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Why Buy Owen Aluminum Dog Boxes

aluminum Dog Dog Crates

Owens Dog Box


Owens dog crates have been specially designed to fit the needs of your sporting dog in the best way possible.

The workmanship used in creating the perfect den for your hunting or sporting dog is absolutely phenomenal and the crates have been built to last for ages.

We have outlined some of the features that these dog crates come equipped with that make them great for use in your hunting expeditions.

Door Ventilation

The doors come with panels that can easily be removed to expose spaced out metal bars. This is great because when the panels are removed, more air inlets are created to improve the air circulation inside the crate.

The metal bars on the doors are small such that your dog cannot squeeze itself through the spaces and escape. The complete removal of the panels on the doors helps you regulate temperatures inside the crate too. When it is hot, you can remove the panels to allow for more air to get into the crate and when it is cold, you can have the panels in place to keep your dog warm.

If you are traveling with your dog and the crate is in the back of a truck, the panels come in handy in preventing your dog from breathing in too much cold air which can make it sick.

On top of the panels, the door has some attachments which can be used to hook up fans which are a great idea for warm weather where your dog will require extra cooling. The door is also big which makes it easy for your dog to get inside the crate without feeling intimidated.


The locks used in Owens dog crates are top notch and they provide maximum security. The dog crates are equipped with slam locks which are further aided by the use of keys to make it hard for your dog to get out. Try as your dog might, it cannot get out of the crate until you open the door yourself.

With one type of lock such as a slam lock, you might slam the door and think that your dog is safely inside the crate only for it to jump out of the truck while you are driving. Such incidences can be very dangerous to your dog as it could get injured and having a secondary lock in the crates is a great security measure.

Side ventilation

These dog crates come with ventilation on all sides and this enables cross circulation of air, keeping the inside of the crate fresh and cool.

This is helpful during summer where your dog will need access to a lot of air to keep it from getting anxious or feeling faint. When it is cold, you can cover the ventilation with the panels on the sides.


To make it easy for you to handle the dog crates, they come with sturdy handles that are easy to hold on to as they have a rubber coating to make them easy on your hands.

The crates also have d-rings which you can use to clip tie-down cables so as to fasten the crates to your truck for safety purposes during traveling.

All Sizes

Owens dog crates come in a variety of sizes and you can choose a dog crate depending on the purpose of your purchase as well as the size of your dog. They have crate sizes that range from extra small all the way to very large dogs.


Some of these crates come with a bottom or top drawer that is below the dog crate and you can use the drawer to store some of the equipment that you will need when outdoors.

The storage compartment also has a sound security system just like the one used to secure the dog crates so as to give you peace of mind that your things will not fall out during transit.

When using the bottom drawer, you might be worried that if your dog makes a mess while in its crate, it will find its way into the storage compartment and damage your things. Worry not as there is a channel that has been built under the dog crate to handle the transport of fluids away from the compartment, thereby keeping your goods safe.

For a top drawer, the manufacturer has equipped the crates with a pull handle that allows you to pull the handle down once you have taken out your hunting gear for convenience.


These crates are made from .063 aluminum. This is a very strong material, which comes with features such as resistance to corrosion, resistance to impacts, weather resistance as well as resistance to the impact of ultraviolet rays. This makes Owens dog crates easy to use under all weather conditions and it protects your dog in the case of impacts to the dog crates.

The tops of these dog crates are also raised to prevent water from sitting at the top and damaging your dog crate.

Aluminum is known for its reflective purposes and its usage in the build of these dog crates enables the crates to reflect away heat during hot weather which helps your dog to stay cool. Its resistance to corrosion makes it withstand different weather elements that it will be exposed to during your hunting expeditions without getting damaged.

The impact resistance of aluminum is an important factor that contributes to the durability of these dog crates. Where other dog crates would get damaged in the event of a crash and could even hurt your dog in the process, you can trust that these crates will not get ruined if they hit something and your dog will be safe.

 Last Thoughts

Owens dog crates boast of sufficient ventilation which is aided by the fact that they have ventilation on their sides as well as on the door. Made of high-quality aluminum, these dog crates are some of the strongest dog crates that you will find in the market.

They may be a little costly to purchase at the beginning but the services they offer you are worth the bargain as you will be making use of these dog crates for years to come.

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