle enough that toys last for a long time, even if they aren't heavy-duty.

For other dogs, soft toys don't stand a chance. They're ripped to shreds in hours (if that). This can happen both with large dogs and small dogs, so don't let your dog's size fool you!

When you're picking out new toys for your dog, make sure you remember how rough your dog plays. Heavy-duty toys might be best.

Not Getting a Variety of Toys

You should be playing with your dog in a wide variety of ways if you want to keep it stimulated and happy. Get your dog a variety of toys so you can change things up.

Get a few toys that your dog can tug on. Get some balls so the dog can play fetch. You also want a few toys that are perfect for when your dog wants to relax and chew on something. 

Find the Best Dog Toys for Your Dog

Choosing dog toys for your canine companion is a lot of fun. Choose smart dog toys and make sure that you try a variety of toys so that your dog never has to get bored. 

Your furry friend should be able to play all day long!

Are you looking for helpful reviews all about dog toys? Check out our pet toy reviews so you can find your dog's next favorite toy.

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