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Why Buy Aluminum Dog Crates

aluminum Dog Crates

Impact Aluminum Dog Crate


Aluminum dog crates are suitable for your dog's needs in all weather conditions and for all purposes such as traveling or containment.

Whatever your crating needs are, our collection of aluminum dog crates will serve those needs in an affordable yet efficient manner that will be to your satisfaction.

We have outlined some of the reasons why crating your dog using aluminum dog crates is one of the best investment decisions that you will ever make.

They are Lightweight

Aluminum may be a very strong material but that durability does not impact on its heaviness in a negative manner.

If you get an aluminum dog crate, one of the surprising things that you will find out about aluminum is that it is relatively light in nature as compared to dog crates that have been made of other metals.

This lightness makes crates made out of aluminum to be convenient to carry around when you wish to travel with your dog.

In our collection, we have included both collapsible and stationary aluminum dog crates.

In this way, where you lack enough space for storage in your house, you can get a collapsible aluminum dog crate which you can fold and store until the next time you need it and where you have sufficient storage space, you can get a stationary aluminum dog crate.

They are Water Resistant

Aluminum is great for use in the outdoors as it is water resistant and it will prevent water from getting into the crate and making your dog uncomfortable.

And Weatherproof

When aluminum is exposed to air elements, it combines with oxygen and it forms a layer of oxide. The layer formed may be thin but it acts as a very strong barrier against corrosion of the dog crate. If the oxide layer should happen to be damaged by one factor or the other, a new layer is formed to replace it, thereby keeping the dog crate safe from corrosion.

This makes it possible for you to use it under all kinds of weather conditions without having to worry that it might get ruined in the process. Using a metal crate outside would not be ideal as it would be at a risk of rusting and becoming brittle which is not a risk you face if you go the aluminum way.

Talk About Impact Resistant

Aluminum dog crates are known for their strength when it comes to resisting impacts.

Most dog crates easily bend when they are hit by other strong materials. For example, if a wire dog crate is hit, it is likely to bend and the crating material can poke your dog and injure it.

Plastic crates tend to open when they undergo a crash and this makes it easy for your dog to leave the crate.

Given the high impact resistance of aluminum, it is no wonder that manufacturers prefer using aluminum when they are making impact dog crates for use when traveling.

When using an aluminum impact dog crate, you can be assured that your dog will not be injured in the case of an accident during traveling as the aluminum material will not bend or break on impact.

Owens Aluminum Dog Box

They are Recyclable

A good thing about using an aluminum dog crate is that the aluminum material can easily be recycled for other purposes, unlike plastic crates.

This is because aluminum is strong, durable and does not absorb odors and the crate can easily be used for other purposes other than containment.

Re-melting and modeling of aluminum are also quite easy if you wish to have the crate in another form.

Clean up is a Snap

Aluminum dog crates are quite easy to clean when compared to other types of dog crates.

Plastic dog crates have been known to be hard to clean and they also absorb odors easily and this makes them have a permanent dog smell.

Aluminum dog crates do not absorb odors from the surroundings or from your dog, which makes them stay fresh and this makes the crate a habitable environment for your dog.

Keeping Cool

Unlike other dog crates, aluminum can release heat into the atmosphere at a faster rate which keeps your dog cool during periods when the temperatures are uncomfortably high.

Plastic dog crates absorb heat and they dissipate heat at a much slower rate and this exposes your dog to too much heat which can be dangerous if your dog should not be in hot conditions for long.

Aluminum absorbs very little heat and when finished appropriately with a dust coating, it reflects back heat into the surroundings.

Let Your Boy Breath

The aluminum dog crates in our collection have air inlets and outlets which allow for cross ventilation which is a great way of ensuring that your dog keeps cool when the weather is hot.

Having adequate air inside the crate prevents stuffiness and this will add on to the comfort of your dog and it makes crating easier for both of you.

Safety from the Sun

With most crates, you will begin to notice the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays after a few months of exposure to direct sunlight.

The crating materials such as plastic begin to lose their strength and they become brittle, making it easy for your dog to chew through the material and escape from the crate.

Aluminum dog crates come in handy especially in situations where you wish to use your dog crate in the outdoors where sun exposure will occur at one point or the other. This is because aluminum does not get affected by exposure to UV rays and will maintain its strength even when used in the outdoors for long periods.

Knowing Your Pet is Secure

Aluminum dog crates are hard for dogs to escape from and you can leave your dog in the crate with the knowledge that it cannot leave and get in harm’s way while you are away.

Other kinds of dog crates such as wired crates can be escaped from, making aluminum dog crates the ideal choice.

Last Thoughts

Our aluminum dog crates come bearing an array of benefits for both you and your dog. Given the durability of aluminum, you can expect years of service from our dog crates which have been designed to be impact resistant as well as corrosion resistant.

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