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The Big Question: How Often to Clip Dog’s Nails

Clip dogs nails

Getting caught up in all the fun of being a pet owner is not uncommon. Neither is forgetting to trim your dog's nails. Seriously, who wants to stop their intense game of fetch to trim their nails? 

Despite its tediousness, your pet's nails do need attention too. Failure to cut them can cause many unwanted problems for both you and your pet. But when and how are you supposed to clip a dog's nails? 

If you are new to the dog-owning world or have never tried to tackle nail trimming on your own, this can all seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, you've come to the right place. Everything you need to know about your pooches pedicure is right below. 

Why Cut Your Dog's Nails? 

When ignored for too long, your dog's nails can begin to grow into their feet, causing pain, sores, and infections. If this happens, the trimming process will not only be necessary but will also become extremely painful. This is the most important reason to keep their toes trimmed, but not the only one. 

Untrimmed nails can also become dangerous to any children living in the house. Kids, especially babies, are more likely to experience deep and painful scratches from your dog's long nails. This damage is not intentional and can happen in the most innocent moments, like picking your pet up or playing a game. 

Your furniture will also be more susceptible to scratches when this occurs. If your dog is known to jump on the couch or run across footrests, watch their feet. Their nails could catch on the fabric, creating runs and holes (an expensive fix). 

When to Clip a Dog's Nails?

The average dog needs its nails trimmed at least every four weeks, but this can vary. If your dog spends a large portion of its day outside, its nails will naturally file down when rubbed against concrete and dirt. This factor could allow your dog to go a couple of weeks longer than the average quota. 

On the other hand, if your dog spends its days inside the house lounging on the furniture, its nails will not get this extra filing. In this case, your pooch will need trims at least every two weeks to prevent excessive growth. Overall, the best way to determine when it's time for a trim is by looking at the nail itself.

If your pet's nail is touching the ground when they are standing in an upright position, it's time to pull out the dog nail clippers.  

Nail Cutting Tools 

Before you begin trimming your dog's nails, you'll need to find a few tools. The most important of these is the dog nail clippers. Trying to cut your pooch's nails with human clippers is not a smart idea. 

This is simply because they were not made for your dog. Human clippers will not allow you to measure out the dog's nails properly and might not be strong enough for bigger nails.

Along with nail clippers, you'll need a few treats to ensure your dog behaves well during this process. You may want to consider styptic powder and lavender essential oils as well. The powder helps halt any bleeding that may occur during the process and the lavender is known to keep dogs calm. 

How To Cut Dog Nails 

Before you clip your dog's nails, you need to figure out how short you intend to cut them. Use the curve of your pet's nail as the limit. This is where the quick of their nail begins, and your dog will not react nicely if it is trimmed

Once you've found your clipping point, take your dog to a relaxing place (if you have other pets, do not allow them in the area) and place your pet in your lap. If your pooch is larger than your lap, ask a friend for help; this will make it much easier. 

After you've gotten comfortable, take your pet's paw and section off one of its nails by pressing on its pad. Once you've done this, it is now time to begin clipping. Take your clippers and clip to the desired length.

After you've finished with one nail, move on to the next until they've all been clipped. Afterward (and during), make sure to give your dog plenty of treats and pets. You can also choose to file their nails once they've been clipped, but this is not a necessity.

Who Else Can Clip Dog Nails?

Trimming your dog's nails can be complicated, especially if their nails are a darker color. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, call your vet and ask if they can do it. Most of the time your vet will be more than happy to help but, if they cannot do it, call a dog groomer. 

If you do not have a groomer of your own, ask a friend or vet for recommendations. This will ensure you and your pet gets the best services possible. Once you get a yes, load your dog into their crate, and take them to their nail appointment. 

It may be a smart idea to bring your clippers if your dog is used to them. This will help prevent any anxiety new environments and equipment may cause.

Get To Clipping 

Now that you know everything there is to know about dog nail trimming, it's time to clip your dog's nails! If you currently do not have the equipment to do this yourself, check out our products at Pet Crates Direct. We have everything you need to clip dog nails and more!

Explore our website to find your grooming products and see what else we have to offer. Good luck!

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