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What Sets Pet Crates Direct Apart from Other Crate Sellers

Pet Crates Direct


 Pet Crates Direct

There are so many pet products on the market today that it can become overwhelming to get your pet the products it needs. From crates to pens there are various dealers and stores out there who offer a wide range of items for your pet.

But unfortunately, not all pet crates are created the same. More and more owners are disappointed to get poorly made products or bad service when it comes to buying pet crates. 

Not all pet crates are created equal just as not all companies treat pet owners the same. At Pet Crates Direct we treat pet owner to the best client service as well as the best products.

Here are some of the reasons Pet Crates Direct is set apart:

Expert Advice from Pet Crates Direct 

It doesn't matter if you a pet supply company has everything under the sun. If you aren't getting the advice and expert support you need you will never know the right products for you and your pet. 

That's another reason Pet Crates Direct stands above the competition. Our team of pet professionals provides the insight you need to cater to the unique requirements of your pet. 

Not all pets are created equal. Specific dog breeds need the care specific to their temperament, size, strength, and breed. 

Whether you need to buy a Wooden X Pen or are thinking about a big cage for your dog, we can help.

Pet Ownership is Fun

There's a reason many of us love our pets more than other people! Pet ownership is rewarding and fun and at Pet Crates Direct we like to keep it that way. Every dog has its own unique personality just like every breed shares specific traits.  

Knowing these fun facts about your dog can help you plan for the best products to suit their personality. Plus, what could be more fun than learning more about your loved companion?  

Our company knows that your Australian Shepherd has different fun facts and needs than your neighbor's Maltese.

Did you know that Poodles have their origins in Germany where they are known as Pudlehunds?  

There's no end to the fun facts you can learn about your dog with Pet Crates Direct! We keep pet ownership focused on the fun whenever we can.

Best Overall Value

Sometimes keeping it fun can be tough when dealing with pet necessities. Between veterinarians, food, supplies, and luxuries people spent over $60 billion on their pets last year.

Those big price tags aren't always fun. But at Pet Crates Direct you can avoid the headaches of shopping around.

We offer the best overall value. You can depend on pet crates and pens that are high quality and low price. 

Save that other money and have fun with your pet. There are so many options out there that there is great peace of mind knowing you will get the best price the first time. 


When it comes to making decisions about the best service and products it pays to use someone you know has a proven track record. 

If you like knowing that other people have had success with a company then Pet Crates Direct is perfect for you. 

You're not alone either. 92% of people around the world report that they prefer using earned media, or referrals, to make their buying decisions. 

Our company is unique in that we cater to your every need. We understand our current and potential customers want to know from referrals and testimonials they are getting the best deal.  

The reason we continue to grow and help pet owners is our attention to customer service and quality products.  

Stop by our homepage and you will see what our other customers are buying right now. You may be surprised to learn how effective and necessary some of our latest products are for pet owners just like you. 

Great Focus 

Our company has a simple vision. We work proactively for you.

While other retailers offer a huge line of items, we bring the benefit of focus. 

This knowledge allows us to not sacrifice morals and expertise in the goal of being profitable. 

With our company, you can feel comfortable with the knowledge that you are dealing with an industry specialist who has your best interests in mind. 

Add in the vision of being a family owned business and centered on service and it's no wonder many of our clients are repeat customers.  

Small Business Support 

If you have ever tried to get support from one of the huge companies out there you know the pain and headaches it can cause. You get the wrong products, or need help, and seem to have no place to turn. 

Sometimes it seems like the bigger a company is, the worse their customer service is. Just take a look at a recent list of America's most hated companies and you are sure to recognize some organizations you've done business with.

The beauty of our company is that we are a small company that is family owned. In business since 2002, we recognize the value of great customer support and customer service.

You can rest assured that when you buy our products you are dealing with an American owned company that is focused on the unique needs of pet owners.

Our small business support beats out the large mega-companies any day.

Shop Now

Once you realize the great value, customer support, and expert advice Pet Crates Direct offers there's no reason to spend time elsewhere hoping for a great deal.

With the competing products and services on the internet today there's no question we can all waste hours upon hours trying to find the best deal. Unfortunately, we waste time and don't find what we really need.

Whether you have questions about the perfect crate or pen for travel, your backyard, or for the specific needs of your breed we have the products you are looking for.

Maybe you just got that brand new puppy you've always wanted and need to care for them the best you can.

We can help.

Shop the full line of products from all of the Pet Crates Direct collections today.  

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