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Traveling with Airline Approved Dog Crates

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Airline Approved Dog Crates


Our collection of airline approved dog crates meet the IATA standards that have been set by airlines worldwide and this will enable you to fly your dog from one place to another with ease. These crates have been designed to ensure that your dog can enjoy its flight comfortably and they can be used for other traveling means as well. As a plus, you can also use these dog crates at home.

The air approved dog crates that we have in store for you include both collapsible and stationary crates and they have been built to withstand impacts which can occur during boarding and take off so as to ensure the safety of your dog. All the airline approved products in our collection have been designed to offer durability and portability, making them great for use in traveling. Read on to find out what features make these crates stand out when compared to other dog crates used for air travel.

All Sizes

Airline standards dictate that a dog must be carried in a dog crate that is big enough for it to sit, stand, stretch and sleep in comfortably without being squeezed. If you show up with a dog crate that is too small for the comfort of your dog, you will get turned away and your dog will not be able to fly out with you. As such, the manufacturers of these crates have taken this concern into consideration and you will find a wide variety of sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your dog.


The dog crates in our collection are all made from durable materials that are either aluminum, steel wire or rigid plastic. These materials have been approved by airlines for their ability to withstand any bumps in the air as well as collisions with other items during transit. Airlines insist upon such materials for the safety of your dog.

To protect your dog even further, we have added impact dog crates to our collection which have been designed to ensure that your dog is safe from harm in the event of a collision with other freight. These dog crates have been built to last ages and you will use them when traveling by air for a very long time.

Solid Floor

Airlines insist that the dog crates used in cabins must have a solid floor. This is so as to avoid situations where dogs make messes or soil themselves and the mess gets on the cabin floor. The airline dog crates in our collection have solid floors which do not allow leakages in the events of an "accident". They have been built with generous lips which prevent leakages from the sides as well, thereby keeping the cabin clean and your neighbors happy.

Solid Roof

The roof of the larger dog crates must also be structurally solid. You are allowed to use a dog crate that has ventilation on the roof as long as the ventilation does not affect the strength. The airline dog crates in our collection meet these IATA requirements and this makes them safe for air travel use.


For ease of use when being transported, these dog crates come with handle bars on their long sides which facilitate fastening in the cabins as per airline standards. This is important especially during take-off and landing where the dog crates could slide and cause havoc in the cabin.


It is advised that dog crates for use in the cabin be equipped with strong doors with secure locks. This is to prevent dogs from finding their way out of the dog crates while the plane is in the air. This prevents a situation where the plane could hit turbulence and the impact could cause injury to your dog. The dog crates in our collection have sturdy locks which are hard for dogs to maneuver and they contribute greatly to the safety of your dog.

The doors used in these crates are quite strong as well and they are either made of heavy plastic, welded metal or cast metal. They are nose and paw proof to prevent your dog from hurting itself while trying to get out of the crate. A friendly tip: please allow for several weeks of acclimatizing your pet to the crate, especially if this is the first crating experience for your pet. This will minimize any discomfort during the flight. You want your dog to feel comfortable and safe in the crate because they will be surrounded by new people, smells, and objects.

Airline dog crates in our collection which have been equipped with wheels for easy transportation also come with a feature that allows you to restrict the movement of such wheels. This is necessary as airlines will require you to fasten the wheels of your dog crate to prevent the crate from rolling away during the flight as this can cause accidents in the cabin.


Depending on the type of flight you are boarding with your dog, the minimum number of ventilated sides will be stipulated by your airline. For domestic flights, the minimum number of ventilated sides is two whereas, for international flights, it is required that your dog crate has a minimum of four ventilated sides.  It is recommended that the ventilation makes up 16% of the total surface area of the dog crate.

Pet Crates Direct

The airline approved crates in our collection such as the Petmate Sky Kennel have numerous air inlets which are located on the sides and on the door. With this amount of ventilation, you can comfortably use the dog crates for both domestic and international flights without having to get different crates for different flights. Lack of ventilation during flights can make your dog very uncomfortable and anxious and it may start associating the crate with anxiety. The ventilation also makes them great for use at home as the air circulation allows your dog to keep cool during hot weather.

Getting an airline dog crate that is compliant with international airline standards saves you the headache of getting turned away as you head to board your flight. Even better, it saves you on costs as you can use the dog crate for both indoor and outdoor uses as well as for traveling by other means. These dog crates are built to ensure that your dog is safe during the flight and that it stays comfortable to prevent it from getting anxious. Check out our collection today and get the perfect airline approved dog crate for your dog.



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